Dal Segno al Fine (Awakenings Book 6)

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Ch. 7

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I wanted to have a slow, quiet day with Margo.  We had both gone through the ringer the night before and needed time to decompress.  Although, quiet didn’t mean we couldn’t have sex or that I wouldn’t push her boundaries.

After breakfast and Jordyn left for school, Margo went into the bathroom to shower.  I followed her to take care of her.  She deserved to be pampered.  “What are you doing?”

“Helping you shower,” I answered and rinsed water through her hair.  She hummed appreciatively.

Margo opened her eyes and smirked.  “I doubt this will just be a shower if you’re in here.”

I shook my head and lathered some shampoo in her hair.  “No, chuisle, it’s about you.  I just want to take care of you.”  She gripped my already hard cock in her hand and raised an eyebrow.  “I can’t help what he does.  It’s a natural reaction to your presence.  But I’m keeping this clean.”

She bit her lip and looked at me from under her lashes.  “Maybe I wasn’t saying you were the problem.”

I chuckled.  “You’re dangerous.  Did you know that?”  She tried to get on her knees, but I pulled her back up and she pouted.  “Let me take care of you.”  My tone left no room for arguing, so she let me clean her and massage her muscles.  Once I finished, I wrapped an arm around her chest and stomach and let the water run down us.  

I helped her out of the shower and dried her off.  While she changed I made a simple lunch for us.  

I’d been waiting for the right moment to try anal with Margo.  I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it since the night at The Plaza.  I hadn’t ever found the right time to bring it up with everything else that was going on, though.  I planned to bring it up sometime during the day.

After lunch, I took Margo into my room.  I still felt worn out from the previous night and just needed to feel Margo close to me.  Her scent surrounded me and I got drunk on her.  

I didn’t want to break the spell, but we needed to talk.  “We can officially go over our checklists later, but I’m curious how you feel now.”

Margo shrugged and curled closer to me.  “I don’t like it, you know?  It’s not my favorite, I’d rather not do it, but if it was something you needed, I would do it for you.”

She looked over her shoulder at me and I pressed a kiss to her wrist.  “I’m glad you did this.  You made us both conquer fears and we’re both stronger because of it, but rest assured, I will never ask you to do that.  It may not be a hard limit for you anymore, but it still is for me.”

I closed my eyes as Margo touched my cheek.   “I think you’re capable of much more than you give yourself credit for.  You say I gave you the strength to go through with it, but I don’t think I could have done any of it without you.  You help make me better.”

I didn’t know how I could make perfection better.  “You are the best part of me.”  Margo reminded me that I wanted to do something with her and asked what it was.  I grew hard under her gaze.  “I’m not sure you’re going to like it.”  I watched her mind work to figure out what I meant.  Her eyes widened when she realized what I wanted.  “Relax, chuisle,” I purred in her ear.  I would make sure it felt good for her.  Our kiss heated up more quickly than I’d anticipated.  I held my weight off her, but rubbed myself against her core.  

My girl got feisty and tried to play my game her way.  It was hot as hell watching her take control of her sexuality, but I got bored quickly.  I wanted the control, which wasn’t hard to take since she was willing to give it.  

I took my time tasting her, slowly pulling off clothes.  I don’t know why I tortured myself.  She hummed under my hands, giving me access to every part of her.  I watched closely as I slid my fingers inside her.  Her eyes rolled back and her hips jerked when I found her g spot.  When she was close to coming I would back off so she wouldn’t.  I would start my journey over again and place her legs over my shoulders, but back away when she was close.  I did that two more times before Margo pulled my hair.  “Cian, stop teasing, please.” 

I decided to be nice and laid my head on her thigh to watch her as she came.  Margo coming undone at my minds was absolutely the most erotic thing in the world.  She tried to pull me back to her when I got off the bed, but I needed to get inside her.  

