The Empire

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This chapter gets a little brutal. I'm not a good enough writer to really make it graphic but just going to state that just in case.

Chapter 19 (v.1) - You were warned

Submitted: August 23, 2017

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Submitted: August 23, 2017



It's next day of school, the third day since Vanessa's arrival and things already feel different for Wyn.

Let's see, I'm now part of a dumb girl's bet and have to enter a tournament on her behalf. I'm going to be training every day for a month to be ready because the bet is the largest and most powerful company on the planet and yet so much happened. It's only been two days and so much has happened, to do this for a month and the way she wants to handle things maybe more than that. It sounds like fun but I already feel like I've lost years off my life.

She didn't pick me up today. I guess she's only going to that when it makes sense. I don't know if that is a good thing or not.

"Hello Wyn, didn't see you in my office yesterday." The Dean states.

"Bet you are happy about that huh." Wyn replies.

"Of course, It feels like I got the day off." The Dean responds.

"I wasn't alone yesterday so I was too preoccupied to create conflict. I'm alone today so.... I'm sure you can do the math." Wyn replies.

"Right, you've been hanging around the Bridgeport girl." The Dean States.

"You're really referring to her like that. I see why they emphasized money and status so much." Wyn replies.

"What do you mean?" The Dean inquiries.

"You're right when you say I've been hanging out with her. When I was over at her place yesterday both she and her sister mentioned all the people out to get their money and power. You just strengthened their argument." Wyn answers.

"I guess, most people want a piece of that. Having their money gets rid of any problem you could ever have." The Dean replies. "Why were you at her place yesterday?"

"How do you call yourself a teacher. I was with her yesterday because we made a business deal. Don't pry." Wyn answers seriously.

"I won't pry." The Dean mocks. "Don't get into trouble, please."

"No promises." Wyn replies as he walks away.

Wyn turns the corner. "Hey, Wyn!" Calls out a boy in an aggravated voice.

"Speaking of conflict." Wyn sighs as walks up to the boy.

"Nice shoes, you get those from her?" the boy asks.

"Her sister, why?" Wyn replies. I only brought these so if she asks V later she can tell her I wore something.

"How about you back of her and let me have her." The boy replies.

"She's all yours. I'm really not interested." Wyn responds.

"I meant to stay away from her completely." The boy gets in his face.

"Sorry, I can't do that." Wyn states

Wyn throws a straight jab and boy falls to the ground. The boy runs to tackle him and Wyn sidesteps into DDT. Wyn stands over him "I have business with her. If you get up I'll make sure that last thing you ever do on your own."

The boy gets up and goes for a gut punch, "I warned you." Wyn catches the punch, pulls the boy in, wraps his leg around the boys and drops back slamming his head into the ground. He picks up the boy by the neck drags him over to a wall grabs his face and slams his head into a wall multiple times until blood starts to leak. Wyn throws him into the ground and stomps the boys face. He picks up the boys hands, rips them back turns them and breaks his wrists. Wyn then starts to break the boy's fingers bone by bone as the boy screams. "Sorry, to tell you this now but I'm a little frustrated and am taking it out you."

 Wyn drags the boy into a classroom put his forearm over two desks, climbs up and jumps down on it breaking it into two pieces, he repeats this with his legs and upper arms. He throws the boy to the floor and stomps on his jaw until it's mangled and unrecognizable, Wyn starts to walk away as the boy is left crying and bleeding profusely then turns around and walks back "I said anything on your own didn't I, Wyn grinds his foot into the boy's testicles as he picks up a desk and slams it repeatedly into the boy's ankles and feet.

He walks out the room and as he turns another corner he encounters a group of 7 boys who state that they want the same thing as the other boy did. "Didn't you just see that and you still challenge me." 

"We were going to back him up but decided to leave him alone in hopes he would weaken you a bit. We were wrong." Responds one of the boys.

"You really thought one guy would weaken me." Wyn asks insultingly

"At least tire you out a bit." The boy replies.

"Are we going to do this or not?" Wyn asks

The boys charge Wyn all at once and go to attack each part of his body. Wyn uppercuts one of them, kicks him out the way, and slides through before they can connect. He picks up the boy and throws him at the rest of the boys.

"Are you all really that slow? Throw light punches, it adds up, you don't have to all throw in everything you got. At least make this entertaining." Wyn advises. 

The boys charge again. "If it didn't work the first time what makes you expect it would work the second try." Wyn knees a boy in the gut, ducks down pull him away and slides through the gap. "Didn't I just tell you how to make that work." Wyn grabs another boy by the back of his shirt, throws him to the ground, and stomps his face as he walks past.  The rest of the boys get on their guard. "Are you abandoning another one or just changing your tactics." Wyn picks up the boy by the face, slams his head into a wall and throws him at the other boys, the boy is out cold. As the boys dodge Wyn runs up, hooks one of them and ax kicks him as he falls to the ground. The boy is knocked out. "You were an easy one." Another boy throws a straight jab at Wyn face, Wyn ducks, flips the boy over him and punch the boy's head into the ground as he falls. Wyn sweeps another boy while he's low, and back-kicks him as he gets up. The other boys look at each other, second guess their actions and run away. "Cowards!" Wyn yells.

Wyn stomps the boy he swept in the temple until he is asleep. He turns his attention to the boy next to him and stomps him also. "You abandoned your friend earlier, so you deserve a worse punishment." Wyn grabs the 4 he has knocked out and repeats the process he did with the first boy on each of them. He then takes the desk and breaks each limb in more places. 

Vanessa and Claire walk in "You caused some chaos haven't you." Vanessa states. 

"It's your fault, they came at me because I was around you." Wyn replies.

"You went a little far, didn't you?" Vanessa asks.

"They were warned what I was going to do to them if they choose to fight me. I'm a man of my word. These guys abandoned their comrade and their promises to him earlier so I  made sure they never heal properly." Wyn answers.

"Well, it was the risk they took and they kinda deserved it." Vanessa states. "Lets go class is going to start soon." 

"No one deserves that!" Claire interjects.

"They were told the consequences and still fought him. I can't feel sympathy." Vanessa replies

"Let's just go, I don't want to look at this longer more than I have to." Claire states.



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