The Big One

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This is a story I wrote back in ninth grade for my English class. In this short story, you will follow a group of teenagers on Halloween night as they try to find their way through a corn maze in the countryside.

Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



Ah Halloween, the only day everyone dresses up like mythical creatures and spooky terrors to go hunt down candy givers. Tonight is the night my parents are hosting a Halloween party; every family member, close relative, and friend has been invited to tend the yearly event. The aroma of sweet pumpkin pie lingers in my room. The sound of familiar voices fills the house. The doorbell rings for the twentieth time and I instantly run to my window to peep down at the guests. Finally, the long awaited for party starters have arrived. I practically fly down the stairs and rush through the crowd of masks once belonging to those who I call family and friends. Warm air hits me once I fling open the front door to reveal a crew of creatures. I smile, knowing right away who these monstrosities were’ my best friends Carlos, Paige, Catherine, Tyler, Tristan, and Jade.

“Hey Alex,” Carlos, dressed as a zombie jock, says as he bro hugs me.

“I’m glad you could make it guys, I wasn’t sure if you’d be able to find my house,” I say as I move aside to let them in.

“Just because we’re city kids doesn’t mean we don’t know anything about the countryside Alex,” Catherine says as her fairy dress flutters behind her.

“Thanks for inviting me Alex,” Jade says with a warm smile as she walks past me.

“Yeah, no problem,” I say, smiling back at her. I note she has on a long white dress with golden marks and accessories, it compliments her chocolate skin…maybe she is a goddess or Egyptian queen?

I turn around to see two ninjas in front of me suddenly and I fall back in sudden fear. The twins, Tyler and Tristan disguised as ninja assassins…clever. Almost instantly they both extend a hand to help me up, the others are laughing. I’m blushing, but ten I laugh and take their hands. As I’m brushing myself off the twins bow to me silently and step aside, as they do so, Paige steps in. Ms. Makeup Artist herself comes dressed as a Queen of Death, a little smile on her face.

“Hey there Alex, I’ve got a feeling this party is going to be a really good one,” Paige says.

“I certainly hope so Paige,” I say, forcing a smile. In my mind I know that she’s got some sinister plan secretly planned in that evil little mind of hers. I close the door and turn to see them already conversing with the other guests. Well…all but Paige, she decides to stick with me.

“You did an awesome job on their makeup Paige, they look amazing and so realistic,” I say as we hangout around the stairs.

“Thanks. Speaking of, where’s your costume youngling,” Paige asks as she gently tugs at my grey and black sweater.

“I wasn’t sure what to dress as so I just decided to be myself this time. Besides, I can’t do makeup and that eliminated almost all my costume ideas,” I respond as she stops pulling on my sweater jacket.

“Ooh, you’re absolutely terrifying! I’m so scared,” Paige teases as she throws her hands up and makes a mock terrified face.

We both laugh aloud before someone taps on my shoulder. I turn to see the twin ninjas, only this time they’re less in character.

“Hey Alex, is it ok if we went to the corn fields? They’ve got it cut into a maze for entertainment…” one started.

“And we were thinking hey, why not try it out? It might be some fun, and maybe there’d be a good scare or two,” the second twin finishes.

“That does sound like fun…” Jade says as she walks up and stands next to me.

Jade’s aroma floats right past my nose and makes me smile. She smells great and looks twice as better…no, focus…concentrate, must entertain the crowd.

“I could ask my mom if it’s alright, just give me a moment so I can ask her,” I say after a moment, snapping myself out of my trance. Smoothly moving through the crowd of monsters, I make my way to the kitchen over to my mom and her group of girlfriends.

“Excuse me mom,” I say, trying to be polite.

“Yeah sweetie,” my mom responds as she turns to me with a smile.

“Um, can my friends and I all go to the cornfields to try the maze? They think I’d be fun,” I say, noticing that her friends were all looking at me and whispering among themselves.