I kissed her in hopes that it would distract her enough while I applied some lube.  It didn’t work.  She yelped and moved away from me.  I knew it was difficult for Margo to wrap her mind around, but I wanted it.  If she wanted me to stop, she needed to tell me.  She wouldn’t stop me.  “Then let me do this.  I won’t hurt you.”  She nodded with crinkled eyebrows and spread her legs for me.  I circled her clit while I slowly pushed inside.  She was so tight, I nearly came on the spot.  Then the thought that I had finally possessed every inch of Margo ran through my mind.  She was mine.  Every inch of her was mine, no one else would have her.  “Damn.” I laid my head on her shoulder completely overwhelmed by that though.

I loved everything about Margo, but there was something so primal about taking her in that way.  I felt the desire and pleasure curling in my stomach and stretching through every part of my body.

I focused on Margo.  She was my priority.  I felt her hands in my hair and somehow grew even harder.  “Tell me if it’s too much.”  I really hoped she wouldn’t because I didn’t think I’d be able to stop.

Margo tilted her head towards me.  “Kiss?”  Her voice was a soft whisper.  I obeyed her request and fell deeper.  I dominated her kisses, hot desire coursing through my veins.  I slowly moved further and further into her welcoming body.  The intense pleasure was unreal.  I checked on Margo to make sure she was ok once I was fully inside her.  Her eyes reflected the emotions I felt.  I pulled out and mourned the loss of her warmth because pushing back in one slow, full movement.  Margo’s eyes rolled back and she dug her nails into my arm.  

I wanted to make it last, stay inside her forever, but I was too far gone.  “Fucking damn it.”  I tossed my head back and tried to think of anything but Margo, her moans, her body pulling me into her, her scent.  

I must’ve said something, but I don’t know what, because Margo’s sweet voice spoke to me.  “I don’t need you to.  This is yours.  Take what you want from me.”  How did she always say what I needed her to?  She was fucking everything.  I wanted to make her come again, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it off that long.  I’d make it up to her. “Just take it.”

A few more thrusts and I was done.  White hot pleasure pulsed to every particle of my body.  I pulled Margo close to me when I pulled out.  “Was it so bad,” I asked when I’d caught my breath.

Margo’s cheeks grew pink under my gaze.  “No, it wasn’t.  It was pretty amazing, actually.”  I tried to hide the smug smile I had.  I knew she’d like it.  “Did you like it?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?  I want to go again.”  And again and again.  

After dinner I did just that.

Ever since Margo said she wanted to get married, I’d been thinking about how to propose.  We were going home for Christmas and Margo and Jordyn were already planning their annual trip to Frankenmuth.  Margo loved that place.  Our families would go about once a month in the Summer.  She loved the German atmosphere.  I figured it was probably similar to how I felt about Irish Pubs.  

I distinctly remember when I was seven and Margo was four, before I tried to cut her out of my life, a memory from there.  I had been saving all my money since I was little.  I wanted a bike.  A real big kid bike.  I carried my money with me because I didn’t trust Xander to not steal it.  We walked what felt like miles to a store that had all kinds of holographic tricks and pictures.  Margo was fascinated by them all and kept tugging me to look at different thing.  Then she saw a picture of a kitten.  She didn’t want to leave.  While everyone else looked at what the store had, she plopped herself down and stared at that picture from every angle.  I looked in the wallet I kept close by.  The picture cost half of my savings.  Her smile was worth every penny.  I knew I loved her in that moment.  I didn’t realize what it would turn into, but I knew I’d give her anything she wanted.

That had to be the place I asked her to marry me.

I didn’t want to do some overly romantic gesture.  I wanted to keep it simple.  Just Margo and Cian.  

One morning before break, Margo had already left for class, but Jordyn was sitting on the couch reading.  I paced in front of her.  I didn’t know why I felt so nervous.  Without even looking up from her book, Jordyn said, “you’re wearing a hole in the floor.  Will you sit the fuck down?”

I sighed, but sat next to her, my knee bouncing.  Jordyn huffed and dog eared her book.  “What is your problem?  I know you just got laid, so that can’t be it.”  I shook my head and stood up again to pace.  “Oh my god.”  She rolled her eyes and got up to get a glass of water.  

