Dal Segno al Fine (Awakenings Book 6)

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Ch. 4

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****A Niente is a short story placed during chapter 3, but isn't necessary for the rest of this story.


I wanted Margo to have my collar before our family arrived.  It was time to tell everyone about us.  Keeping our relationship made it too easy for either of us to walk away when no one knew.  I was going to keep her forever and I wanted the whole damn world to know.  

I spent days planning an evening out with Margo.  Actually planning the evening didn’t take much time.  I wanted to take her to Per Se and that was easy enough to get a reservation.  I spent the rest of the time figuring out what I would say to her, when I’d say it, how I’d say it.  I was a damn mess by the time the night finally came.  I knew she would accept my collar, but I still worried she didn’t want me the way I wanted her.  

I shouldn’t have worried.  My girl accepted my collar with excitement that matched my own.  A possessive side I rarely saw in her appeared.  I was happy I came prepared to make it known I was taken with the Claddagh ring my father had given me.  

We laid in bed, spent after our evening together.  I tugged gently on her nipple.  “How am I going to last the whole break without being inside you?”

Margo giggled.  “It’s only a few days.  We’ve gone longer than that.”

“I know.” I groaned and buried my face in her arm.  “And it was Hell.  Actual, real life, Hell.  Let’s not do that again.”  

She stroked her finger down my abdomen.  “Well, since we’re telling everyone we’re together…” She shrugged as she trailed off.

I chuckled.  “Yeah, right.  Your dad having the knowledge that we’re together will make him more likely to let us find time together.”

Margo threw her head back and laughed.  “Ok, maybe not.  But, we can sneak away.”  She scratched her nail over my nipple, which made me jerk away from her.  

I grabbed her hand and kiss it.  “Don’t you think everyone will notice that we’re gone the whole time?”

Margo rolled her eyes and wrap her hand around my cock.  “You’re ridiculous.  What if we make it up before they get here?”

I pushed her legs apart and settled myself in between them.  “I think that’s a good idea.”  I nipped at her neck.  “While we’re at it, we should really get revenge on Jordyn for keeping you up all those nights when Xander was here.”

Her eyes widened and she chuckled.  “You’re terrible.”

I swiftly pushed inside her and lifted her hips so I had more leverage.  “I want to hear you fucking scream my name.”  She closed her eyes and arched her back.  “Hold on, chuisle.”  She gripped the headboard.  I pounded into her and watched her breasts bounce with each thrust.  All I could hear was the sound of the headboard banging against the wall and Margo’s pleads for more.

I woke up early the next morning.  I had closed the store Wednesday and Thursday for Thanksgiving, so I enjoyed a cup of coffee alone and watched the sunrise.

Banging in the kitchen got my attention.  Jordyn opened and closed cupboards harshly then came to sit next to me with a glare.  I smirked.  “You look lovely this morning.”

“Eat me,” she said, snarkily.  “I didn’t sleep last night.”

I offered faux sympathy.  “Why not?”

“Because this overzealous Dom was fucking my best friend.”  Jordyn continued to glare.

“Damn.”  I took a sip of my coffee to cover my smirk.  “That would be horrible to keep being woken up by thoughtless people having sex.”

Jordyn stood up and walked toward the bathroom.  “I get it.  Point made.  Go back to fucking in your room, please.”  I heard the shower turn on.

Margo slept two more hours and I spent that time in my room, finally writing music again.  I heard Margo scream and rushed to her room.  “Fucking hell, Cian.”  She was stumbling around to get pants on.  “Oh my God, our families are coming today and I need to get ready.  I was supposed to be up hours ago.”  She wrapped her hair up into a messy bun and shoved passed me.  She poured herself a cup of coffee and got cleaning supplies out from under the sink.  

I grabbed her arm.  “Chuisle, what do you need me to do?  I’ll help however I can.”

She growled at me and pushed my hands away from her.  “Stay the fuck out of my way.”

I backed away from her, slightly wounded.  Jordyn waited until Margo was in the bathroom to come over to me.  “She’s going to be crazy all day now.  She isn’t trying to be mean, but she’s stressed.  I’d just stay in my room if I were you.”

“What are you going to be doing,” I asked, wondering if Jordyn had some special best friend pass.  

