The Empire

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - Who are you

Submitted: September 18, 2017

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Submitted: September 18, 2017



"Welcome back Wyn. Enjoy your time inside?" Zorra states as Wyn walks outside.

"Not really, But I guess it's better than be out in this Florida heat." Wyn answers.

"You didn't enjoy my sister? Why can't I believe that?" Vanessa replies.

"Not my problem what you believe." Wyn responds.

"What did you talk about then? And don't pull that crap you did with Claire and just tell me." Vanessa asks.

"She wanted to talk about you and I changed the subject to something relevant aka the tour." Wyn answers. 

Vanessa walks over and attempts to put Wyn in a headlock. Wyn rolls out and she chops him on the back of the head. "Who are you calling irrelevant."

"Oww..." Vanessa cuts Wyn off as he straightens his posture

"I know that didn't hurt stop complaining."

"Technically I'm calling you irrelevant. But I mean she ships us more than anyone." Wyn continues.

"And you just brushed that off. Just accept that you want me instead to yourself more than anyone." Vanessa replies.

"Umm...Can you guess continue this later? I don't want to hear this crap." Abis interrupts.

"For once I agree with the ape." Wyn agrees.

"Who are you calling an ape." Abis replies.

"The homo sapien in front of me." Wyn responds.

"Can all you continue your crap later?" Zorra inserts.

They all pout and look to Zorra to continue speaking.

"Okay, First, what the fuck was that Mark. I've trained you better." Zorra scolds.

Mark is obviously still a little groggy. " I think  I expect him to over think things or drop to a sweep. It's honestly a little fuzzy."

"Why would I do that against someone I have the advantage with? Why not just go straight forward?" Wyn asks.

"That's where overthinking comes in." Mark replies.

"Let's say that's what happened. Just go by the situation at hand. Don't try to predict thing it hurt more than it helps if you're wrong. You should know that." Zorra continues to scold.

Zorra touches on the others and dismisses everyone. 

"So I'm going to say it again. Stop lying to yourself and love me." Vanessa states to Wyn

"You're really jumping straight to that?" Wyn sighs.

"Yes I am." Vanessa replies.

"I'm really not that interested." Wyn responds.

"Who would you be interested in then?" Vanessa asks.

"Why do you care? What are you going to do mold yourself into that?" Wyn asks.

"I just wanna know what's your type." Vanessa replies.

"I guess something more geeky. Maybe generic otaku girl." Wyn responds.

"I am a generic otaku girl. We just don't hang out enough for you to notice that." Vanessa replies.

"I just wanted to get you to realize that we haven't known each for even a week yet let alone hung out just having fun really at all." Wyn states. "We don't actually know each other."

Vanessa looks disappointed in herself. 

"Wait, you didn't notice that on your own." Wyn states surprised.

"I have a habit of rushing things." Vanessa replies. "Why don't we hang out this weekend then?"

"I don't think we get that option." Wyn responds.

"Why not?" Vanessa asks.

"Isn't this supposed to be a train everyday thing. We don't get time to just chill." Wyn replies.

"I can get the old ladies to give us a day." Vanessa responds.

"They aren't that old." Wyn replies.

"Not as young as us though. So I'll call them old." Vanessa responds.

"Ignoring that...What would you guys do anyway?" Claire inserts.

"Why are you still here?" Wyn asks

"Why do you never notice that I'm still here?" Claire replies.

"Watch anime and play video games?" Wyn asks.

"As much I wish that. I don't think they would let us slack off like that."

"Beach?" Claire asks.

They all look at each other and in unison. "Naw" 

"We have a day. We can think about it tonight and talk about it in the morning." Vanessa states.

"Tomorrow then. Can I get a snack?" Claire asks

"Wait, I just noticed something. Why are you a part of this? and Can I get a snack also?" 

"I can't help you figure something out? I'm not actually going with you." Claire replies.

"Just checking. You seem to like tagging along for everything." Wyn responds.

"Come on, I'll get you something." Vanessa states as she walks away.

Wyn and Claire and don't follow.

"I'll have Cali get you something." She yells back.

They follow now.






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