The Empire

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Impressions

Submitted: August 27, 2017

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Submitted: August 27, 2017



They walk over to the table, sit down, The General comes outside with plates, and places them in front of everyone.

"Question." Wyn starts but Abis cuts him off.

"Do you really say question before you ask a question?" 

Wyn throws a fork at Abis. "Why didn't she comment on  you two?" He looks at Vanessa and Pepin. Everyone starts eating.

"We're not important." Vanessa states.

"Pretty much." Pepin agrees

"It's not like our improvement matters, it's yours." Vanessa states.

"Though it's not like he needs much help. Considering everything he knows comes from street fighting he is abnormally good at this." Pepin responds.

"He hasn't shown much. Everything I've seen comes from him forcing his opponent into the situation he wants or is used to. His ability to take hits and walk away unfazed helps a lot with that." Vanessa replies.

"So Liam needs to stop that from happening." Pepin states.

"I don't know his tendencies so It might be a little difficult," Liam replies. " I just know I need to avoid grabs but I shouldn't end up in a position where a grab would be a valid option for him anyway. I don't know what else I should be avoiding to force him into a new situation."

"You'll figure it out." Abis inserts.

"Who gave you permission to talk?" Wyn asks.

"I don't need permission let alone from you." Abis replies aggravated

Wyn starts to get up.

"Down boy." Vanessa pulls on his shirt. "How do you guys hate each other already. It hasn't even been that long yet."

"He left such a good first impression. How can you not love him." Abis replies sarcastically. 

"Wyn disrespected you and you are looking for a fight. Wyn just wants a fight and is going to egg you on for one. You need to learn to ignore taunts Abis and Wyn chill Liam should be more than enough for you later." Pepin states.

"He's the one that started getting up." Abis replies

"...And you would have been the one to throw the first punch. I know you and the faces you make." Pepin responds.

"How would you feel in that situation?" Abis asks.

"He is the type of person where you need to earn respect from. You're not going to get it just because you tell him to give you some." Pepin replies.

"I'm going to take Wyn's side also. He isn't a warrior just a fighter. Don't use proper predicate with him or expect it from him." Liam agrees.

"And before you start listing off your accomplishments I couldn't less about those," Wyn interjects. " You seem like the type of person that thinks that matters."

"I admit I was going to do that." Abis replies sadly.

"What happened to that fire you had, Puppy." Wyn responds.

"Who are you calling a puppy." Abis replies angrily.

"The bitch that barks all day but can't actually do anything." Wyn responds unintimidated.

"Stop trying to tick him off, Wyn." Vanessa orders.

"Is it me or do you just attract angry people Vanessa." Claire joins.

"People with similar tendencies group together. It's the law of humanity." Pepin inserts.

"You're here so you have a tendency also." Claire replies.

"I can but remember you are here also." Pepin responds.

"I've never been in a fight. An argument sure but intelligent people thrive on arguments." Claire replies. "Vanessa and I met by chance not because we had anything particular in common and any aligning. She just found use in me and therefore dragged me along."

"I get the vibe," Pepin replies.

"I thought you knew each other?" Claire asks.

"No, we have nothing connecting us outside of Damian." Pepin answers.

"His students rotate a lot. I meet them occasionally but I rarely get to know them or take interest in befriending them." Vanessa inserts. " We're probably never going to see each other again after they leave."

"You never know what's going to happen." Pepin replies.

"I don't see much use in any of you. you are lackluster fighters without much potential." Vanessa responds.

"That's cold." Pepin replies.

"The two of you weren't anything special." She looks at Pepin and Abis. "I'll give Liam fair chance but I doubt he's any better."

"Why are all the pretty ones bitches." Abis replies.

"Now you can kick his ass Wyn." Vanessa states,

"I can only have fun when you let me?" Wyn smiles. Wyn jumps over the table and grabs Abis' neck as he passes. he then slams his head against the edge of the table repeatly and when he starts bleeding again "Are you not fighting back or am I missing something." 

"He's not capable of defending himself. You did more damage than you both realized. He can't move how he wants." States Zorra as she returns to the table. "He's falling asleep as we speak also."

Wyn looks down at Abis "That's no fun." .

"That's why he didn't get up earlier isn't it?" Pepin asks. "Dumbass let his pride stop him from showing us."

"Probably." Zorra replies.

"Let's go." States Damian "We will treat him on the way back." 













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