The Empire

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - Pure Genius

Submitted: September 30, 2017

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Submitted: September 30, 2017



A disguised voice comes over a speaker surprising Wyn.

"Go away, Vanessa." The voice demands as Wyn looks around for the source.

"Let us in Brain," Vanessa replies.

"No, Go away." Brain continues to demand.

Vanessa kicks down the door and walks into the drab house having Wyn follow.

"Hey don't go breaking my stuff. I have to fix that now." Brain states as footsteps can be heard coming from up some stairs.

"What do you want?" A boy asks as he comes out a door.

"Just to hang out," Vanessa replies as she pushes past him and goes down the stairs.

"Stop going places without permission!" The boy exclaims.

"Make me!" Vanessa replies. "Come on Wyn!"

They enter a large room filled with computers and technology that seems out of this world.

"Make yourself comfortable I guess." The boy sighs.

"What is all this?" Wyn asks.

"Remember those people I mentioned before. The ones that would push technology far with the Rainman ability. He's one of them." Vanessa answers.

"I'm secretly one of the smartest people in the world. If it wasn't for people like... "The Rainman." I would be the smartest." The boy states. 

"Cool." Wyn responds.

""Cool." Just cool. That should be jaw-dropping." The boy states.

"I have "Eve" here.  Some smart kid isn't going to impress me." Wyn replies.

"Don't call me Eve," Vanessa states shuttering.

"Why are you shuttering? You said it fine before." Wyn asks.

"Of course, It's fine when I say it! " Vanessa replies.

"Won't happen again." Wyn states.

"So, what are you working on down here Brain?" Vanessa asks.

"Time travel. So far I can only read it." Brain replies.

"How does that work?" Wyn asks.

"What would you do with that knowledge?" Brain replies.

"Nothing, can't a boy be curious?" Wyn responds.

"No, because you might end up telling someone who can do something with it." Brain replies.

"Fine, but what do you mean by "read" it?" Wyn asks.

"I can look up any time and read what happens that day. I can tell you the results of your tournament and how to increase your odds of winning." Brain replies.

"Are you one of the friends involved in the tournament?" Wyn asks.

"No, But associated with the participants as you see."Brain replies as he points at Vanessa.

"What else do you have?" Wyn asks.

"I have a prototype for something to help with camping but no one to test on." Brain replies.

"Why would you test it on someone?" Wyn asks.

"It has to be embedded in someone. It's organic nanobots that run off your energy. It allows one to manipulate air, including heating it and cooling it. The air can be used as a knife, to put out a fire, to cool someone off, and etc. Heating it creates fire and cooling it creates ice. Of course, I can't test it myself as if something goes wrong I have to be there to test it." Brain answers.

"Good luck finding someone to test that." Wyn replies.

"Why don't you do it?" Brain asks.

"Sounds dangerous. If you combine fire and ice it may lead to an explosion." Wyn replies.

"I thought that it was a small enough risk to ignore. You're smarter than you look to think of that. How about I cut out the ice then have you test it?" Brain asks.

"Maybe after the tournament. You don't know how long it takes to work or how long it takes to learn how to control properly if you can control it." Wyn replies as he steps to Brain.

"I'll hold you to that and ask you again." Brain states as he steps back in fear. "A little bit of a brute isn't he?" He directs to Vanessa.

"You did insult him. Though I believe he has improved with his tolerance of other. He might have hit you there before I got to him." Vanessa replies.

"I didn't get mad at Cali when she insulted me." Wyn states.

"She gets the advantage being my sister and an attractive female. The fact you considered hitting him suggests that would have done it if he had done it back then." She responds.

"I guess." Wyn states.

"Let's go watch anime." Vanessa states as she walks towards one of the computers.



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