The Empire

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Burning

Submitted: August 23, 2017

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Submitted: August 23, 2017



"I already know the answer but, why does it have to be me? There are billions of people on this planet, why me?" Wyn asks.

"Because you're rare. Usually, if you want someone who doesn't care about money you have to find someone who already has it. Then when you do they are either boring or reckless, you would keep her grounded and not use her while being able to have fun with her. Why hunt for someone like that when you already have them?" Cali answers.

"Even if I was after money and status. It would be dangerous to pursue her. Whatever, leave so I can get dressed, please." Wyn replies.

"Fine, but I'll say it again, don't hazard to change your mind." Cali leaves.

Wyn turns off the water and gets out and notices the clothes left on the counter "Why do you guys insist on burning money like this." Wyn sighs

"We make far more than 10 times the worth each second. Why not always buy the best?" Cali replies.

"I would have been fine with something from Gate-mart." Wyn responds.

"Just take them." Cali sighs.

"I mean; Kucci belt, Ground Kardan shoes, Crada shirt.... This all has to worth over 30,000$"

"I said it was nothing." Cali asserts.

"How do you even just buy these? People have to wait months to get some of this." Wyn continues.

"We have connections." Cali answers.

"Get me something worth 60$ at most, please. I'm not wearing all this." Wyn sighs.

"Just take them, I won't take no for an answer." Cali demands.

"Fine." Wyn starts to put on the clothes and walks out. "I'll just return these later and bring you the money back."

"Why can't you just accept a gift?" Cali asks. "If I find out you return them, I will have them send them back to you."

"Sigh...Ok but there are better ways to spend that much money." Wyn leaves the room and finds Vanessa. "I'm leaving, thought I should let you know so you don't go looking for me later." 

"See you tomorrow then. She forced those on you?" Vanessa replies.

"Yeah, I like them but they're worth too much." Wyn answers.

"Thought so. Just take them there's no point in fighting." Vanessa states

"She made that clear, see ya." Wyn goes to Richard and he drives him home. "What were you talking to Claire about earlier." 

"She wanted to know more about me, things like how do I like my job and how did I get into this... of course I had her tell me about herself as it is only fair." Richard replies.

"How did you get into this?" Wyn prys.

"It's the family business at this point. It pays well and it is a lot of fun, to sum it up quickly. I enjoy taking care of the young miss, it's never boring around her." Richard answers.

"And what did she tell you?" Wyn responds.

"I am not at liberty to reveal such sensitive information. If you want to know ask her about it, It is rather sad if you ask me, the young miss has so much to support her but Ms. Argot has nothing. I have already said too much." Richard replies.

"I'll ask her if I get bored." Wyn sinks down in his seat and gets comfortable.


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