Most beloved sister

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Submitted: August 14, 2017

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Submitted: August 14, 2017



Most beloved sister


"It's raining outside"

"It's not rain, my bird. It's the Sky that's crying."

"Why is the sky crying?"

"Because the Sky is Earth's sister, and Earth is ill and wounded."

"Just like you?"

"Yes, my bird. Just like me."


My sister. My sister taught me everything about life. She told me why the Sky cries, why the autumn leaves fall, why the birds leave in winter. She told me, and I listened. I listened, and I put every fragile word in the chest of my heart. My sister taught me how to walk, even though it feels like I've been limping since the day she left me.


Something grew in her. Something dark and wicked that the doctors couldn't cure. All the adults talked so silent, so silent and I couldn't understand. But my sister told me not to worry. She said one of the flowers in her soul had withered. That it had lost its petals. The other flowers would wither too. In due time.

“Couldn't they just water your flowers so that they won’t wither?”

“No, my bird. You see, we can’t change the meadow of our soul. It grows the way it wants, it grows wildly and free. If my flowers are meant to wither, then that’s the way it should be.”

A lonely tear made it’s way down my cheek. One tear, two tears, a flood of tears. She embraced me and whispered so gentle;

“Don’t cry my bird. With a chest filled of sorrow you can't smile.You know we’ll see each other soon again. I’ll wait for you at the end. But you have to be brave, my bird. Brave”

I stayed in her arms for a long time. She held me, and the pain left my chest with my tears.

“Hush, my bird. I’ll wait for you. I’ll always wait for you.”


I’m lying in my bed, trying to find a reason why I shouldn’t leave this world. I find only one. I close my eyes to see her face. She smiles at me. Her auburn curls, her stubborn little freckles, her kind eyes with streaks of gold. The whole of her face smiles at me. I remember what she said;

“You have to be brave my bird. Life is though and dangerous but you have to carry on. If you don’t dare to let go you’ll never smile or laugh.”

I stand up. I must live. I must live for myself. I must live for her.


“Sister, autumn is coming. Why do the leaves fall?”

“My little bird, don’t you know? The leaves are children of the trees. The trees raise them, give the leaves their colors and then they let go. The leaves travel with the winds to see the forests, the meadows, the mountains, the oceans.”

“But don’t they ever get homesick?”

“Of course they get homesick. They all long back to the branch were they so safely swung, but they must fly. We must all fly one day. Even you, my bird. Fly on steady wings and warm breezes, fly high and never come back. You have to be brave, my bird. Brave.”


I visit the cemetery every day. I go there every day just to see her stone standing there like a burdensome reminder. She won’t be there when I come home, she’ll never come home. She’s traveled with a one-way ticket to Heaven. I look at the trees that stretch their delicate branches towards the sky. Towards most beloved sister. I never cry, she doesn’t want me to drown in the sorrow. She just wants me to remember her until the end. So I remind myself. How could I ever forget?

I talk with her every time. I don’t get that much of a response, but I know she can hear me from her cloud. I tell her about how much I miss her. But I also tell her about how my life is, now that she’s gone. About mom who doesn’t speak anymore. About dad who has hidden his sorrow behind the bottles.

“One day I’ll come after you, sister. One day I’ll also travel up to Heaven and never come back. You’ll wait for me, won't you?”

Her answer travels with the winds.

“I’ll wait for you. I will always wait for you.”

I couldn't’t help it. A lonely tear made it’s way down my cheek. But my sister wasn’t there to embrace me. To comfort me.

“I’m coming sister,” I whisper. “I’m coming.”


“But sister, why do the birds leave in the winter? Do their feet get cold too?”

“No, my bird. They fly because the must. And because they want to see the sunrise on Africa’s savannah. Nothing can beat that sight”

“But do they have to see the sun every year? Can’t they stay with me just this winter?”

“You ask too much, my bird. Birds must fly just as fishes must swim. That’s how life is. You must watch and learn.”


I’m standing by my window, looking down at the humans that rushes past like little ants. I’m thinking of what she said. Why do the birds get to fly while I must stay on the ground? “We must all fly one day. Even you, my bird.” I open the window and the crisp breeze bites my chin. I breath in and close my eyes. I must be brave. “We must all fly one day.”

“I’m coming sister,” I whisper. “I’m coming”


I spread my wings and step outside. And I fly.

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