“I want to ask Margo to marry me,” I blurted.

The glass slipped from Jordyn’s hand as she gaped at me.  The clash of shattering glass made us both jump.  “Damn it, Cian.”  She turned to grab a broom and I helped clean up.  “Are you serious?”

“Did you ever think I wouldn’t get there?”  I threw the broken glass in the trash.

Jordyn sat down, stunned into silence.  “No, I knew that’s where you were at.  I just didn’t realize you were there now.”

I shrugged.  “It’s Margo and that’s never going to change.  I don’t want to wait any longer.”

Jordyn glared at me.  “Are you asking my permission?”

I nodded.  “Kind of.  I know you’d kill me if we didn’t talk about it first.  If anyone loves Margo as much as me, it’s you.”

“I think it’s pretty great.”  She pointed her finger in my face.  “But if you try to pull that bull shit like before, you won’t be happy.”  She didn’t have to tell me that.  “Now, can you take me to class?”

Weeks before Christmas break I started planning a scene.  Before I asked my girl to marry me, I needed her to see what I thought the most depraved side of myself was.  I contacted Torres, Allen, and Daniels and asked if they might be able to help me with a scene.  I explained where I wanted them to meet me, when I wanted them there, and that they could do anything except touch Margo.

The men came to Frankenmuth and met me in the hotel while Margo showered and got ready.  They understood what I wanted and followed me to my room.  The relaxed on the couch and talked quietly while I tended to Margo.  She needed help with her stockings.  All the breath in my lungs left me when I saw her.  She looked sinful in the black lingerie I’d gotten her.  I wanted to take her right then.

When she was ready, I led her to the living room, but she stopped.  “Remember your safe words?”

She shivered in my arms.  “Yes, Sir, but this is a hard limit.”

What I had planned was definitely not a hard limit on her list, so I didn’t know what she thought I had planned.  “What is?”

“Sharing.”  Her voice was soft and she looked back at the men sitting on the couch waiting for us.

She thought I was sharing her?  Fuck that.  No other man was every going to touch her again.  I was entirely too selfish to share.  I wrapped my hand around her throat, gently, so she fully understood.  “Do you really think I would share you?” 

Margo immediately relaxed in my arms.  “I didn’t, Sir.  But I’m confused.”

“Its your job to trust me.”  I leveled her with a stern look and she nodded.  “Do you trust me?”

“Yes, Sir. I trust you.  I’m sorry I doubted you.”  She looked truly remorseful.  

I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she looked up at me.  “You’re forgiven.”  She smiled.   “Share you?”  I couldn’t help but laugh.  What an absurd thought.  “All I’ve ever wanted was for you to be mine.  And now you think I’d share you?  And with these fuckers, no less?  No one will ever touch you again.  Understand?  That’s my damn hard limit.”  I pinched her nipple for good measure, then sucked it into my mouth to soothe any pain.  Margo looked at the men on the couch, but didn’t move.  “Why don’t you be a good hostess and ask my friends if they’d like anything.”  Before my girl got the other Doms something to drink, she looked at me and I declined.  

Allen told a particularly amusing anecdote about a sub he worked with, but I wasn’t listening to him.  I watched each one of Margo’s calculated movements.  The men laughed and took their waters from Margo.  They continued sharing stories and Margo came next to me.  I played with the hair at the nape of her neck and breathed her in.  I watched my friends look at her, even though they were talking to each other they watched her closely.  Daniels adjusted his position on the couch and I smirked.  I knew he wanted her, but I was going to show him he’d never have her.  

“You want to know what I always fantasized about?”  Margo nodded at my question. “This.  My friends wanting you, desperate to touch you.”  Daniels had given up pretending he wasn’t affected by Margo, so had Torres.  “But they can’t have you.  You’re mine.”  I slid my hand down her underwear and felt how wet she was.  “They want what belongs to me, I’m the only that gets to have this.”  My girl was so needy.  She tried to adjust herself to give me better access, but the position we were in made it difficult.

