The Empire

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Chapter 42 (v.1) - Bye, I guess

Submitted: October 20, 2017

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Submitted: October 20, 2017



Vanessa doesn't pick Wyn up that day so he takes the bus. Vanessa greets him as he enters the building. She has him wait for Claire to arrive before they talk. 

"What's wrong?" Claire asks as she approaches them.

"Vanessa let herself be found by her fans.Anyone can guess the consequences." Wyn answers.

"Don't act like your blameless." Vanessa pulls down his head.

"Says the girl that brought a big red diesel truck." Wyn pushes her away.

"I guess, but at least you know what I'm going to say next..." She stiffens up.

"This is going to be your last day isn't it?" Wyn asks confidently.

"Yeah." She shrinks down.

"Wait, what!..." Claire starts.

"'...We need her.' Right?" Wyn interrupts,"Things changed greatly the short amount of time she's been here mostly, if not all, for the better. You don't want to lose that."

Claire shrinks down as well at Wyn statement. Finally realizing how much she actually uses Vanessa.

No one knows what to do or say. The Sean approaches them. 

"What's wrong? Please tell me I'm reading the situation wrong." The Dean panics at the idea of having to deal with Wyn again.

"Vanessa is leaving." Wyn answers with his arms folded.

"No...No, What happened, can I fix it?" The Dean begins to lose himself.

"It's personal. So no you can't fix it." Wyn responds having the dean fall to his knees.

"But she's such a good student." The dean states.

"Stop lying. That's not what you're worried about." Wyn looks down on him.

The dean looks down disappointed in himself as well.

"Whatever." Wyn sighs. "I'm hungry. See yeah." Wyn waves at the dean as he walks away.

Vanessa and Claire follow, sulking.

"So whats going to happen with training?" Wyn asks as they walk.

"I'm leaving school not moving. Not yet anyway. I'll send a car for you unless you can get Zorra to show how she gets there so fast." Vanessa responds.

"I'll take the ride instead of putting the effort in." Wyn states as they enter the cafeteria.

"Last day you will be eating good food at school, isn't it?" Vanessa giggles.

"So you can laugh again. You change your mood rather quickly sometimes." They sit at the table.

At the end of the day, they drive from the school to Vanessa's complex for the last time. After that Wyn and Claire are picked up by a car until it's finally time for the tournament's start.

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