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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Silence of the Lamb

Submitted: September 05, 2017

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Submitted: September 05, 2017



Gerald and Wyn arrive at the center of the field. Wyn takes a stance but Gerald just stands there. 

"Is something wrong or are you cocky?" Wyn asks.

Gerald attacks without responding. He picks up his knee towards Wyn's stomach, Wyn blocks with his own, Gerald grabs Wyn's shoulders and slides his knee up to Wyn's chest then pulls back bringing Wyn down with him. Wyn lands of the knee and releases a breath of air, Gerald rolls out and throws Wyn, and Wyn catches himself.

Wyn takes a small amount of time to regroup and charges dropping into a slide kick. Gerald takes it and drops his fist towards Wyn's head, Wyn reaches up and catches it. He then kicks up underneath Gerald's Ribs and pulls Gerald down by his arm. He rolls over on top Gerald's back and starts whaling on the back of his head. 

Gerald attempts to pick Wyn up but the weight is just over too heavy only able to get about an inch off the ground, Gerald concedes.  Wyn gets off of him.

"So If I fight a strong enough opponent that won't work, huh." Wyn states.

"Yeah. But most people wouldn't be able to throw you off of them." Gerald responds.

"So, you do speak." Wyn replies.

"Yes, I speak. I made the mistake of you letting you get on my back instead of my stomach. I could have gotten out of that at least." Gerald responds.

"Say, I have a question." Wyn states.

"Go ahead." Gerald gestures to go on towards Wyn.

"You were different from Vanessa but you have the same instructor. She jumped but you took the low kick, You also seem more like a mobile slugger than an out-fighter based on your style. What's up" Wyn asks.

"You shouldn't be comparing me to Vanessa. Remember she wasn't giving her all, from what I hear she is a lot faster than what she showed you. She usually relies on that more." Gerald starts. 

"Kay, now your fighting style." Wyn states.

"If I fought exclusively like an out-fighter I wouldn't get anywhere. Our actual slugger should really be a challenge for you If he got in the position I was in he would be able to pick you up and to would continue from there." Gerald continues.

"But out-fighters have the advantage if I was a swammer the alternate would make more sense?" Wyn asks.

"I prefer the slugger style but I'm not built for it. I make a blend between my build and my preferred style. But yeah, Baiting you in is the better way of doing things." Gerald replies.

"I get it. It was a good fight kinda want a round two to see how you change things up." Wyn states.

"We'll get to it when we get to it." Gerald responds. " You should be watching the others to get a slight advantage."

"Naw, It takes the fun out of it. It's nice going in blind." Wyn replies.

Time goes by and the others finish.

"You all did well but  Easton, Mark. Don't play with your food like that. It's rude." Zorra states.

"Fuck you!" Abis states.

"You had Vanessa why are you bitching?" Wyn replies.

"Just because she wasn't insulting me directly doesn't mean I'm going to accept. They're my friends." Abis responds.

"Just shut up and let her talk." Wyn states.

Zorra goes over the others in detail. "Now Wyn and Gerald. Gerald was effective in changing things up for you but got lost at the end." She directs towards Wyn. 

"Gerald, you didn't have a lot of options but one viable on would have been once he grabbed your hand you kick down but you probably already got to that on your own." Zorra continues. "I don't have to say much to you two until you guys have a second round. You two were perfectly fine but if nothing changes then I would start tearing into you. I don't want you all to get too comfortable with each other. So everyone match. Sluggers get sluggers etc, get going.




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