Howling Wind

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Did You Ever Hear About The Howling Wind?

Submitted: August 14, 2017

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Submitted: August 14, 2017



Have you ever heard of the howling winds?

It all started in a town in the year of 2021 ( the future) there was a distant howl coming from a distant mountain.

Every person in the town was very afraid to go and see what the howl was.

Then a boy named Royal (8 years old) wanted to go up there by himself.

But there was one small thing that Royal didn't know.

He couldn't do everything even though he imagined that.

"Nobody in the world is perfect,"his parents once told him.

"I know that", Royal would always say.

But he always didn't mean it when he told his parents.

He thought he was the most bravest and strongest in his town.

He also thought that if his parents were the queen and king of the town, he would rule this land too.

But guess what, he didn't rule the land.

In fact, he couldn't rule anything because he was way too young for it.

He wasn't also ready for it.

But the towns people still kept their desision.

They would send Royal.

His parents still thought that Royal was weak for the adventure.

But Royal's dad thought that this was a chance for Royal to prove that he was brave.

So the next day they sent him on that mission.

They all wished each other a safe trip and a healthy life if he couldn't return.

"We are very proud of you Royal." his parents said.

Then he took his supplies and set off to his mission.

( Two Hours passed of Hiking)

Royal couldn't walk much longer.

He was filled head to toe with pain.

He couldn't make it!

He couldn't believe that this was the end.

As soon as he started to close his eyes, Royal heard someone asking if he needed help.

He opened his eyes and saw a tiny little fairy looking at him!

"Ahhhhh! Get away from me!"

Although Royal didn't mean it, he thought that it was a bit creepy how the fairy was staring at him.

"What did you say to me?" He asked the tiny fairy.

"I said do you need help?"

"Yes. Do you know where that howl is coming from?" Royal asked.

"Oh that?," she asked him while listening to the wind.

"Yeah." Royal replied.

"That's just the wind. That happens a lot here. You see, it happens when the wind crosses the mountain."

"Oh okay." Said Royal

"Goodbye Fairy. Thank you!"

"Goodbye!" said the fairy.

( When he finally reached his town.)

"Royal!" everyone shouted.

"So what was it?" they asked him

"Oh, it was just the wind" Royal said.

---AND THE END!~ Thank you for reading!~---

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