The Empire

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Talent

Submitted: August 24, 2017

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Submitted: August 24, 2017



"I really hate I have to admit this but I need you around, otherwise I can't stay out of trouble." Wyn states to Vanessa.

"I won't leave you alone again, I promise." Vanessa jests.

"Fuck you, I just want to avoid conflict if I can. Going to the office every day got old a long time ago and now that you're around things have already gotten worse." Wyn replies.

"Nothing I can help." Vanessa responds.They enter the classroom and head to the back of the room. "Here, you have to eat." She attempts to hand him a sandwich.

"You're not supposed to eat in class." Wyn replies.

"You still think that rule applies to you?" Vanessa asks.

"People already hate me. I don't need to give them more reasons. I want to avoid conflict remember." Wyn answers.

"Just eat." She puts it on his desk.

"I'll wait." Wyn places it in his bag.

"Eat now, we've been over this." Vanessa states.

Ms.Swilson enters and everyone enters their seats. 

"It's not a big deal, stop acting like a mom, I don't need peak performance." Wyn states.

"Fine, but it's not going to be as good later. I had Cali help." Vanessa turns her head away and smirks.

Ms.Swilson starts to stare them down but they don't notice and continue to whisper.

"Well, I guess It won't hurt." Wyn replies.

"You're too simple." Claire inserts.

"You would do the same thing, so shut up." Wyn responds.

"I didn't say I wasn't simple." Claire replies.

Wyn pulls out the sandwich and takes a bite. "Meh...You lied to me." Wyn looks down disappointed.

"It worked didn't it." Vanessa replies

Ms.Swilson throws markers at each of them. Vanessa and Wyn dodge but Claire is too slow.

"Sorry." They all sigh in unison. Wyn places the sandwich back into his bag.

"Now, that I have all of your attentions. Today you will be working in groups." She glares at the three. "You will be going over the conditions that may lead to things such as the Rainman. You may begin in groups of three."

The three start to push their desk together. "Are we going to do what we are supposed to or talk about other matters?" Wyn asks.

"People, are more too much attention to us so what we are supposed to do." Vanessa answers.

"Wow, you said something reasonable, you are usually one tracked." Wyn responds.

"Stop trying to me out to be dumber than I really am." Vanessa replies, the desk collide.

"You're not dumb, you just focus on what you want and have that be the end of it." Wyn replies as they all sit down.

"Let's start with the Rainman as that is the example she mentioned." Wyn states.

"Guy remembers everything he reads and reads really fast. We all know the Rainman." Vanessa replies.

"He meant his conditions." Claire inserts.

"He's handicapped and should be completely useless in society but is special anyway." Vanessa responds.

"Why are you being so rude about it." Wyn replies.

"Just knowing a lot isn't that important. He can't do anything with the knowledge. Yea it's impressive but it's wasted on him... Sorry, but really I know people that if they could do what he does they would make it so our technology would be a millennium away. He knows so much but can't apply it anywhere." Vanessa responds.

"Point..." Claire cuts Wyn off.

"No point, talent should be celebrated regardless of what it adds to society, you can't do it..."Vanessa cuts Claire off.

"So be mesmerized by it. I'm surrounded by talent every day, some would say I'm the embodiment of it. So when I see wasted talent I'm not going to appreciate it." Vanessa states seriously.

"Let it go." Wyn interrupts. "We're not here to argue about if it's useful or not just about why it is."

They calm down and continue through class smoothly.




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