The Empire

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Why do we have to do this

Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



Wyn and the Dean enter an empty office. "I ask again. Why do we have to this every day?" The Dean puts out his cigarette as they walk in.

"Why do you bring me in here every day?" Wyn sits down and kicks his feet up on the desk.

"It's my job." The Dean pours a cup of coffee for himself.

"Then beating kids up is my job. You not going to ask to pour me one?" Wyn asks in a mocking tone.

"You never wanted any before why would I ask now." The Dean sits down behind his desk.

"You ever going to put anything in here? it's just a desk and nothing else." Wyn asks as he looks around.

"I would if you weren't in here every day. I'm not giving you anything you can use as a weapon." The Dean takes a sip of coffee.

"Anything can be used as a weapon, even the shirt on my back." Wyn pulls on the back of his shirt.

 "You Know why we haven't just expelled you yet?" The Dean asks.

"My grades are perfect and this trash can of a school needs them." Wyn smirks.

"Well... yeah. You could of at least sugar coated it." The Dean pours sugar in his coffee.

"Since when did you start using sugar, you usually keep it black." Wyn points at the empty sugar packet.

"I feel like I need it today. I had to deal with an "enthusiastic" girl as well this morning. let's just say today has been well... special. Back to the topic of conversation, please." The Dean takes another Sip of coffee.

"What's the point? I'm surprised you haven't given me the usual spiel. Or at least not yet." Wyn plays with his pocket.

"You were right. I do tell you that too often, so I'm going to avoid doing that." Wyn leans forward in his chair and rests his head in his hand.

"Aww, right when was I beginning to like it."

"Shut up. Can you please just chill? I have other things to pay attention to." The Dean asks desperately.

"No, I just want to be left alone and no one will just ignore my existence and let me be." Wyn turns and looks at a clock outside the door they enter.

"Why do you want that? You never told me." The Dean takes a sip of coffee.

Wyn gets up and slams his hands on the table. "Humanity is a stupid species that whenever things don't go their way or people don't see things their way they eliminate them. I don't want to be part of it."

"That's not true and did you have to slam the table for that." The Dean holds his coffee.

"Yes it is. The Native Americans were killed off if they didn't accept the religion they were told to. terrorist kill people for the same reason. And if religion isn't the problem it's our greed. Humans live to serve the seven deadly sins and I just mentioned one big part of it. I hate humanity, we live for ourselves and we make others do the same. I'm sure you understand since you work at this school."

"Sigh... I guess you're right but you're going to regret that thinking when you get older." The Dean states 

"Maybe I will." Wyn sits down."But  I don't now and I'm happy with that. Can I go now don't want me to miss class now do we?" Wyn Laughs.


Wyn gets up and runs towards the door. "Thanks". Wyn turns the handle.

"And stop taking the last word!" The Dean yells as Wyn opens the door and starts to run off.

"Never!" The Dean sips his coffee.

"What am I going to do with him?" The Dean looks down at his cup. "Aww, it's too cold now." 





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