Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction: The Titian Stories

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One by one, it all fell to darkness. One by one, no one was able to stop what had been created.

Titian, a wonderful world created by angels. This world was the first of many to come and is located at the center of the multi-verse. A magical world with the power of all other worlds combined. One day, a group of travelers from another world came across Titian. They learned their ways and started an organization known as the Titian Brigade. This brigade was created in order to restore the light within each and every world and ensure the balance and boundaries of each and every world are well protected. One day, a scientist by the name of Xehanort indulged himself in the research of creatures known as heartless. In the process of it all, he created artificial ones that steal the heart of others but when destroyed, the heart is released. Upon creating these creatures he accidently opened the door to the heart of his world. He wanted to gain more knowledge and more power. He sought for the world of Kingdom Hearts and in order to gain access he needed the four gate keys to gain entrance. These four gate keys resided in four maidens who existed on Titian, and once Xehanort found out, he gained access to Titian and started a war on there. Knowing children who were barely born weren’t safe, they were sent off into different worlds; this caused a breakage in all the boundaries between the worlds, creatures from other worlds merged together and formed hideous monsters. Creatures such as Heartlesses, Nobodies, Akumas, Hollows, Chimeras, Menos, Menos Grande and etc. started reeking havoc on all the worlds. In order to put an end to it all, a warrior sacrificed his life and banished Xehanort, erasing all of his memories of what had happened. While on Titian, however, Xehanort created reports that ended up being scattered among the multi-verse.
With peace back on Titian, those who were sent away are now returning; continuing what their parents and ancestors had left behind. But who’s to say that the peace among the multi-verse is restored? Who’s to say that the missing reports had gone to some other threat, continuing the works of Xehanort and bringing about another end to the worlds? Another devastating war? Though four new maidens have been chosen to carry on the four great keys, who’s to say that these are the heroes who will bring an end to another continuing war?
With children being mold into heroes, with the hope light will prevail once again, Kingdom Hearts has much more protection other than the Keybladers who are destined to keep it safe. Another story of the Kingdom Hearts adventures awaits.

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Two Prologues and a Prophecy

Submitted: August 14, 2017

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Two Years Ago (Monique)

Submitted: August 20, 2017

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