The Empire

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Shonen

Chapter 47 (v.1) - Broken

Submitted: November 12, 2017

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Submitted: November 12, 2017



"Can we do something constructive now?" Wyn asks "I'm already bored with your friends."

"Thought of anything constructive to do?" Vanessa replies.

"I don't know...Train, play video games, watch anime, anything other than walking around aimlessly like this." he sighs.

"I'm kinda enjoying myself though." She replies.

"Do it on your own then." Wyn begins to walk off when she steps in front to stop him.

"The fun part is dragging you around." She smiles.

"I don't care." He picks up speed to walk around her.

She runs in front of him again. "Nope."

Wyn decides to run but she keeps blocking him off until it basically mimics a race, blocking off your opponent at every pass.

Eventually, Wyn decides to force her to leave him alone and drops into a slide when she stops in front him again. Vanessa jumps over, leading to him grabbing her foot in order to try and use his momentum to pull her down. Vanessa turns her movement into a pendulum using Wyn momentum and twists her ankle to back-kick Wyn's arm.

Vanessa is left in a bit of daze as she moved with instinct allowing to Wyn to get away. He eventually ducks into the first open door he finds and waits.

"Uhh...Hello." A fragile voice behind him greets.

"Oh...sorry. I'm hiding from someone." He turns around to find a slender girl in long violet dress placed in a wheelchair and living room type setup.

"I can see that." She replies as she rolls towards the door. " Who from?" She peeks her head out."

"Vanessa." Wyn steps away from the door and sits down. "Mine if I stay here for a bit?" 

"You seem to already have made yourself comfortable." She sighs. "I'm guessing you're going to be representing her, right?"

"Yeah." He relaxes into the chair.

"I'm told she can be a little overbearing." She rolls next to him.

"You're not one of her friends?" Wyn asks surprised.

"No, I'm representing like you." She smiles.

"..." He gives her an odd look.

"Don't let my looks deceive you. I am a force to be reckoned with." She states like a joke but her face shows that she is serious.

"Your looks aren't my problem as much as the wheelchair is. It's leaves a lot of room for cheating." Wyn explains. "Anyway, should you be talking to me like this?"

"Should you be talking to me?" She mocks.

"I'll give you that." He replies. 

"You can trust me not to cheat either." She continues.

"But I won't give you that one. Vanessa's a moron but the person that you're representing probably isn't. They'll most likely try something and you may not even know about it." Wyn replies.

"Maybe, but you can trust me at least." She repeats.

"What happens, happens." He sighs.

"Want to play a game since you're here? I was getting bored anyway." She asks.

"Sure, what you have in mind?" Wyn agrees.

"Cards." She rolls over to a drawer and pulls out a deck. "You know Ratscrew?" 

"Yeah and I see what you're going for with it." He answers.

"It's just an innocent game." She gives a light smile.

"Rrriiiiggghhhhtttt...Let's play." He gets up and sits on the floor in front the coffee table.

The girl rolls over to the other side of the table, slides down to the floor, and pulls the cards out the box to shuffle.

"How would describe your reaction time?" Wyn asks.

"Pretty good I guess." She replies as she shuffles. "What about yours?"

"Pretty good I guess." Wyn mocks.

"We'll see who's better with this." She smirks as she splits the deck.

She places the cards on the table. "Which would you like?"

"I trust you. You pick." Wyn replies.

"No, I insist you pick." She pushes the card closer to him.

They watch each other's eyes as they try to find a preference to use later.

Wyn sighs. "Close your eyes." She does as ordered and Wyn analyzes her face to make sure she's not peeking. Just in case I should go with the opposite of what I want but... He takes the left stack and moves the right to the center. "Open them."

She opens her eyes and takes the stack. Wyn places a card. They slam down cards one after another totaling in 10 before the girl lays down a king.

Wyn stares her down as he tilts up his card. 

"Just put them down already." She gets impatient.

Wyn smiles as he slams down a 9 then another king flinging his hand down before she notices. She shows her frustration.

Wyn throws down a Jack and she does as well. They reach the card at the same time each having about the same amount of space on it.

"That's mine." Wyn asserts.

"No its mine." She refutes as they stare daggers at each other.

"Flip a coin?" Wyn asks.

"I'm not leaving two jacks up to luck like that." She argues.

Wyn sighs and places his fist in his hand. "Rock, paper, scissors then."

"Fine." She laments as she assumes the position.

"Rock!" The girl picks as Wyn picks. "Paper!"

She really shows her frustration now as she forces the cards towards Wyn.

They continue to play until Wyn wins hands down, the girl not regaining any cards outside with the Royals. She becomes absolutely livid at the fact and pulls on her hair.

"Ahh...Why?!" She exclaims.

"I'm gonna leave now." Wyn rushes out of the room.

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