She laughed.  “I am staying in my room and cleaning up in there.  I’ve been on that end of Margo and don’t want to go back.”  At least I wasn’t alone.

My girl was frantic all day.  I wanted to help her, but she would give me a dirty look whenever I walked out of my room.  I didn’t fully understand why she was so nervous about finally telling our families, but I knew better than to bring it up.

Margo practically jumped out of her skin when someone knocked on the door.  My mother ran to me and gave me a tight, warm hug.  “Hello, mom.”  

“You look so good.”  She touched my cheeks.  “It’s nice to see you smiling again.”  

I looked at Margo and smiled.  It was nice to be able to smile again.  I held my mother’s hands in mine and kissed her knuckles.  Her eyes grew wide and she nearly blew out my eardrums with her shout of joy.  “Does this mean you found someone too?”

I hadn’t found her, she’d always been there.  “Yes.”  That seemed to be the easiest answer.  

My mother pulled me to the couch and sat down.  “Well?”

I wanted to let Margo take the lead on sharing our news.  She was the one that was nervous.  Xander started talking before Margo or I could say anything.  “You guys are so dense.”  Jordyn sat down on his lap and he kissed her cheek.  “They both tell you they’re with someone and you can’t piece it together?”  Fucking dumb ass.

I walked the distance of the apartment in just a few steps to get to Margo.  “How long has this been going on,” Nora asked.

“Which time,” Xander piped in again.  I wanted to punch him.

Margo clutched my hand tightly.  “We dated for a little while about a year and a half ago.”

“When she was taken?”  Nora looked at me.  Guilt swam around in my stomach.  I nodded.  “Then you broke up?”  I avoided eye contact with Sam. 

“Last winter, but we reconciled recently,” I explained.  Then everyone started talking and hugging again.  I realized then why Margo never wanted to tell anyone.  It wasn’t just ours anymore.  

Sam and my father approached me and I switched from foot to foot, nervously.  Sam’s jaw clenched.  I wasn’t going to apologize for being in love with his daughter, so I waited for him to say something.  “What is this?”

“I’m going to marry her.”  I had no doubt about that.  “As soon as she’s ready.  I’ve never loved anyone else.”  I had never even thought I loved anyone else.  It had always been Margo and it always would be.  I looked back at my girl and found her looking at me.  I gave her a quick wink.

Sam studied my face.  Whatever he was looking for he found.  He offered his hand and I gladly shook it.  Facing Sam had been the only thing I was scared of.  He walked back over to Nora and my father stepped up to me, his own glare on his face.  I hadn’t anticipated needing his approval.  “Sam won’t say it, but there will be hell to pay if you hurt that girl.”

I looked back at Margo again and watched her laugh.  “She owns me.”

My father raised his eyebrow.  “Is that what her collar means?”

My head nearly snapped to look at my father.  Did he know?  He just smirked and went to mom.

The next few days went well.  I had taken that time off work so I could be with everyone.  I would check in a few times a day, but they didn’t need me.  

Our parents wanted to take us all out to a nice dinner at The Plaza, so they had made reservations months ago for that Saturday.

Not having sex with Margo when we weren’t together was hard.  Not having sex when we were together was nearly impossible.  I could touch her and kiss her and smell her, but not enough.  It was like giving a starving man a steak, but not letting him eat it.  

I had fantasized about fucking Margo’s ass, since she was 13.  It was so socially unacceptable that it turned me on.  The thought of taking that sensitive place, fully claiming her, drove me mad.  Ever since the night she had kissed me and we’d started our relationship again, I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it.  It almost became an obsession.  

I knew it made her uneasy, though so I needed to take my time.  Saturday morning I took Xander to an adult store near us.  I had plans for Margo that night.  “Thank fuck,” Xander said as he fanned himself.  “There are just too many people in that place.”

“Fucking, right.”  I took a deep breath.  “I mean, I love them, but holy shit.”

Xander nodded.  “I’ve been with Jordyn for 3 days and haven’t been able to be with her once.”

“Tell me about it.”  I rolled my eyes.  “I got a hotel for the night, just so I could have a few minutes alone with Margo.”

Xander smacked my arm.  “That’s fucking genius, why didn’t I think of that?”

I chuckled.  “Because you’re a gobdaw.”

