The Deception of The Elementals

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When the elemental gods wreak havoc upon man, Vilas, a minor deity, takes it upon himself to save humanity from calamity and destruction. His plan: teach them a lesson they will never forget.

Submitted: August 14, 2017

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Submitted: August 14, 2017



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The Deception of The Elementals

It was said that in the beginning of time, when gods ruled the heavens as demons ruled the underworld, the living world gave it's ode to the elemental eons: Incendia of fire, Aqua of water, Terra of earth and Ventus of wind. If the gods took pity on man's fate, the elementals, on the other hand, were young in comparison and still lusted to prove to all that they were masters of the living realm by bringing incessant havoc to the world.

The minor gods had made remarks several times to them that if they would continue, no animal or man would be spared for them to rule on. But this did nothing to deter their actions. Some of the more caring minor gods gathered many times to try and salvage the situation as nothing they would do helped. Since they did not wish an open confrontation, a collective protest was logged to the supreme council of greater gods. Alas, it amounted to nothing for, in the eyes of the super beings of the universe, this was too petty complaint for even them to cast an eye upon.

As many lay down arms in front of the so called issue, with no immediate resolutions, Vilas took it upon himself to remedy the stalemated situation. He was a minor deity who had ascended to godhood as a just reward for his dedication to appease the wills of the divinities, all while lending great and benevolent help to his fellow man as well. Many saw him as the idle and just minor god who understood the world of the immortals as well as mortals to come up with a proper response for the elementals. It was thought that his weakness for caring would allow Vilas to spare the needless suffering of his beloved man all while inflicting a respectful response to the capricious eons.

Appearing one night in the village he lived once, he blessed a childless couple of farmers with a girl to be named Zearissa who would not be told of her origins and kept pure until 18 seasons would pass. Time's procession saw the young baby girl flourish into a ravishing young woman long before she even was deemed mature and at the tender age of 15, she had become the most sought out girl for many miles. However, little did she know that her seductive looks and glittering charm would also attract the attention of the elemental eons.

For a while, the elementals calmed their habits of bringing tragedy to the world to focus on Zearissa who they deemed to share the luscious looks equal only to those of the gods. But as they all agreed on the status of her beauty, each of them secretly desired her selfishly for himself . To pursue their intentions correctly, they had to ask the permission from the council of minor gods which in turn accepted with the condition that no one of them could profess their love to her in the first instance. The other conditions added were that they could use any means at their disposals with moderation to win her heart over but the employment of direct words to further their amorous advances was restricted and only if the young girl confessed her passion for one of them in particular, then would he be crowned as a victor and given the freedom to see through the relationship to whatever course it might take.

With now an agreement in effect, the elementals felt free to carry out the pursuit of their happiness. Zearissa, like her parents, tuned to the land to seek her future while she had learnt early on that only arduous work was the key to reap the precious gifts of the earth but, if she managed successfully to fend off many manly proposals just to keep her oath of purity, she was utterly ignorant to the attention coming from the eons. The elementals were unaware of the fact that this girl had been brought to the living world with the blessings of Vilas. Nonetheless, they decided to approach this matter with such delicacy as if each one of them was courting a goddess.

Terra was the first to try his luck, knowing all too well of Zearissa's attachment to the earth and for the next week or so, turned the lands so fertile that vegetables, in abundant numbers, grew in no time. The young girl was surprised at this miraculous occurrence but could only be happier since she could not comprehend why such was happening. The following week, Terra appeared in the open before her and for Zearissa, the mystery was solved because it was the doing of a god. She ran to her house and immediately brought gifts she considered to be of value and offered them to Terra. He could ill-refuse of being rude and accepted. For quite some time, Terra kept using his powers to impress the girl but with the harvest growing bigger daily, the only thing that was met with the same enthusiasm were the gifts the young girl offered to him. Terra attempted various conversations but no amount of words brought the desired results since a certain intimidation of him being a powerful eon no doubt, proved to be the main deterring factor. Discouraged that he was getting nowhere, the powerful being retired for a while from being a benefactor to the young beauty.

As most of time Zearissa's family was busy during the day, they had to spend their evenings making flour for their daily consumption of bread but the small wind mill built to grind the flour was barely of use most of the time for, the winds blew seasonally, leaving this laborious chore, which the whole family wished they would be spared of, to be done manually. Ventus saw the perfect opportunity to impress, consecrating his abilities towards making the wind mill work. The family felt the presence of some kind of benediction yet again and the next day, the eon of the wind appeared, preaching that he was only doing so because he wished to thank the family for blessing his eyes with the enchanting vision of their daughter. Ventus knew that the family might offer him gifts too, which he did not want and he clearly stated again that he desired no repayment. What he could not understand about the nature of man was that simple people felt always compelled to do something in return for the generosity of powerful beings and this meant appropriate veneration. They all fell on their knees and prayed as this now traditional ode continued everyday and upon every appearance. The elemental of the wind kept persuading them everyday but what he could not realize was that only out of respect they prayed to him when all he wished for was to share the company of Zearissa. His inability to divulge feelings to the lovely girl always met failure as his only hope resided in the simplistic fact that instead of thanks, she had only to profess some kind of kinship for him. Alas all he got instead were sentiments of reverence. After a fortnight, Ventus saw the fruits of his labor amount to nothing and so he also withdrew in defeat.

