The Empire

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - Equality

Submitted: September 06, 2017

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Submitted: September 06, 2017



"You know this is inefficient right?" Wyn asks. "I mean, are you really going to wait to get meaningful results. "

"It's not like it matters when you get the results as long as you get them, does it?" Zorra replies.

"I'm not a fan of waiting like that. I wanna know." Wyn responds.

"The point of this is to expose you to things. That shouldn't matter." Zorra replies.

"Doesn't make me want it less." Wyn responds.

"Just go fight." Zorra sighs.

Wyn and Easton Walk to the center. Wyn throws a heavy left hook at the rather large Easton. Easton pulls up his arm and blocks. He returns with his own left but looks uncomfortable doing so showing he favor's his right side.  Wyn takes note of it and also blocks in the same fashion. Wyn backs off and goes for a false sweep causing Easton to brace similarly to as Gerald had. Wyn goes for an uppercut against the now exposed Easton and connects. Easton takes the hit as he cups his arms together and swings up toward Wyn's lower sternum.

Wyn places his free arm in the way in order to spread out the hit as his arm strikes his chest knocking the wind out of him. Easton now headbutts Wyn then letting him fall back. As Wyn begins to run the situation through his mind Easton charges through him. Easton picks up Wyn by the neck and begins to slam him into the ground as he chokes. Wyn laughs, He kicks Easton in the stomach then the face. as he prys away Easton fingers as He is being picked up. He then pushes himself free.

"You don't have a long enough reach to be doing that and on top of that, that's my thing. Of course, I know how to get out of it." Wyn continues to laugh.

"Regardless of what you are capable of you will not be winning this." Easton replies.

" From the looks of it probably. Your size advantage hurts a lot but this is far from over." Wyn responds.

Wyn starts to squat down and throws a punch at the Easton side. As Easton goes for block Wyn back-turns into a kick connecting to Easton's head dazing him.  Wyn continues his momentum as the force causes Easton to tilt into another kick with his opposite leg repeating the action. Wyn then back-turns into another kick at Easton front. Easton goes to catch it but the force pushes through knocking Easton towards the ground. 

"I actually didn't expect that..." Wyn states as he hammer punches Easton into the ground. Wyn mounts the now down Easton and begins to whale on him. Easton catches one of Wyn's rights, Wyn refrains for continuing with his left but Easton twists, reaches up grabs Wyn's shoulder, pulls up, headbutts him and then throws Wyn off.  Wyn rolls over to his front and starts to get up but Easton walks over him and slams him down, he then begins to punch Wyn's head like Wyn had Gerald.

Wyn starts to pick up Easton as he gets up but Easton slams him down again. They repeat this a couple times. Easton has Wyn tight between his leg as so he can't roll over. Wyn tries one more time and pushes forward having Easton come down on his legs, he then back-swings using as much room as he can to twist around and connect. He dazes Easton but his situation does not improve as he still can not move. He throws a series of back-punches as he tries to think of a way out of this situation but cannot. Wyn twist as much as he can while Easton is dazed but he still held tight.  He has to knock him out completely to win this. So Wyn continues to back punch but fails to knock out Easton. Easton comes to  but isn't comfortable with his position on Wyn's legs as he can only attack his back knowing that will not get him anywhere but if he pulls up he gives Wyn an opportunity. The two find themselves at a stalemate.

Zorra walks over. "You realize you can't get out of this right Wyn? Just give up."

"Fine." Wyn sighs. "I concede."

Easton gets off of him.

"You know how limited your options are on your back don't you? Why did you roll over like that?" Zorra asks Wyn.

"First, Why didn't you tell that to Gerald and second, I thought I had more time to get up while he was in his current state at the time. I chose the comfortable option instead of rolling up like a smart person." Wyn responds.

"Just don't do it again. You can't afford to risk not having enough time to get up." Zorra states.

"I won't risk it again." Wyn replies. "Can we eat now?"



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