Driven Into The Night

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Submitted: August 14, 2017

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Submitted: August 14, 2017



From earth to mars

One million light years

of hearts.

In a world of fifty one stars.

One more gift of faith.

They want everything

all the same.

One has been forgotten.

Thrown aside

and becoming rotten.

Crippled souls roam.

Too far from home.

It's the only season in life

that we hold.

They wreck the streets.

Poison our streams.

Inflict disease

from the water that we drink.

The strike is marching .

As a city sleeps.

We hide our children.

As they starve

in the name of peace.

We need to find serenity.

Provide a thriving after birth.

And take control

of sweet mother earth.

Driven into the night.

Where nothing is ever right.

My dreams are filled with fright.

I hold up my arms to fight.

Await the coming age.

Where danger drowns it's

thirtsy rage.

Life is what you make it.

But, it is always taken.

Right before your eyes.

When will the end begin?

I miss the peaceful sights.

Of gazing through my window .

At the world outside.

Together we stand.

Divided we fall .

With liberty and justice

for all.

Driven into the night.

Into the ironies of filth.

Waiting for the invasion

to melt.

They hijack our airlines.

With a thousand souls.

Commit suicide.

Husbands phone home.

They tell their loved ones.

Everything is fine.

But they were unaware.

That they would die.

Corrupted planet .

Madness was handed .


Fueling mercy.

Apocalyptic deeds.

That thrive to the strength of

a murder machine.

What is life ?

Something like a star.

That twinkles in the sky.

Never take for granted the seconds

that you lost.

There's a band of evil

willing to end it.

Even if life is the cost.

The crumbled city

never dreamed.

That horror suffocates your screams.

Love isn't all that it seems .

They lie.

Inflicting mercy.

As gentle as the night.

They drive.

She seen it all.

The destruction in her eyes.

Tears of concrete .

Lady liberty cried.

From earth to heaven .

Fifty one stars.

Endless pain

soaring up the milky way.

With a thousand light years

of broken hearts.

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