“Sure, go ahead. Be careful though, okay,” my mom says, a slightly stern look on her face.

“Okay mom, I’ll make sure we all come back safe and alive…or…nevermind, you know what I mean,” I say, a laugh in my voice.

“Yeah, I know. Go have fun,” mom says, laughing.

As I turn away I hear her friends talking about how handsome I’ve gotten and about my dimples. I shake my head and sigh which makes them laugh even more. Once back in view of my friends, I see them conversating silently between themselves. At a point, Jade and I lock eyes and she smiles at me. A shiver runs down my spine as I smile back…she’s gorgeous. Once I’m back in the group, I force myself to look away from Jade and tell them,” my mom says it’s okay that we go to the fields, but I have to make sure you all come back to the house “alive”.” The twins fist pump and then high five each other before flinging the front door open and running out into the night.

“Cool dude, this is going to be awesome,” Carlos says as he and Catherine follow the twins out.

Jade quietly walks out of the door, but not without looking at Paige and giving her a wink. Paige winks back and at that moment I know for sure that she’s up to something. For some reason, Paige doesn’t move from her spot by the stairs and I look at her confused.

“Are you coming Paige,” I ask her as I grab the door knob and start to walk out.

“No, you guys go ahead, I’ll just stay here and snack on some pumpkin pie and mac n’ cheese,” Paige responds and then laughs.

“Okay, see you later then,” I say with a little laugh, still confused. Maybe there’s not a prank but something else? Suddenly I blush at the thought of Jade saying she likes me or asking me out.

I walk out into the cool night air and see that Jade is waiting for me by the front gate.

“The others went on ahead, I thought I’d wait for you though,” she says as she looks at her hands.

“Thanks Jade, that’s nice of you,” I say, smiling as I close the gate.

“It’s nothing really…” Jade says as we start walking towards the cornfields, the sound of our friends talking and hooting travelling through the wind back to us.

For a moment we’re silent, but I decide to break the silence.

“Hey…do you think there is going to be another prank this year,” I ask, shoving my hands in my pocket.

“Without a doubt, you know someone always plans to do one,” Jade responds, focusing on the ground.

“Yeah…I thought that maybe Paige was going to do something, but she can’t do anything if she’s nowhere near us.”

“True, no one else has even hinted that they’re planning anything…for all we know you could be the prankster this year,” Jade says with a smile and nudges me gently and she laughs.

“Ha! You know I’m no good at pranks,” I say with a laugh.

“Well who knows, maybe you’d surprise yourself and do one suddenly sooner or later,” she says before giggling.

I smile as she smiles and starts to concentrate on the ground again. I find myself staring at her, lost in her beauty, and before I realize it, the words, “you’re really cute,” slide right out of my mouth. I purse my lips and immediately look away, feeling really awkward.

“You’re a good-looking guy yourself…” Jade says softly as she smiles a little, concentrating on the road even more.

I smile and look at her before putting my arm on her shoulder and hip bumping her gently. She laughs and puts her arm around my waist before bumping me back. For the rest of the trip down the dirt road to the maze entrance we walk just like that together, listening to the laughs of our friends and the crunch of the of the dirt beneath our feet. Possibly a good 15 or 20 minutes later, we finally reach the corn maze entryway. My neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins were there, dressed as the farmers they were…but something was eerily off about them. Maybe it was just for Halloween?

“Hello children, are you here for the maze,” Mrs. Jenkins greets creepily as she stares at us with blank, ghostly eyes.

“Yes ma’am, we are,” Catherine responds politely.

“Well hopefully you’ll enjoy yourselves, just know that this isn’t a normal maze and it might be best that you travel in pairs,” Mr. Jenkins says in a monotone voice as he opens up the gate to let us in.

“Thanks,” we all say at once as if planned and move forward into the maze.

“You’re welcome kids…enjoy yourselves…” the Jenkins say in response like robots.

