The Empire

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Failures

Submitted: September 09, 2017

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Submitted: September 09, 2017



Zorra calls for everyone to approach the table for a break as she signals The General to fetch sustenance. 

"Looks like the great Wyn has fallen." Abis states as they arrive at the tables and sit.

"Fuck off. Still can beat your ass pretty good." Wyn replies.

"Honestly, if he didn't screw up he really could have turned that around by the end." Easton defends.

"It wouldn't have been easy though. You are pretty good as using your size but, you really need to practice using your left side more. It's a weak point I could abuse." Wyn states.

"I don't fight left handed opponents like you often. Most people are a little weak against left handers because they aren't used to having to look out for it so much." Easton replies.

"So how was Abis doing then since he feels as if though that he can talk shit?" Wyn asks.

"Meh." Vanessa replies.

"So he lost too then?" Wyn continues.

"Yep." Gerald replies.

"...Then why are you acting so cocky!" Wyn yells at Abis.

"Because you act cocky all the time!" Abis yells back as he gets up.

"But I don't act like I win everything!" Wyn continues yelling as he gets up as well.

"Stop." Vanessa states as the punches Wyn in the side.

"Fine, but he still shouldn't be a prick without worthy reason." Wyn sighs as he sits back down.

"So you mentioned earlier their names related to music. What did you mean?" Pepin asks.

"Rappers. Not that they are all particularly amazing but they are artist. Why does it matter." Wyn answers.

"Just trying to change the subject." Pepin replies. "Do you happen to actually like them or do you just acknowledge their talents?" 

"We could just sit in silence you know?" Wyn replies.

"That's not fun though." Pepin responds.

"Mark and Gerald are some of my favorites. Swilson is meh but I still like him and same with Easton better than radio play but not anything that would blow up anytime soon." Wyn responds.

"I'm kinda the same but when you meet artists like that it can skew your opinions. Like how some people stop listening to a woman-beater or an asshole regardless of their talents. Not that they are like that." Vanessa inserts.

"You know them?" Wyn asks.

"Yea my father looked into to them when he was thinking about the music industry. I'll introduce you sometime." Vanessa answers.

The General returns to the cheers and applause of the starving children.

"Enjoy." He states.

Everyone finishes eating and Zorra calls for everyone final fights for today. 

"Wyn and Mark, Vanessa and Gerald, Pepin and Easton, and Abis and Liam."

"Think about that again real quick." Wyn states.

"What?" Zorra replies.

"What did you say earlier about there only being eight of us." Wyn states.

"..." Zorra looks down disappointed in herself.

"Exactly." Wyn smirks.

"It's Impossible not to have rematches and lining up Damian's failures. Leave me alone." Zorra replies.



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