The Empire

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Chapter 33 (v.1) - Pride

Submitted: September 10, 2017

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Submitted: September 10, 2017



Wyn and Mark walk over to the center of the field. Mark runs down Wyn and Wyn replies with a powerful right hook knocking mark out.

Zorra stares awestruck at the event. "This has never happened before. What happened?"

"He just ran up without trying to dodge or anything. You did see that didn't you?" Wyn replies. "I mean who does that. You don't go for a straight forward attack like that against a slugger without a backup plan at least not when they aren't dazed." 

"I'll ask what he was thinking when he wakes up. But that really shouldn't have happened he's never done that before." Zorra states.

"So...Now what?"  Wyn asks.

"I guess just watch the others and see what you get from that." Zorra answers confused.

"I'll just go inside. What's the point? I don't exactly learn from just watching. You know that." Wyn states.

"Do as you please." Zorra sighs.

Wyn takes the elevator to the apartment and is greeted by Cali. 

"Why are you here. Why aren't you training with the others?" She asks seriously.

"Don't act like you weren't watching." Wyn states.

"Just wanted to see how you responded." She smiles. "My real question is why come up here instead of watching or hanging out with Claire."

"Can't hang out with you for a bit?" Wyn replies.

"You could but that doesn't seem like you." Cali states.

"I came for the AC." Wyn smiles.

"Thought so." She responds. "But since you're here why not talk about something." 

"Sure, Why not?"  Wyn states.

"Has your opinion on Vanessa changed at all?" Cali asks.

"Can we talk about anything else?" Wyn responds.

"Just answer the question." She demands.

"No, it hasn't. Why is that so important to you?" Wyn asks.

"She needs someone and I want that someone to be you. And I think you know by now the Shorts always get what they want." She responds.

"Yeah...and they aren't afraid to work for it if they have to. Now can we please talk about something else." Wyn replies.

"Okay, what do you want to talk about then?" Cali asks.

"How about what did the others bet. You guys put up an unparalleled empire. What would you want so bad that you would make such a stupid bet for it?" Wyn replies.

"Everyone put up their companies so we aren't the only morons..." Wyn cuts her off.

"Yes, you are. Anyone would risk falling to the bottom for this." 

"Ok then. Vanessa got cocky for one and you could see her doing that. Also, It gives us higher access to big names if we get rid of some of the competition going after them." Cali continues.

"That's not a fair trade. If I win it would be huge for you. But if you lose the risk wasn't worth it. If they lose it was worth it for them." Wyn states.

"Fine but you won't lose." Cali replies.

"Anything can happen. I could be established as the best in the world and still lose. God himself could say no one compares to me and I can still lose. Ability doesn't matter, luck doesn't matter, nothing matters because it only takes one off day, one bad risk taken for everything to come crumbling down." Wyn states seriously.

"You will not take large risks. You will not have off days. I will not let you and if you do even if everything works out. I will punish you." Cali replies.

"We'll see what happens when it happens." Wyn states.

"Ok, let's move on real quick. I'm sure Zorra already told you but don't ever let yourself be found stomach down on the ground in a fight. You won't get out of it against a good enough fighter and in this tour, you won't get out against anyone if they the mount you." Cali states.

"Yeah, We went over that." Wyn replies.

"Okay, Other than that you're fine." Cali states. "The others should be finishing up around now you should probably return."

Wyn leaves.





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