God, am I Precious ?

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Nothing's interesting :'( i try to write and share this :'(

Submitted: August 14, 2017

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Submitted: August 14, 2017



First of all, i just try to write this and hope my bad feelings would be calm down for a while :'(

im an ordinary girl who's looking for happiness in a life.

idk, ive got too much anxiety that attack my mind, i always think and ask to God"am I Precious?"

i always ask to God with the same question and probably God has bored to listen to my questions :'(

im depressed everyday without certain reason i try to my best but i always meet"fail"word.

i feel that there's no hope , no friend to talk , no good stuff. only anxiety, depression, and desire to commit suicide :'(

im being best friend with loneliness and darkness :'(

i always worry about my life such as death will come or other things that freak me out :'(

will i be like this forever ? :'( oh i dont even realize im crying while i write this :'( :'(

im still waiting an angel who's willing to help me out :'( but idk, how long i must wait him to come to me :'(

God, am I Precious to you and other humans in this world or im just a trash ?? :'(

i know my writing is so messed up :'( but i dont forget to say thank you for reading this story :'( if you all have good way to help me out from my anxiety i will be grateful :'(

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