Apocalyptic Movie

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Ineki palace

Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



Great people of the banner of the sun...I say......we are strong!We are a people of destiny.Destined to be the masters of time.Destined to be nearest to the gods.Mighty KuKulKan!Whose fury could scorch this earth to oblivion...Let us appease you with this sacrifice.To exalt you in your glory.To make our people prosper.To prepare for your return.Warrior, unafraid and willing!With your blood you renew the world!From age to age.Thanks be to you.The heart of god!Come back to me.Brother...Journey well...No.I can't go.Not now...People of the banner of the sun, do not fear.Rejoice!Kukulkan has drunk his fill of blood.We have sated his thirst.Great god.Show us that you are pleased.Let your light return upon us.What of these captives?Dispose of them.I need a finisher.You.Release them.You watch.I'm ready!There's your jungle, beyond the corn.Go to it.You're free.......now run.I said run!Run!Not bad.Your turn.Run.Run!Sleep.Sleep now my son.The pain will be no more.Sleep.He didn't come this way.He's in the trees.Spread out.Keep your eyes open.Quite.He's coming right at us.There!He would have wanted me to have it.The omen is bad...Mighty Ek Chuah, we beg you...Forgive us for this trespassagainst your son, the jaguar.The omen is bad...Lift yourself up Drunkards Four......the omen was foretold......and now we have a fear more grave......today I saw the day become like night...I saw a man run with the jaguar......we must not let this man make feet from us.Enough!Your words mean nothing.He runs, because he is afraid.When I catch him, I will peel his skin......and have him watch me wear it.We leave now!Here!The omen was bad...He's fucked.Help...please...Hanging Moss......see him out.Open your veins. It's quicker.Travel well.So much for you prophecies.It's not over!I am Jaguar Paw...Son of Flint Sky!My father hunted this forest before me...My name is Jaguar Paw!I am a hunter!This is my forest!And my sons will hunt it with theirsons after I am gone!Come on!Come on!We are going over.We climb down around.We cannot let him get away.We cannot afford...We all jump.I am Jaguar Paw.This is my forest.And I am not afraid.You go i'll wait here.Almost...Resting fathers, fly me your strength.Get up here.Go back!Quick!Hurry up!What are they?They bring men.Should we go to them?We should go to the forest.To seek a new beginning.Come Turtles Run.

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