The Empire

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Speed Glorious Speed

Submitted: September 30, 2017

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Submitted: September 30, 2017



As Vanessa drives down the road with balanced traffic, An S.U.V. comes up the exit ramp, dodges through traffic and aims for them. She swerves around them.

"What the hell?! Are they trying to kill us?" Vanessa exclaims.

"So those are your guys." Wyn states as the S.U.V hooks around through the jagged cars. 

"Yeah, and trust me when I say we don't have to worry about them hitting anyone," Vanessa replies.

"So, Why aren't you speeding?!" Wyn asks. "I doubt they are afraid of killing us after that."

"I said we don't have to worry about them not me." Vanessa replies.

"Risk it." Wyn states and Vanessa hammers it through the gaps. 

They steadily pull away from the S.U.V

"Did they really bring a stock S.U.V for this thing." Wyn asks.

"They thought they were going to end it with the first attack," Vanessa replies.

"They really think lowly of you don't they." Wyn states.

"They probably going to send another one so let's get off here." Vanessa states as she hooks towards the next exit. She begins to take a bunch of crossroads. 

"Is there a tracker on this we may have missed?" Wyn asks.

"No, we both looked it over pretty good." Vanessa replies.

"But we weren't specifically looking for one. It's easy to miss." Wyn states.

"I still think we should be fine," Vanessa responds.

"Then why did you say should?" Wyn replies.

"Shut up." She states as she gets back on the freeway.

"How much further?" Wyn asks.

"Not much." Vanessa replies.

"How. Far?" Wyn asks again.

"5 miles." She answers.

"That is not close at all." Wyn states as a helicopter comes over them and 2 S.U.V.s with visible intercoolers come on behind them. "How are they finding us."

"It's not hard to find a truck like this. Why are they so determined is the better question." Vanessa states.

"You do realize how important your existence is? They don't want to just leave you alone. Though they are taking huge risks for it." Wyn asks as the helicopter lowers on top of them a drops hooks.

"This truck might be sturdier than we think it is," Vanessa states as she brakes hard having the helicopter fly past them and allowing the S.U.V.s to tailgate them.

The S.U.V.s are on par with them neither gaining or losing and the helicopter repositions itself again.

Vanessa brakes again and hooks around the first set of gaps she can find and weaves through the traffic. She makes her to the on-ramp they used earlier.

"Freeway equals bad." She states.

"We shouldn't have to worry about the helicopter but what about the cars?" Wyn asks.

"If they don't wise up and use actual cars we should be home-free. It'll just take longer." Vanessa replies.

They soon pull up to a rundown house and park in the back.

"Someone lives here?" Wyn asks.

"It's just a front," Vanessa replies as she knocks on the door.








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