I stare back at them as we walk away, not a single wave or smile…strange…My attention is brought back when Jade squeezes my side and repeats the question I didn’t hear.

“Hey Alex, which way should we all go? There are four different paths…” she says as we all looks at the four paths.

I look at the different paths, uncertain of what to do.

“I don’t know…” I say softly.

“The better question is,” Carlos says as he turns to face the rest of us,” who should be partnered up?”

“Well, the twins are obviously going to be together, so I guess I’ll take Jade. We can talk about girl stuff,” Catherine says cheerfully as she smiles at Jade.

Jade looks at me innocently and asks, “are you okay with that Alex?” I nod and smile, secretly wishing that she’d be my partner instead. She nods and then walks over to Catherine which leaves me with my buddy Carlos. He was probably hoping that we’d end up together, but I have a feeling that he’s going to say something about me and Jade.

“Okay then, Alex and I are partners…all turns out well since I needed to talk to him anyways,” Carlos says as he slings an arm around my shoulder.

“Great…we get to have another one of those “talks”,” I say sarcastically as I roll my eyes thinking “there’s your confirmation.”

The twins jump excitedly and say simultaneously, “We’ll take the first path!” At that note, they run off down the first entrance and disappear into the night.

“How about we take the third path? It looks safe and filled with moonlight,” Catherine suggests to Jade as they link arms.

“Sure, see you boys in the middle,” Jade says before giggling and smiling at me.

“May the first person who finds the flag win…title of champ of mazes and the best of the group,” Carlos says, a challenging smile on his face.

“Carlos,” I say with a laugh before looking at Jade.

Again, with the blushfest…I sigh, she’s awesome. Jade flashes a brilliant smile and winks at me before turning her attention back to the maze and letting Catherine lead her away. I try my best not to stare because I know that Carlos would tease me about it, but nothing worked until she was completely out of my sight. Carlos shakes me a little with a smirk on his face.


“Oh nothing…lover boy…let’s take the fourth path,” Carlos suggests as he starts walking away, a little hint of tease was in his voice.

I decide to ignore the tease and follow him. For a while we just walk through the maze silently, navigating through the twists and turns. Suddenly Carlos says, “so…you like her?”

“Like who,” I ask innocently as I purposely avoid his eyes.

“Don’t play dumb Alex, you know who I’m talking about,” Carlos says as he shoves me.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” I say, trying my best to avoid the question.

“You do too know …I’m talking about Jade. You know, African-American, milk chocolate skin, great personality, about 5’4” and physically fit with a little “umph” …” Carlos says as he throws his arm back around my shoulder and tries to be as descriptive as possible.

“Okay! Okay…you don’t have to get all detailed…I’ll answer your question I guess…” I say, knowing that if I didn’t give in he would taunt me like this forever. An evil snicker slips from his lips as we make a random turn and run into a dead end.

“I guess I…I like her,” I say so softly that it’s almost a whisper.

Carlos looks as if his head is about to explode as a smile creeps onto his face. We turn away from the dead end and go down a different path.

“You know, I always knew you had a crush on her, ever since elementary school…”

“Shh, geez. I don’t need the whole world knowing Carlos,” I say as I look around.

“Dude, we’re in the middle of a corn maze trying to find a flag. Who’s going to know,” Carlos says as he looks down at his shoe, “stupid shoes…always untying themselves. You can keep walking Alex, I’ll catch up.”

I nod as he kneels down and stops to tie his shoe laces. I try not to go down too many different paths, but I assume after a while that I did because Carlos doesn’t show up. My first thought is to try to turnback and find him, but then I might get lost and stray off the right path.... After walking in silence for a while, I step in some kind of liquid and a strange smell fills the air. “Eww” I think to myself as I rub my foot against the clean ground and cover my nose. I start to run, trying to get away from horrid smell but not long after I trip over something laying across the completely shadowed pathway. I groan for a moment before turning back onto my back and sitting up. My vison is blurry for a moment as I try to make out what caused me to fall, but slowly it comes to and for a moment it looks like a body…

Quickly, I stand up and move slowly towards the body. As I get closer, I realize that the body is disguised as a ninja…one of the twins. I start to laugh and gently nudge the twin’s shoulder with my foot.