Margo leaned into me and let me do what I wanted with her.  I buried my nose in her neck while I fingered her.  The softs sounds of heavy breathing from five people were the only sounds in the room.  

I had to really tell her who I was and what I did.  I prayed she didn’t run, screaming from me.  “It’s not just people watching or wanting what’s mine.  Do you want to know what kind of sick fuck I am?”  She nodded.  “I used to watch you.”  Her sighs grew louder and louder and she clenched her thighs together so I’d stop touching her, but I wasn’t having that.  “I could see you from my room and I’d watch you touch yourself.  I imagined you were thinking of me.”

I waited for her reaction.  I expected her to move away from me or to slap me or anything except what she did.  She turned in my arms and wrapped her arms around my neck.  Her mouth urgent against mine.  I didn’t understand how my words could have aroused her more, but I wasn’t going to bitch about it either.  

Since I thought I’d have to convince her to finish the scene, I wasn’t entirely prepared, but I carefully slid to the ground with Margo.  “Knees and elbows.  Let me see your pretty ass.”  She moved to her knees in record time and shook her ass for me.  I chuckled and smacked her ass.  I went to pull down her underwear, but ended up ripping them in my haste.  It didn’t matter how they got off her as long as they were out of my way.

I barely noticed my friends jacking off, the only thing that mattered was my girl. It didn’t take long for her to come on me.  I carried her to the bed and made sure she had some water, helped her get her pajamas on, and sat with her until she fell asleep.

I went to check on the guys.  Daniels looked over my shoulder.  I moved into his line of sight.  “That’s the most you’re getting from her.  Ever.” 

“I know.”  His shoulders sagged.  “She is beautiful.”

I smiled.  “I know that.”  I offered him my hand.  “I appreciate you guys coming.  I only wanted people that had seen Margo and that I’d worked with.”

“It was our pleasure,”  Torres said, shaking my hand.  I chuckled.  I was sure it was their pleasure.  They all looked pretty relaxed.

I had offered to get them hotel rooms, but they all denied.  I slipped some gas money in Torres’ jacket since he wouldn’t accept it and watched them leave before I hurried back to Margo.  She slept peacefully just as I’d left her.  

I slept in a little the next morning but showered and dressed when I did wake up.  Margo was still sleeping even after that, so I went to check on Jordyn and Xander.  He let in as he pulled a shirt over his head.  “Have fun last night, gobdaw?”

I smirked.  “Yes, I did, actually.  I’m pretty sure you did too from those scratches on your back.”

Xander’s eyes lit up.  “That girl is a fucking beast.  I can barely keep up with her.”

I chuckled.  “I bet you find a way.”

He tucked his head down.  “She’s really it, you know?”  I raised my eyebrow because of course I knew.  I was asking my girl to marry me that day.  Xander chuckled and punched me in the shoulder.  “Anyway, we’re about ready whenever you guys are.”

“Ok, Margo hasn’t woken up, yet.”  Xander smirked at me, but I ignored him.  “So take Jordyn to get something to eat and we’ll meet you here when she’s ready.”

I got Margo a cup of coffee and brought it back to our room.  She stretched like a lazy lion when I sat on the bed and hummed appreciatively when I handed her the coffee.   “Did last night happen or was that just an awesome dream?”

Memories of the night before came flooding back.  I had to think of something else or we wouldn’t leave the hotel room.  And I had plans we had to get to.  “If you’re referring to the awesome sex in front of people, that happened.”  She giggled and flopped back onto the bed.  “You slept pretty late.  Xander and Jordyn are ready to go shopping.”  

Margo got ready in record time, probably because I wasn’t distracting her in the shower.  She startled me when she placed a kiss on my cheek.  “Where are you?”  She tapped my temple.  “I called your name a few times.”

“Are you ok?”  I frantically checked to make sure she wasn’t injured.  

She gently pushed me away.  “Yes, I’m fine.  Good Lord, calm down.  I was saying that I was ready and you were somewhere else.”  I immediately relaxed and she crawled onto my lap and straddled me.  “What’s going on?”

