The Empire

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Clean things up

Submitted: August 22, 2017

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Submitted: August 22, 2017



Vanessa wakes up first unsurprised to find Wyn next to her. "Either she doesn't care or she approves of us. I'll take the ladder on that one." She undresses, grabs a towel, and enters the bathroom next to the right of the bed. "I should probably grab some clothes first to change in here in case he wakes up, don't need that situation."   She goes and starts the shower.  Maybe I should have held off a bit. He's going to be warier of me now and my advances. She thinks to herself.  or it could have loosened him up

she shakes frustrated. "aarrgh... I wish I could know what's really going through his head." She enters the shower with single way glass. "I wish I knew how things are going to end up." she whispers to herself. Wyn rolls over.

He's even cuter when he's asleep. She continues to think to herself.  "I probably shouldn't have left the door open but I wanted to watch him. It shouldn't be a problem anyway. He can't see me..."

But I can see him. I'll look away if he comes in... maybe. Why am I talking to myself like this? She sits down and lets the water hit her. Let time handle things. 

Some time goes by and Wyn wakes up to find himself in a Pink room covered in stuffed animals and posters. He stretches and looks around. "As girly as you expect. But at least the posters are pretty cool. Didn't know Mitt had these, Signed too." He walks into the bathroom. and turns to use the toilet.

Should I stop him, I don't know if I can trust myself.  Vanessa thinks to herself. She looks away.

Wyn unzips his pants. "Are you going be much longer, I should take one also." 

I haven't even started yet. I've just been sitting here thinking. "I just got in." She responds.

"Kay, I'll be quick then." Wyn starts to pee.

Don't look. Don't look. Don't look...Maybe a peek. She looks. Hmmm...he has potential. It makes me sad I have things to compare this to.

"Where would Richard be so I can ask him to pick up some clothes for me." Wyn asks.

"He's probably cleaning, he usually is around this time. look around he shouldn't be too hard to find." Vanessa replies.

"Call me when your done or is there somewhere else I can go?" Wyn asks.

Shit, if he uses this one he will know I could have watched. "Use the one in the guest room if Cali isn't here. Richard should know if she's here."

"Cool." Wyn states as he leaves.

Vanessa lets out a sigh of relief. "at least that's over, I should finish up before all the hot water is gone."








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