“Come one, you got me good, but I’ve got you figured out now. Where’s you other brother,” I ask, believing this is a joke.

I start to get worried when the twin doesn’t respond. Carefully, I turn the boy over and nearly throw up my whole dinner when I see this is no joke. This was the twin Tristan, but it’s a bit hard to tell because he had been stabbed to death. At that moment, a light bulb goes off in my head and my legs give up on me. I cover my mouth as I fall to my knees…the smell, the liquid from before…that was blood.... It was a little too far from twin number one…and both were paired up with each other…so at a point, twin number two must’ve been lying where I stepped in the puddle. Someone is out here…and they’re killing off each and every one of us, who knows who is next? Have they already struck again? Am I next? Are the others still alive…. Without pause, I instantly bolt up and run, calling my remaining friends’ names as I run. At a point, I pass by the same crime scene as I previously viewed. The only difference is…twin number one was nowhere in sight. Now even more terrified, I run the opposite direction. I don’t know how long I ran, but my legs grew really tired and I slowed to a walk. I round a few corners before deciding to stop and try calling my friend’s names. No reply. I’m near having a nervous breakdown, but then I realize where I am.

Shocked and a little afraid, I’m smack in the middle of the maze. If there really is someone out there killing us off, then being here is dangerous. With nowhere to hide and completely lost, I quickly snatch the flag from the pole. As I turn to leave, I bump into someone and we both scream in terror. After a moment, I realize its Jade and I sigh with relief. Before I could say anything, she throws herself on me and cries.

“Alex, Catherine and Carlos are dead…”

“…so are Tristan and Tyler,” I say, my breath nearly catching.

“I saw it…”

“Saw what?”

“The thing that killed them, it’s horrible. It’s absolutely terrifying, unlike anything humanly possible. Its voice is so demonic and it calls itself…”

Suddenly a short gasp escapes Jade’s lips as she looks me in the eyes terrified. Blood drips down her lips and chin from her mouth and I gasp as she tries to say something before falling from my arms. Before me, not three yards away from where I stand, is a monster that I can’t describe in any other way than inhuman and hideous.

“Hello Alex, my name is Pandora…I’m here to help you meet your maker,” the beast’s vice booms as it raises its blade.

I nearly choke and at first can’t move, but with every last ounce of power in me, I turn and run. I hear the sound of flapping wings behind me as I run through twists and turns…this thing can fly!

“Death is inevitable Alex, you can’t outrun your destiny,” Pandora yells as it nears me easily. Before I could even look back to see the thing, I’m rendered unconscious.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, but I suddenly bolt up in fear, screaming. Several people around me calm me down and assure me everything will be fine. As my vision clears, I realize I know these faces. Carlos, Tristan, Tyler, Paige, Catherine, and Jade.

“What happened,” I ask as I sit up and look around.

“You passed out Alex, right before we set out to go you just suddenly plummeted,” Jade says as she squeezes my hand.

“Wow, really,” I ask simply as I just realize that she is holding my hand.

“Yeah, you did. Let’s let him get some rest okay kids? You can come check up on him tomorrow,” my mom says as she scoots and shoos my friends away. I smile as I watch them all leave my room.

Just as Paige is closing the door, she gestures to my left pocket. I reach my hand into my pocket and pull out a red cloth. The flag from the maze…. I look at my shoes and see that there’s a dark red stain on them. I look up at Paige to see her smiling evilly as she put a mask over her face that resembles the monster from before. She then closes the door and goes downstairs to the party. Chills are going up and down my spine….

Maybe I’ll reconsider celebrating Halloween….


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