I rested my hands on her hips and marveled at how well my hands fit.  She stared at me, but waited for me to tell her my thoughts.  “I wasn’t lying last night.”  She tilted her head.  “I would sit by my window and wait, hoping I’d see you.”

Margo smiled softly at me and brushed her fingers along my lips.  “Ok?”

“It doesn’t bother you that your boyfriend would spy on you and watch you touch yourself?”  Because it sure as shit made me feel like a psychopath.  People get thrown in prison for that kind of thing.

She shook her head.  “It probably should piss me off, but it doesn’t.”  She shrugged.  “Want to know a secret?”  I nodded.  I wanted to know all her secrets.  I looked down and blushed.  “I would sometimes leave my blinds open and imagined you watched while I did that.”

I laughed, relieved that she didn’t judge me the way I judged myself.  “Aren’t we a special kind of messed up?”

Margo giggled and hopped off my lap.  “Come on, I want food.”

I was starved by the time we got to lunch, but I hardly focused on eating or any conversation around me.  Margo placed her hand on my thigh and leaned in close.  “Are you ok?”  I nodded.  “I like that you’re a little perverted.”  I offered her a chuckle, but that didn’t bother me anymore.  I kept going over the words I wanted to say and I kept checking to make sure I still had the ring on me.  

We walked along the main street of Frankenmuth towards the brewery.  The girls insisted on stopping at the Cheese Haus, the old country store which took forever for them to go through, and every fudge store on the way, which was a lot.  Xander made us go into the sausage store.  I didn’t mind that.  I got several different kinds of jerky.  

I ordered a drink when we got to the brewery hoping it would help take the edge off, but I couldn’t even taste it.  I just wanted to get to the damn river walk so I could ask my girl to marry me, but everyone else kept wanting to see things and go into stores.  I was fairly certain Jordyn and Xander were doing it on purpose to prolong my suffering.

Margo kept asking if I was ok.  I was fine, just nervous, but I couldn’t tell her that.  She was so in tune to me, she could pick up on the slightest mood shift.  She knew I was lying, which only put her in a sour mood.  I pulled Xander to the side.  “Stop fucking around or I swear to God I will make it impossible for you to be with Jordyn.”

Xander gulped and grabbed Jordyn’s hand.  “Let’s go to The River Place Shops now.  I’m sick of hearing Margo whine about popcorn.”

We trailed behind Jordyn and Xander.  I ran over everything I planned over and over.  Margo finally had enough of my silence.  “Are you ok?  And don’t say, ‘Yeah, I’m fine.’”

I chuckled awkwardly.  “But, I am fine.”

Margo stopped to turn toward me and wrung her hands together.  “Is this about last night?  Is it bothering you now?”
I hadn’t even thought about the previous night the whole day because I was too distracted, but had I thought about it I probably would’ve pulled her into a nearby bathroom for a quickie.  “No, last night was amazing and you’re amazing.  I’m just wore out.”

Margo huffed and shook her head, but didn’t say anything else.  

My heart nearly leapt out of my chest when we got to the bridge where I wanted to ask her to marry me.  I pulled on her hand and she looked at me, irritated. “I have been distracted today.”

She leaned against the bridge and tugged on my coat.  “Ok, talk to me.”

“You are all I ever wanted.  You know, like everything else in life would come as long as I had you.  Even when I ‘hated’ you, it was always you.  You make me a better man, you make me want to be a better man.”  I sighed, I wasn’t good with words and they didn’t do my feelings justice.  I wanted to sit her down and play her a song.  I wanted to show her how much I loved her through my music.  But that would have to wait.  I grabbed the box from my coat and got on one knee.  I felt more peaceful than I had all day.  “Will you marry me?”

Margo’s eyes got wide and her whole face lit up.  She violently hugged me which made us fall into a pile of snow.  “Yes!” She kissed me lips.  “Yes.” She kissed my cheek and I started laughing, thrilled my girl was so happy.  “Yes.”  She kissed my nose.  “Yes.”  I kissed her that time.


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