The Empire

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - So that's him

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Submitted: August 15, 2017




The children get increasingly rowdy as Vanessa notices Claire finally arriving.  She also notices her lips are moving as if Claire is trying to convey something to her. "How did you get up there?" Claire asks.

"Surprised you noticed me" responds Vanessa  "I used parkour." Vanessa turns to pay attention to the fight. Like how Claire explained earlier Wyn is mounted on top of a boy throwing a series of hooks.

"How... Many... Times... Do...I"  Wyn picks up the boy's head and slams it down onto the ground "have to tell you what personal space is?" He picks up the boys head again and slams it. Blood starts to leak out from the back of the boys head and Wyn sits there sweating and heavily breathing for a few seconds, he then gets off the boy and picks him up by the face.

Vanessa turns to look at Claire again who is still staring up at her "Pretty one sided isn't it?"

"It always is. I said that earlier didn't I?" Claire responds.

"Why hasn't anyone stopped this yet?" Vanessa asks.

"The deans wait until he either gets bored or tired at this point. He will just break them also if they interfere."

" And the police?" Vanessa asks with a worried look on her face.

Claire laughs," You actually think they care about us. This is a school for the trash that doesn't assimilate. I thought you knew that?"

  "I did, but I didn't think it was to the point you could almost murder a kid?" Vanessa Begins to smile.

Well it is, be careful what you do, say, and who you associate with. Wait, why are you smiling" Claire becomes slightly frightened but quickly returns to her dismissive look.

 "Does that include you?" Vanessa asks.

"Maybe. hold on answer the question! Why are you smiling now?" Claires asks with an angry look.

a Dean forces his way through the crowd. He asks Wyn, "You done yet?"  

"Yea." Wyn responds as he steps away from the boy. 

"Will you take a break? I'm tired of having you in my office every day." The Dean asks as he pulls out his phone, pushes a single button and puts it back away.

" Will people learn to keep their distance and avoid me?" Wyn asks in a condescending tone.

" Well they haven't yet but... Wyn cuts the Dean off."

"But nothing. I stop when they learn." Wyn States angrily.

"Just come to my office." The dean responds depressed.

Wyn calms down and asks "Why? you are just going to tell me the same thing you do every day and send me back to class."

"Maybe if I tell you enough you will listen..." Wyn cuts him off again.

"Listen! I can recite it word for word."

"Then why won't you do what I say!" The Dean looks Infuriated.

"Should a teacher be raising his voice toward a student?" Wyn asks mockingly.  

"Shut up. My office now." The Dean pulls out a cigarette.

" Fine." Wyn starts walking.

"Why do you always need the last word?" The Dean responds as he inserts the cigarette into his mouth and lights it. 

Wyn stops and responds. If you know I need the last word why do you try to have it?  

The Dean "groans."  

"Exactly." Wyn says as he starts walking off again.

"I can't even have that!" The Dean asks aggravated. 

"No." Wyn shouts as he begins to run off.

Vanessa makes her way back to Claire and jumps off the awning. "Let's go too" Claire states.

"We still have twenty minutes before class starts?" Vanessa asks confused.

"And you're going to stand here?" Claire points towards the blood stain and medics as they pull up.

"Oh, right..." Vanessa looks down at her feet.  

"Are you stupid or something?" Claire asks.

"Shut up!" Vanessa yells back. Everyone turns towards them, "What are you looking at!!" They start to walk off to return to their own business. "Back to the cafeteria?" Vanessa asks Claire.










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