Her black bright !

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Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



Her black bright

It was a deep dark bright black colored sight, but Black is Black so how come bright?

Will you just have to look at it through her lightless eyes

her world is a world with no sun welcoming rainbows after the storms and rainy nights.

No sun, no moon, no stars, not even a merely candle light!

There are no mirrors that could let her see the reflection of her own face" I wonder how I look like ?" she said.

It's all just a pitch Black! , so how can it be so bright?

Will it's simply the soft sensation of the playful wind running through her long silky hair and white skirt.

The sound of birds singing their enchanting melodies thanking the heavens for gifting them that strong pair of wings, so they flew freely in and out of the mighty clouds" at least that's what the books said"

Then the snowflakes arrived to consume that lonely black and with a frozen touch comforting the burns of her crumbling heart.

But, the most powerful shining light that turned the black bright were the glittery rays of hope that she looked at with all her might.

A sparkling bright Black world with no horizon, no end.
On the tip of her bare toes, she reaches out.
From cheek to cheek she smiled.
Anxious and scared, but curious about the unknown.

"Life...I know you heard me" she said.
"Come at me, show me what you got.Love, sadness, fear .. and with your unknown light fill my empty Black Bright!



Raihan Grissa

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