Light Speed

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Submitted: August 14, 2017

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Submitted: August 14, 2017



A red path

I walk stealthy

on my toes.

Where the water is black .

Dehydration has a thirst that knows.

Where we will be .

In the times that end.

Just where we fall in darkness.

An under minded tail spin.

One single hint of pain.

The summer sky

can't force the clouds

to rain.

Speed kills , but

beauty lasts forever.

Love thrills , but

lust holds no shame.

I fell sick inside your magnetism.

Tucked away beneath eternal flame.

Now that I am you

and we are one.

This speed of light

A bolt of lightning runs.

It cursed the every living second.

Any chance I had to steal your heart.

A fresh rose that I

have delivered.

Grew poisoned thorns.

And tore my world apart.

As far as it takes me.

Is as far as I go.

My pulse is racing fast.

Yet , my thoughts are churning slow.

Without a reason.

I bite my tongue.

I need to steal your thunder.

But, this obsession has me hung.

In a frantic fight.

on the wings of light.

Treading lightning .

We can't hold still.

Speed kills, but

beauty lasts forever.

Love thrills, but

lust holds no shame.

I fell wounded

in the heart of mothers.

I spoke soft , but

I forget your name.

Gazing at the distance

I have traveled.

My winding heart

can't unravel.

I paste your sights

within my vision.

I seek vengeance

without a given reason.

Your innocence is treasure.

Your emptiness at rest.

My lonliness is all I have.

I am you.

We are one.

The speed of light.

I will outrun.

Past the flaming arrows.

and departing pharos .

Until I run through.

I won't stop

until I get to you.

This ride has been the

greatest thrill.

My love for you was always real.

Speed kills , but

beauty lasts forever.

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