The Empire

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - What I want

Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



Kids are all over the classroom screaming and shouting. "I guess I should wait until everyone gets here before I take a seat." Vanessa says as she and Claire enter the room.

"At least you're smart enough to do that. You said you came here because of the kind of school we are. What did you mean?" Claire sits on a counter next to the door.

"That's a secret maybe you'll find out later." Vanessa walks over to Claire's opposite side and leans against the counter.

" At least tell me something." Claire prys.

"I'm looking for someone." But that's all you're getting.

Wyn Walks into the room, the talking stops and everyone sits down. Wyn Mutters,"Don't stop on my account."

A random boy stands up and points behind Wyn. "We didn't, look behind you." Wyn turns to see the teacher standing above him.

 "Oh hi, Ms.Swilson. How did I not notice you?" Wyn smiles.

"I do wonder. Get to your seat!" Ms. Swilson pushes past him and walks towards her desk in the front of the room.

"No need to be so bitchy, I was going to." Wyn starts to walk towards the back of the room.

"Just sit." states Ms. Swilson.

"I was going to, you are in a worse mood than usual today." Wyn goes to the empty back right corner of the room surrounded by an empty desk and puts his feet up on the desk to the left of him.

"Ok everyone as you probably have noticed we have a new student. Her name is Vanessa Short, please welcome her nicely, Including you Wyn." Ms. Swilson Sits down.

a random girl jumps out her seat. "Wait! Are you THE Vanessa Short."

"Whatever could you mean?" Vanessa asks in a condescending tone.

A boy asks. "Who's Vanessa Short?"

"She's a model and the daughter of the owners of Bridgeport" Responds the girl.

"What!!..." Everyone yells in unison except Wyn who stares out a window on the opposite side of the room.

"Yep, that's all true. I'm part of the family that basically runs the world at this point. We make; phones, cars, video games, music, weapons and pretty much anything else you can think of." Vanessa boast.

"Is that actually possible let alone legal. One company doing so much and all of it well." Wyn asks without taking his attention away from outside. 

"We're doing it, aren't we?" Vanessa asks.

"I guess." Wyn sinks down in his chair as and leans his head on the window behind him.

"Accuse me I have a class to teach. sit over there next to Lionel." Ms. Swilson interjects. a boy in the middle of the room waves.

"No, I'm going to sit there." Vanessa points at the desk next to Wyn with his feet on it.

"I don't recommend that." Ms. Swilson States with a worried look on her face. 

"I don't care what you recommend."Vanessa begins to walk toward the desk.

Claire pulls on her shirt and whispers, "What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm going to find out if he's the one I'm looking for." Vanessa pulls away and continues walking.  "Move your feet."

"No. Lionel would be more than happy to have you sit next to him." Wyn states mockingly. Vanessa grabs Wyn's leg and digs nails into his skin.

"I want to sit here. Now move before these nails become a Blade." Wyn Responds while obviously in pain.

"How did you get a blade into the school? We have metal detectors." Vanessa smirks.

"We can have a box cutter. Surprised you didn't know that."  Who's stupid now Claire.

"She's right about that.  Sigh... I was hoping none of you would find that out." Ms.Swlison whispers.

"Fine, take the seat." Wyn pulls the chair out from the desk in front of him and puts next to his and promptly places his feet on it.

"Was that so hard? " Vanessa sits and the room becomes quiet.

Ms.Swilson begins, "I take that as I can start class now?... Ok then.  Today we are going to have a discussion, although you all have spoken enough already. We have been studying the Topic of Fugue. Will someone do a quick review for those who may of not of been paying attention?" Ms. Swilson asks.

Vanessa whispers to Wyn. "Wait, Fugue. why are we talking about fugue we are elementary students isn't that a little complicated."

Wyn turns and looks out the window... Vanessa clicks her box cutter. "Do you know what class you're in? This is Ap Psychology." Wyn states aggravated. 

"What the fuck are we doing in Ap Psych?" Vanessa looks Wyn in the eyes.

Wyn replies, "This school doesn't only have delinquents, it has geniuses as well or rather combinations of both. That's why it hasn't been shut down yet. But the dumb kids equal the smart ones so no one on the outside seems to notice. How did you get here without knowing that?"

Vanessa looks Down. "I must have overlooked that part on the website."

"Wyn!" Ms. Swilson yells out. Wyn jumps. "You seem to know the topic well why don't you do it." She smirks.

" Fuck you." Wyn responds.

"Just do it. I'll give you extra credit." Ms. Swilson Responds.

" Promise." Wyn Smiles." Fugue to summarize it. Is when people run away from their problems. Wild Trump is a good example for it as when everything falls apart for Trump he runs away with no destination."

"Close enough." Ms. Swilson states. "Anyone have anything to add." The room stays silent.

" Vanessa show us what you know. add something to the conversation."  Vanessa Stands up.

"It is a state or period of loss of awareness of one's identity, often coupled with flight from one's usual environment, associated with certain forms of hysteria and epilepsy." Vanessa confidently states.

"You just pulled that off of google." Ms. Swilson interjects

"It's the definition isn't it? and how do you know I pulled it off of google maybe I just know it. " Vanessa responds. 

"I'm looking at it right now. "Ms.Swilson says while staring at her laptop.

" Maybe it was just a coincidence. I don't have a phone on me so how would I know that. "Vanessa Smirks.

"I'll give you the benefit of the doubt" Ms. Swilson Responds.

"At least it was more accurate than what Wyn said." Vanessa states obviously trying to antagonize him.

What did you say?" Wyn asks Angrily.

"From the looks of it, you heard what I said." Vanessa Responds.

Wyn stands up and kicks Vanessa's chair out from under her. He then grabs her face and pushes her towards the ground. Vanessa wraps her legs around his arm,  forces herself out of his grip, twirls over to the opposite side and pushes his hand into the ground and kicks up into Wyn's chin. (surprisingly Wyn isn't knocked out by the kick) wyn grabs her legs and arms and pulls her up into the position for a fireman's carry leaving Vanessa unable to escape and prepares to perform an F-5 but as he begins Vanessa counters into a DDT. ( Wyn somehow gets up again) and goes for a simple left hook and Vanessa spins into a sleeper hold. Wyn quickly goes to slam her into the concrete wall but she spins to his front and he slams against it instead. Wyn concedes as he figures out this is a fight he won't win.

"Aww, I was having fun." Vanessa States.

"I know when to give up." Wyn Responds. 

"How has no one shown up." Vanessa asks Ms. Swilson.

" I don't care enough to call. you both seem fine so just sit down." Ms. Swilson scrolls through her laptop.

 This school is really worse that I thought it was. Vanessa thinks to herself.








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