I made a bee line for the anal plugs as soon as we got to the store.  Xander went his own way to look around.  There were dozens of different anal toys to choose from.  Anal beads, special dildos specifically made for the anus, butt plugs, all different shapes and sizes, and made from different materials like glass and silicone.  I had a general idea of what I wanted for Margo, so I didn’t dawdle too much.

I found Xander by the bondage equipment.  “Find anything interesting?”

Xander turned when he heard my voice.  He had an evil glint in his eyes.  “Absolutely.”  He held up a humbler and I cringed a little.  

A humbler is a more intricate testicular cuff.  It clamps around the testicles and has bars that go behind the thighs, so if the wearer tries to stand it tugs uncomfortably.  I had no interest in that.  “I’m positive Jordyn would love to use that on you.”  I laughed.  It didn’t matter if they used a humbler or not, she had Xander by the balls anyway.  “Are you getting it?”

“Fuck, yes, I am.  Let’s go.”  He practically pulled me to check out.  “What did you get?”  He looked at my hands.  I held up the butt plug I grabbed and he nodded. “Nice.”

I took the butt plug and put it in a nice box for Margo.  I told everyone we would catch our own taxi.  Margo got so excited when I told her I had a present for her.  I almost felt bad that I knew she wouldn’t actually like it.  She eagerly opened up the box and gasped.  “A butt plug?  Cian, we’ve never talked about this.”

How scared she looked shouldn’t have made me as hard as it did.  “You have it marked as ‘willing to try’.”  She stuttered over her words and I took the plug from her.  “But, this is what I want from you.”  I bent down and kissed her neck and put my hand down her panties.  She was already soaked for me.  “I think you like this idea more than you’re wanting to let on.”  

Margo scoffed at me and squirmed away.  “You can do what you want, but don’t think it’s the idea of your butt plug that has me worked up.”  I almost turned her over and spanked her sweet ass for that attitude, but I let it go.  My girl anticipated my needs and bent over, her arms on my bed.

“Then what has you so worked up?”  I pulled her panties down to her knees.  Her wetness already covered her thighs.

I slid my fingers inside her and she rocked back into me.  I laughed.  My girl was so fucking needy.  “It’s just you that has me so wired.  I haven’t had you since everyone got here.”

I smiled to myself.  She got me just as wired.  “Well, we need to fix that.”  I couldn’t wait to get back inside her.  She whimpered when I pulled my fingers from her body.  I drag my fingers up her to her ass.  Margo squealed and tried to get away, but I grabbed her and held her where I wanted her.  Her breathing became jagged so I pushed my fingers back into her slick opening.  “Breathe, chuisle.  Do you have any idea how badly I’ve wanted this?  How long I’ve thought about taking you there?”  I poured some lube onto her and rubbed it in, her hole seemed so tight and I wanted to bury myself completely inside her.  I took the butt plug and prepared myself to put it inside her.  “Take a deep breath, chuisle, and release slowly.”  As she breathed out, I slowly pressed the plug inside her.  Watching it stretch her body, knowing I’d take her there soon, was almost too much to watch.  I made sure she didn’t have any lubrication on her and pulled her underwear back up.  I told Margo to stand up and watched her do a little dance to experiment with how it felt.  “So?”

Margo turned her nose up.  “I don’t like this.”  

“I think you will.”   She walked passed me and towards the door.  I took that opportunity to show her how good the plug could feel.  I gave her ass a quick swat.  Margo groaned and reached for the wall to study herself.  I smiled to myself.  “Don’t come until I’m inside you.”

As much as I love sitting next to my girl and touching her, I wanted to watch her face throughout the evening.

I sat next to my father.  “Written anything recently?”

I broke out into a huge smile.  “Yeah, actually.  The writer’s block wore off, finally.”  I looked at Margo, she was listening to Xander with a smile on her face.  “There’s one I just finished that I’m particularly fond of.”  I didn’t bother looking at my father as I spoke.  I watched Margo bring her glass to her mouth and I pressed the button on the remote in my hand.  Her eyes grew wide and cheeks turned pink.  I turned my attention back to my father and explained the music I’d written. 

