Billies Reckoning

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Billie has a Reckoning...and it's not good!

Submitted: August 14, 2017

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Submitted: August 14, 2017



Billy’s Reckoning

BAMM! ... There was a flash of bright white light…then Billy came around.  “What…what just happened” It took some time for the light to dissipate into what eventually took on the form of the sun in the sky.  “Where…what…where…where am I…what just happened” his mind swimming and muscles tingling Billy slowly sat up and took in his surroundings.  “Somethings not right” His vision coming to, Billy gasped in wonder and awe as his mind and soul finally comprehended what he was seeing.

From his perch at the highest peak Billy stared out into an endless valley of incomprehensible wonder. Soaring mountain ranges, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and forests melded together into a perfect harmony of natural beauty…skyscrapers of the most elegant and futuristic design stretch out hundreds of meters into the bluest sky imaginable. Hi tech machines floated around massive patches of modified farm land which dotted the scene, working endlessly to grow both vegetables and meat naturally through a complex chemical reaction. Beautifully massive sculptures, fountains, pools and other technological beauties dominated the scene, while automatic trains cars and various flying vehicles scurried around blissfully in what appeared to be a technological paradise infused into the most serine and beautiful landscape imaginable…but despite all this Billy could still tell something was wrong.  What was wrong was with the peasants below…for they were not admiring the intrinsic beauty of their surroundings, rather they were staring off into the distance were a series of horrifically powerful storms were brewing along the bottom of the vast mountains, and though the danger of them was naturally catastrophic the cause was not… in fact it was the cause that scared them the most.  In minutes the Images became clear, and reality turned to hell.

It appeared at glance that two separate parts of the titanic mountain range had broken off and were beginning to move and grow under their own violation, as they did they began to take on the rough form of men…men that stood over 15000 meters tall…then with an unholy shriek that sounded like a trillion jet engines going off at once the mechanized creations came alive.  Murderously powerful gears and high energy nuclear sub motors screamed at full power as the mechazoids continued there accent to full height.  As they did the storms resulting from the atmospheric disruptions caused by their unnatural presence sucked up heat and oxygen churned up by the chaos, and began to form together.  It rose all at once 5000 kilometres into the molten hot sky forming a cyclonic vortex of fire and lighting that spanned horizon to horizon.  At full form with their hideous structures draped against the background of insanity a terrifying reality kicked in, for now the peasants could finally see what they were…Chaos machines, physical manifestations of power and energy preparing to nuke it out on the very planet they stood on! Fear spread ramped throughout the city, for they now knew it was the end of their lives and eradication of their place in history…for the machines it was a continuation of their unending rampage of destruction…they did not fight for any rhyme reason merit or master, they were simply technologically evolved mechanized incarnations of unrestrained chaos powered by minds that went past the realm of insanity!  Death was imminent, Chaos machines could not operate on any terrestrial sized planet without dire consequences. The peasants only prayer was that death would be painless…


 Sometimes prayers are not answered.


The presence and deformity of machines cause elderly peasants to have terminal heart attacks, while the decibel pitch of their quantum fusion reactors blew out windows, and drove men, women and children screaming in agony to the ground.  Amongst the tortured souls Billy fell to his knees from the pain, hands violently pressed to his temples in a desperate attempt to block out the insanity. Although the pain was too much to bear it was not enough to kill.  Screaming became an automatic reaction and death became a merciful wish…but there was still no mercy…without a prayer or hope in sight Billy continued to shriek in pain as the first engine came online and began to engage in battle.


Sounding its terrifying War horn as its high powered weapons systems went live the gargantuan mountain of meatal lowered down its 2700 cubic meter starboard weapon limb locked out and opened fire. A fusion energy cannon set to turbo sounded like the death scream of a star, as 750,000 megatons of overpowered thermal nuclear chaos blew out of its chastity like a solar flare from hell! The blast pattern struck its opponent with enough force to level an entire mountain range, its scalding emissions gorging out a 4000 meter deep canyon generating a miles high tsunami of ionized plasma in the process. The recoil from the raw kinetic power of the apocalypse grade weapon struck the ground with enough force to generate earthquakes felt up to 50 kilometers away…for a moment it seemed as if a small star had appeared on the middle of the planet and gone supernova!…but despite the chaotic havoc wreaked on the surface the second engine still endured.  Its high tech shields soaking up most of the initial blast and redirecting it to powering up its mega bolter system, 2 separate caprice mounts the size of city blocks each containing 10000 individual 25 barrel electromagnetically driven rail guns.  Transforming the intense heat from the blast into electricity using sophisticated mass-energy converters hosed in the hull armor, the weapons began to power up. Crackling with unrestrained electrical discharge and glowing white hot from the activation sequence the bolter unit’s firing batteries shined as bright as the sun, making the machines unholy presence as clear as day. Its weapon system fully charged the leviathan came about, spectrum painted its titanic adversary and lit up.  With a blitzkrieg shriek that seemed to split the very fabric of reality the mega bolter screamed into the toxic night as hundreds of millions of individual 50 tonne uranium tipped magnesium tungsten projectiles melted out of there holsters at Mach 90.  So powerful was the discharge the thick atmosphere began to melt and transform into an unnatural medium of super-heated plasma, while the rounds that missed target disintegrated whatever ground it hit quickly turning the once beautiful landscape into hot molten paste. This was it, the combination of heat from the first engines blast combined with the bolters destruction began to liquefy the local surface of the planet.  Giant fissures opened up and smashed together creating monstrous erupting volcanos in the process, powered by superheated cyclonic winds comparable to solar storms the ground quickly transformed into a turbulent ocean of toxic lava.  Looking up in unimaginable pain Billy then shrieked a scream so painful and wretched it would forever echo in the fabric of reality, blood began to flow from his ears and ooze out his eyes at the sight of what he saw…for he was no longer looking at two dueling engines… He was looking at Satan himself, the towering 1000 mile high goat horned bastard standing amiss the background of an uncontrolled fiery sea, its grotesque and disgusting form made even more hideous by its unholy roar of laughter. 


Through blood soaked eyes it was then that reality kicked in for Billy.  In a past life he had once been a man named Donald Trump, a man responsible for the nuclear termination of his home planet earth…now he was dead and he was in Hell.

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