The Empire

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - Broaden your horizons

Submitted: September 27, 2017

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Submitted: September 27, 2017



When they arrive at the complex Zorra has somehow arrived before them again.

"How does she keep doing that? We are sure we left before this time too." Wyn asks.

"Does it matter," Vanessa replies.

"Yes, I wanna know how to get around that fast," Wyn replies.

"It's not important." Vanessa states.

"Why are you being so pissy weren't you just happy?" Wyn asks.

"I'm not being pissy. It's just the truth." She replies.

"Whatever," Wyn states as he walks to the tables.

"Wyn, Mark just go out now. No point in waiting. I'll tell the rest of you your matchups..." Zorra begins.

They walk out and begin. Mark charges Wyn and slides kicks sloppily. Wyn is unfazed.

"Stick to what you know. Not what you think will work." Wyn states as he hammer fists Mark sinking his head into the ground.

Mark shifts into an uppercut that Wyn catches.  Wyn picks him up by his fist, throws him over his shoulder, and hammer fists him into the ground again. 

Wyn yawns. "Good speed just not hard to block." He picks Mark up by his neck sliding him across the ground for an extended period of time and slams him down again. "Get up again. Let's see if you get that starting strike right this time."

Mark goes for a jab to Wyn's stomach. Wyn cups his hands together and slams Mark down.

"Again." Wyn states. "Think more like an out-fighter then go for the series of punches."

Mark charges Wyn again and pivots around him, and strikes his back. Wyn swings back with an elbow, Mark ducks, goes for another uppercut, and Wyn blocks. Mark drops back down and jabs his leg. 

"Do you not know how to kick?' Wyn asks as he cups his hands together, slams down, and his knee buckles.

"Punches are more comfortable," Mark replies.

"And kicks do more damage at least if you don't skip leg day." Wyn states.

"I'll think about broadening my horizons later." Mark replies.

Wyn goes for a heavy right hook and shifts into the hold for a facebuster as Mark dodges and finishes him off with a hammer-fist. 

He walks off and sits with Zorra. "I've already told him what to fix. Don't eat into him."

"It's kinda my job to do that. You'll remember more when scolded for it." Zorra replies.

"Are you sure your Ms.Swilson and not her twin or something? The one I know is kinda lazy." Wyn asks.

"I don't put effort into the other job. You guys don't even need me. I've already said this." She replies.

"Just checking," Wyn smirks. "Why did you allow us to have the day off tomorrow?"

"You do know who that girl is right? There's no point in arguing with her. Actually, you do know who that family is right? That's a better question." Zorra replies.

"Point." Wyn states.

"You'll be fine without a day of training. You can handle yourself pretty fine as is. What have you even learned from this?" Zorra asks.

"Risks are never worth it...That's the only important thing unless you want to count the keep your arsenal large thing." Wyn replies.

""Keep your arsenal large?"" Zorra mocks

"I couldn't think of the word." Wyn replies annoyed.

"I get it..." Wyn cuts her off.

"Even if I don't learn anything fighting people that actually know what they're doing help to make sure I don't get rusty." Wyn states.

The day goes on and Zorra calls everyone over when their rounds are completed.

"If you don't know yet tomorrow you have the day off. Little miss princess wants to go on a date.  Don't sit around doing nothing all day tomorrow." She walks off.










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