Margo looked around the table and the rest of the hotel.  She rested her head in her hand.  I noticed she breathed a little harder and her eyes would flutter closed.  I knew she was struggling to not come.  She excused herself to go to the bathroom.  After a moment I followed her, I needed to make sure she didn’t remove the butt plug.  I only started my fun.  I leaned against the wall outside the bathroom to wait for my girl.  The yelped and grabbed her chest when she walked out and saw me.  She glared at me.  “This was all part of some plan, yes?”

I smirked and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek.  “Of course.  Remember no coming without me.”  

Margo continued to glare.  “I think I want to break up.”

My girl could be so feisty.   I loved it.  “Be a good girl and I promise to reward you tonight.”

“Our families are at that table and I have a vibrator in my ass,” she whispered, harshly.

“I know.”  It was fucking brilliant.  “I’m very amused that I can pleasure you while I’m not even touching you.”

“I hate you.  A lot.”  She only hated me because I wouldn’t let her come.  I was sure I could barely touch her and she’d be coming for me.  “Matter of fact, I think I won’t give out tonight.”

I had to laugh.  I could almost smell how much she needed me and she thought she’d turn me away?  I doubted it.  I wrapped my hand around her throat and pressed my erection into her stomach.  Her eyes fluttered and she whimpered.   “You’ll be begging for my cock before the night is over, chuisle.”

Margo pushed me away and gave me a dirty look before heading back to the table.  I watched her as I turned the vibrator back on.  She ducked her head, then looked at me.  Her cheeks were red and lips were parted.  I raised my eyebrow at her and turned it up.  Her chest heaved.  Watching her try not to come, try and keep our dirty little secret had me so hard I wasn’t entirely sure I wouldn’t spontaneously come.  Margo took in a staggering breath and looked at me with pleading eyes.  I didn’t want to push her too far.  I turned off the vibrator and watched her relax.

As soon as her breathing would return to normal, I would turn the vibrator back on.  I’d watch her fight her orgasm then turn it off right before I knew she would come.  She avoided eye contact with me for the rest of the evening.  Her bratty attitude made me chuckle to myself.

After Margo had finished her dinner, she stood up and walked outside, angrily.  Jordyn looked at me with a raised eyebrow.  “What’s going on?”  I shook my head.  “What did you do to upset her?”

I gaped at Jordyn and adjusted myself before standing up.  “I didn’t do anything.”  Somehow, even though Jordyn and I understood each other, she always found me at fault whenever something was wrong with Margo.  It occurred to me then that the reason she always blamed me was because she knew how my mind worked since hers worked the same way.  

I looked at Xander and he was silently chuckling.  He knew exactly what was wrong with Margo.  I patted him on the back and leaned down to whisper in his ear.  “Don’t tell Jordyn anything until we leave.”  He nodded.  

I went to check on Margo.  She was leaning against the wall of the front of The Plaza, panting.  I pulled her behind me to a darker area.  “Are you ready to beg me?”  I wanted to hear the need in her voice and see the desire in her eyes.  I pushed her against the wall and rubbed myself against her.  She moaned but still denied how much she needed it.  I loved breaking her will down, but I was about to lose my mind.  I wouldn’t be able to wait much longer to have her.  “Did you really think this wasn’t driving me crazy?”

Margo nodded.  “I don’t know.  You seem so cool and collected and I’m over there soaking my dress.”  She rubbed herself against my leg to get some much needed friction.  

I wanted to see how wet she was for myself.  I slid my hand under her dress.  Her panties were fucking useless, she was soaked.  “I’m fucking dizzy with how much I need you.”  I almost took her against the wall right there.

Apparently she had a similar idea because she grabbed my hand that wasn’t up her dress and tried to pull me to the street.  “They don’t need us.  Let’s go.”

I pulled her back to me and headed for the restaurant.  “We need to finish dinner.”

Margo stared at me like I had two heads.  “Are you fucking kidding me,” she hissed.  “I’m going insane, I can’t keep from coming for much longer.”

“Good thing dinner is almost over.”  Truthfully, I was enjoying watching her squirm far too much to let it end that soon.

We went back to the table and ordered dessert.  I pretended to be listening, but I couldn't stop watching Margo.  I reached under the table to relieve some of the pressure, but it didn’t help. 

“What do you think, son?”  I barely heard my father.

I nodded.  “Yeah, that sounds great.”

