The Empire

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If you are wondering about what was going through my head after you read this chapter. This is loosely based on my real life and this adds to later story so I put it in.

Chapter 28 (v.1) - Lies

Submitted: September 02, 2017

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Submitted: September 02, 2017



They eventually move to the classroom and Wyn's "feeling" gets worse as they get to their seats.

"Are you sure this nothing to worry about? I mean what if you're wrong and it is some lustful eyes?" Wyn asks.

"Why would anyone like you?..." Vanessa asks.

"You like me..." Wyn replies

"I'm weird, why would a normal person like you? Also, why would they do something now that they haven't done before?" Vanessa responds.

"Let me guess. It couldn't possibly have something to do with you again, so maybe they just noticed something they didn't before." Wyn states.

"Why would I change anything?" Vanessa asks.

"People try to use me to get closer to you but that wouldn't engage lust. They probably did have something before but was too wary of me. Now that you hang around me, they are less reserved." Wyn answers.

"Last time I checked we were being heavily shipped." Vanessa responds.

"But nothing has happened. If things take too long to happen then someone is else is going to try to capitalize." Wyn replies.

"Now whose fault is that." Vanessa states.

"Whatever. Just don't complain if anything happens." Wyn replies.

"Why do I get the feeling you're jinxing things?" Vanessa asks.

"I probably am. Everything we say becomes relevant at some point for some reason." Wyn responds.

"Are you trying to break the fourth wall again." Claire inserts as she is ignored.

"So it would be your fault if something happens this time." Vanessa replies.

"I'll take the blame this time." Wyn states.

Ms. Swilson walks in and everyone gets to their positions. "Morning everyone...." She goes on talking.

An overweight unattractive girl calls to Wyn softly while Ms. Swilson is turned toward the board. She pulls out her training bra from under her shirt, Wyn looks away disgusted while Vanessa gets a little ticked. 

"Well, that didn't take long." Claire whispers.

"Shut up." Vanessa responds.

They day goes on and they enter a different class. There an attractive girl that usually is disgusted with Wyn takes his pencil licks and sticks it in her chest and tells him to get it. Vanessa gets even more ticked.

The day continues with events such as these. 

"What the fuck was today?" Vanessa asks as they walk out of their final class.

"You ask that now." Wyn replies.

"I didn't expect anything to actually happen let alone that much crap." Vanessa responds.

"Calm down, Is it really that big of a deal?" Wyn asks.

"Put yourself in her shoes, Wyn. The girl you like has a bunch of guys perv all over her like that. How would you feel?" Claire inserts.

"Never liked anyone enough to care like that." Wyn replies. "Though it is really weird for today to happen, is Vanessa really enough for that big of a change?"

"Probably." Claire replies. "People get weird when the thing they want/ have is being taken from them. But why so many? You are still a violent prick."

"You can't change things so accept it. Don't stress about it." Wyn states to Vanessa.

"I will continue to stress about it because I haven't won you over yet and all it takes is the right girl to steal you from me." Vanessa replies.

"I'm not interested in anyone so really don't worry about it. Let's go." Wyn walks out to the car. 







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