The Empire

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - What about her.

Submitted: August 23, 2017

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Submitted: August 23, 2017



Wyn walks out of the room to find Richard and Claire chatting. "Why are you still here?"

"Hey Wyn, You're finally up. Richard is actually really fun to talk to despite his relatively strict attitude but really wanted to see if you two were okay before I left." Claire responds grinning.

"Don't you have work to do Rich?" Wyn asks.

"Since you had Ms.Short preoccupied this afternoon I didn't have much to tend to. I was told to keep Ms. Argot company when the eldest left. She has some interesting stories, some a little more disturbing than others but I will seize there." Richard answers.

"Cool, I was going to ask where she was. I was going to take a shower, V told me to ask before using the guest room's, find some clothes for me, please." Wyn asks.


"I will buy some as I drop off Ms. Argot." Replies Richard as he and Claire Make their way to the door. "Straight through that door Wyn." He points at the guest room.

Wyn walks through the door to enter a monochrome room. "Guess the whole place is supposed to be white." Wyn walks in the bathroom."This place is far bigger on the inside than you would ever expect." Wyn turns on the water and enters the shower without worrying about the temperature.

Does Richard have his own room as well? Wonder what he designed it like, if he got a say in it at all. He does follow V everywhere as her particular butler or at least I would assume, but why doesn't Cali have one? Maybe there is one stationed at every complex but that would be a waste even this family wouldn't throw money away like that. Why was he the one cleaning if there are other people that work here? Actually, that's a dumb a question he cleans up after V so not to add the others loads. Why am I asking so many pointless questions? I wonder what kind of fighter the big man is bringing tomorrow, I think it's going to be another out-fighter as that's going to be my biggest problem. V didn't move as quickly as she did in the classroom or really fight at all like she did in the classroom, she didn't even grapple as much. How did she not think she was holding back too much? I hope I get to fight her on equal footing at some point, I enjoyed the first one and she wasn't giving her all then either. 

Wyn hears a door open. " Someone's in the shower? Probably Wyn." It's Cali's voice. 

"Hey, Catia!" Wyn shouts trying to annoy her.

"Don't call me that! Why are you using this shower?" Cali asks.

"V was using her's, so I used this one." Wyn answers.

"Why didn't you get in with her?" Cali jests without completely dismissing it.

"Fuck off." Wyn sighs.

"What was that?" Cali asks.

"Nothing." Wyn responds.

"Give her a fair shot at some point. Your concerns really aren't that big of a deal." Cali pushes.

"Having people possibly trying to kill me for taking their Eve sounds pretty bad to me." Wyn replies.

"She told you about that?" Cali asks sadly.

"Yeah, Why are you depressed all the sudden?" Wyn asks

"They've been a problem as long as they've known about her. The fact she took up modeling added on to it but she only did that to follow me, she has always chased after me..." Cali answers.

"That's why she was sensitive about us comparing you too." Wyn interrupts.

"Pretty much, the biggest problem is all the attempted kidnappings and rapes. Someone always gets to her before anyone can do anything but it's only a matter of time before no gets there. That's why she has Richard and we trained her to fight. We try not to leave her alone if possible." Cali continues depressed.

"Sorry, didn't know it was that bad." Wyn replies.

"It would be nice if someone like you were around to help protect her." Cali sighs.

"I'm not your guy, but maybe you can find someone else at some point. Thing is she is alone right now." Wyn replies.

"She should be fine, no one knows she is here yet and this place is protected. It really only an issue when she's outside." Cali Reassures Wyn

Richard enters. "Welcome back Ms.short. How long have you been here?"

"Not long." answers Cali.

"I have brought the young master Clothing." Richard states.

"I will bring them to him. Return to your duties." Cali replies.

"Yes, Ms.Short." Richard leaves.

Cali enters the bathroom. "She's not going to let you go anytime soon so don't hazard to change your mind." 

"I won't, but don't expect anything." Wyn Replies.




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