Sam chuckled quietly and I turned to my father who had an eyebrow raised.  “You aren’t paying attention to anyone but her, are you?”  He was judging me, I’m pretty sure he found it humorous.

“I’m paying attention.”  I looked back at Margo and watched her trace her collar bone while listening to her mom tell a story.  She dipped her finger between her breasts and my cock twitched.  I needed to get her out of there.

I heard my father say something and him and Sam laugh, but I didn’t know what he said.   “We asked what you thought about the Lions this year.”

Margo made eye contact with me and I watched her drop her hands under the table.  Besides the fact that I wanted to be the one touching her, I worried that she’d make herself come and I really didn’t want that to be the case.  “I think they have real potential this year.”  Margo got up again and curled her finger for me to follow her.  “Excuse me.”  I nearly tripped in my haste to follow her.

I wanted to devour her.  I grabbed her hand and sucked her juices off her fingers.  “You better not fucking come.”  I wanted to be inside her when she came.  

“I won’t.”  She palmed my cock and squeezed, eliciting a moan from me.  I wasn’t exactly sure when the power switched from me to her, but I was about done.  “But you shouldn’t start games you might not be able to finish.”

That brought the power back to me.  I turned the vibrator back on  and watched her try to steady herself. “Don’t worry, chuisle.  I can finish.”  I left Margo there and walked to the table to explain how Margo wasn't feeling well and I needed to take her to get some air.  I grabbed her purse and coat and sprinted to get a taxi.  

Between not having Margo for days and tension that kept building at dinner, I was frantic to get her alone.  When the taxi pulled up to the hotel, I opened my wallet and tried to grab the right amount of money.  I could barely see through the haze of lust and my hands shook.  I gave up and tossed all the cash I had at him.  He got the best tip of his fucking life that night.

My patience had run out.  I needed to get my girl upstairs and naked and nothing was moving fast enough.  Finally the elevator opened.  I pinned Margo against the wall, her leg wrapped around my hip.  I rubbed myself against her, desperate for any friction.  The elevator opened and I looked to see if it was our floor while Margo moved her attention to my neck.  

An old couple stood in the hall, their mouths gaping as they watched me maul my girlfriend.  I raised an eyebrow.  The man shook his head and took a couple steps back.  I wouldn’t have wanted to get on either.  

Once I finally had Margo in the hotel room, I took her roughly and quickly.  Feeling her come undone around me made me feel fucking high.

I pulled Margo close to me when we had finished so I could take the butt plug out.  As soon as it was out, she whimpered and pulled me to her in a violent kiss.  I tried to ask what she was doing, but I couldn’t get any words out between her kisses.  I wasn’t going to turn her away if she needed me again.  I let her have control and appreciated the view, how her breasts moved, the way her back arched, the feel of her nails digging into my chest.  

After we both came again, she rested her head on my chest.  Staying inside her felt so intimate.  I never wanted to leave.  But I knew everyone would kill me if I kept Margo out, so we got dressed and headed back for the apartment.  I couldn’t wait for everyone to leave so I didn’t have to act like everything Margo did didn’t affect me.  

The apartment was completely quiet, except for the sound of sheets rustling.  I tried to stop her, but Margo turned on her flashlight.  We got a horrible view of Jordyn and Xander.  There wasn’t enough bleach in the world to wash that image away.  “Our families are in those rooms.  You can’t do this out here.”  That was why I’d gotten a damn hotel.  The thought of our families catching us made my blood run cold.  I pulled out the key for the hotel, I hadn’t checked out just in case I needed Margo again before I had to.  “Here.”  I threw the card at Xander.  “Take this.  Just be back before everyone wakes up because I’m not covering your asses.”  Stupid ass.  I laid on the air mattress, feeling exhausted, but I still wanted to talk to Margo about something.  “I heard my mom talking to you the other day.”

I pulled Margo down to lay next to me.  “About what?  She talks to me a lot.”

We had talked about getting married.  But it had been a more abstract idea at the time.  “Getting married.”  Margo moved but I couldn’t see her.  “I want to, as soon as you’re ready.  I want to.”  Margo’s breath picked up and I could tell a panic attack was near.  “Not right this minute.  But you’re it for me and I want you to know where I am.”  She nodded but didn’t say anything.


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