Incendia was quick to note his two so called brother's faults and decided to try a different approach. The task of bringing fire to where it was needed was not an easy one at the times but Zearissa was quick to note that she was sanctified with another gift this time: wherever fire was needed, it would appear. She was very ecstatic at the prospect of being empowered with such a skill but remained cautious for while. Fortunate for her, Incendia decided to remain silent on his presence for some time to see how it would turn out but Zearissa was not of a lacking intellect to understand that some higher force was at work here. She had come to the conclusion that all the events that had been happening lately were related and this time she wished for it to stay. The young girl was under the impression that they did not quell the compassion of the gods enough for them to gain properly from the charity of the higher beings and this time Zearissa's father advised her daughter to offer something that every god took as a great sign of gratitude: sacrifice. Every 3 days, the young dashing girl sacrificed a farm animal in order to make amends but it was not something Incendia had expected. He believed that his visible presence would only intimidate his dearest focus of attraction away from him and had thought that in time, if she was convinced the power was within her, she would be considered more of the realm of the gods than of man's and this would make her less intimidated by a supreme one such as himself. Sadly, in the plan of eon of fire, no account was given to the fact that her brightness of comprehension would gouge his plan earnestly.

With three unsuccessful attempts to attest to the uneasy situation, Aqua took the lessons learnt from his brothers with great reflection, turning himself into a simple looking man, harboring an amazing ability. Presenting himself on the farm as a wanderer, he offered his help in return for a meal and place to sleep for a few nights. Zearissa's family gladly accepted. The very next day, Aqua unveiled the secret that he could bring rain whenever he wanted to and all that was needed was for him to make some ritualistic dance. The water elemental had thought to cleverly disguise his ability so as not to invoke any suspicion and make things look hard enough so that people would be incrusted to the fact that he was but a man who had earned the sympathy of the gods through his dances. In so doing, he also saw the possibility to impress without intimidation or acclaimed veneration but genuine admiration that would surely lead to some kind of irresistible attraction. The family quickly grew suspicious of Aqua as he conveyed more interest each day towards Zearissa but even though she did not dedicate any public feelings of reciprocal love yet, the family grew concerned that their young girl would not live up to her commitment towards Vilas this time around and so, Aqua was one of the few who had learnt of the sacred oath from Zearissa's father. The elemental eon became ire but was thankful to have found out of this so called secret.

Seeing no possible way of nourishing his desires, Aqua quickly abandoned his pursuit and found his brothers, explaining to them what he had found out and as they considered the new information, a decision emerged: the elemental gods were going to use their abilities to make the remaining seasons pass in one day. As they got ready to accomplish their devious plan, Vilas who had a close eye on things intervened and called upon the council in order to pass judgment on the actions about to be taken by the elementals that would bring irreparable perils to all. The minor gods all concurred that this defaulted on all the beliefs of the council and for that; the eons were banished from ever pursing the courtship of Zearissa again.

Powerless and disappointed, the elementals limited themselves from now on to watch over their loved one. Slowly, through the years, they were witnessed how Anion, a young and hard working hunter, made courteous and respectful advances towards Zearissa. The young man understood straight away that patience was imperative as an uncompromising sense had led him to believe that their love could only flourish only when she would be ready. Finally, such a day had come and with the adjuratory oath respected and lifted, the unknowing Anion made the young adorned girl his loving wife to cheer all his life. Before the matrimonial ceremony took place however, the elementals were very puzzled to know how come each of them failed in attracting her interest with their extravagant deeds and Zearissa could only answer that to earn someone's heart, one need only to instill thyself with one's ordinary self and no exuberant actions. As she continued, the other thing that could be added was that love came in simple words if it existed and insignificant actions. The eons were also curious to know why she had declined the chance of actually sharing the company of so called immortals like them and she replied that she always imagined herself spending her life with a person of equality because only he could understand her, love her for what she was now, beautiful and desirable and later when she would be old and needy. The only statement left to be made was that a mortal life was pleasurable because pleasure lasts within a defined extent of time and the curse of being immortal was always trying to adapt to the ever so changing world for, it was the only thing left to do. In the long run, no thriving pleasure could be eventually involved.

After that day, it was said that the elemental gods found a new kind of maturity which allowed man to prosper most of the time in remembrance of their affection for Zearissa .And when they felt distressed from time to time, as they chose to forget, temporal calamities would ravage the living world if not for a short while. Later when that fleeting love would propitiate their souls again, peace and serenity would return.

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