The Empire

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Fight for me

Submitted: August 17, 2017

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Submitted: August 17, 2017



Class continued smoothly until lunch. The students line up and make their way to the cafeteria and break apart when they arrive to either get something eat or make their way to friends. The person manning the counter asks Vanessa what she wants. 

"I recommend you stick with the nachos" Claire suggests "The bread is hard yet undercooked at the same time as well as pretty much everything they have here also the salad is old, though people still get it and drown it in ranch. there are a lot of options but the nachos are the only safe ones and that's not saying a lot."

"I'll just get some diced pineapples and milk then." Vanessa tells the person.

"You're really not going to eat anything? Worried about your figure?" Claire asks

"No, I can eat anything I want. my metabolism is abnormal, I just want to eat quality food if I get anything. I'll make a call home and have them bring me something." Vanessa walks over to some pay phones at the cafeteria entrance and Claire follows. " didn't know they still made these things." She puts in a few quarters and picks up the phone.

"They don't the school just never got rid of them. I guess it works out since they don't let us have cell phones" Claire states.

"Why can't we have phones? I just put in the number now right?" Vanessa asks.

"Yeah." Vanessa begins typing" They don't want too much knowledge of this school getting out. No phones means no recordings also less cheating." Claire answers.

"So that's why the websites lacking..." Claire doesn't let Vanessa finish talking.

"Surprised  you even found one, they try to keep it hidden as possible" 

"One, don't interrupt me and two I have full access to the internet at home the dark-web is easy to find let alone an official school site. Also what if there's an emergency or something like a terrorist and most people don't carry change anymore we have to wait for the teachers at this school to do something and I don't have any faith in them." Vanessa gets an answer on the other end."Hold on"

"That might come in handy later." Claire whispers to herself

"What'd you say?" Vanessa Interjects

"Don't worry about it but yeah they don't care about terrorist or bomb threats. If something happens they will continue school as normal. School is even open when a hurricane is coming through." Claire answers

"Ok, I'm ready Jeeves." Vanessa smiles as she says that

"Don't Call Me That!" The person on the other side yells loud enough for even Claire to hear. "Hello, Miss Short how may I help you." the person on the other side replies calmly.

"Ow... no need to be so loud, If I didn't call you that you would be skeptical of this random number" Vanessa rubs her ear.

"My apologies Miss." The person on the other side replies

"It's fine, bring me some lunch please." Vanessa asks calmly

"What's wrong with the food they have there?" They ask

"If you can call that food..." Vanessa leans against the wall

"I understand" The person hangs up 

Vanessa replaces the phone "Let's go outside shouldn't take too long to get here."

"You let your servants talk to you like that?" Claire prys

"He's more like a Father to me that my actual one is, He can speak to me however he likes" Vanessa replies

"Cool." They walk outside and a drone flys over and drops something and a parachute deploys.

"Lets see what he gave me." Vanessa says as she grabs it out the air. " Langsana? Guess my sister is over. More than what I need also want some?" She shows it to Claire. " it's really good"

"I was going to ask, it looks far more pricey than anything I've ever had" Claire Starts to salivate

"Um... You might want to wipe that off." Vanessa point towards Claire's mouth.

"Oh... sorry. Let's go back inside and find a seat." Claire begins walking. They enter the cafeteria and Vanessa start walking to a row of tables that are empty. Claire pulls on her shirt "Let's find somewhere else." Claire looks frightened.

"Why?" Vanessa inquires

"Just trust me" Vanessa contines anyway despite Claires warning

"Oh, that's why...Wyn is here. Let's say hi." Vanessa walks up to Wyn and Claire reluctantly follows.

"He's going to get mad." Claire States desperately in order to get Vanessa to reconsider.

"I have a feeling we will be fine "trust me" on this. and if he tries something I got you" They reach Wyn. "Hey, Whatcha doin' "  

"Leave." Wyn Responds without looking up from his undercooked rice and pasta with a small amount of something resembling meat.

"You're actually eating that." Vanessa asks surprised

"Foods food though I'm still going to be hungry after this. I don't eat breakfast we wake up too early to make something and I am not eating this school's garbage more than I need I absolutely need to." Wyn Stabs his fork into everything, picks it up and eats what's on it.

"Want some of mine?"  Vanessa sits down and taps on the seat to signal Claire to do the same.

"Don't try to use that as an accuse to sit here. If I take some you would probably take it as a debt." Wyn grabs from his tray.

"No, I won't. If you won't take some I will just throw the leftovers away. I promise I won't hold you to anything" Vanessa gives an innocent smile.

"Don't waste food like that at least give it to the homeless that hang out outside the school." Wyn States with some concern.

"Surprised you care. Here I was thinking you don't like people" Vanessa cuts on a slice for Claire and herself.

"I don't like people. I thought you did. I said what fits the situation" Wyn eats some more.

"I don't like people either. I just align myself with whoever benefits me." Vanessa takes a bite.

"Hey, does that include me." Claire calls out.

"Yep!" Vanessa smirks.

"At least someone sees a use in me." Claire whispers away from the two and begins to eat.

"You sure you don't want some Wyn." Vanessa asks.

"If that's the case sure" Wyn pushes his tray.

"Knew you would come around" Vanessa cuts out a slice " I have a  proposition for you. Me and my friends made a bet..."

"and why would I help you" Wyn interjects

Vanessa holds herself back "because you are already my dog."

"What?!" Wyn asks Angrily

"You heard me, well you are like a dog. Once you are taught who is boss you will fall in line, follow the rules, and show your loyalty." Vanessa states confidently. " The fact you haven't attacked me yet shows this."

"Hrmmm... What do I get if I help you?" Wyn breathes slowly and tries to keep calm.

"I haven't even told you what I wanted yet, you cut me off." Vanessa continues to smirk.

" Continue then." Wyn is intrigued. 

"Me and my friends made a bet. We will each gather an amateur fighter and train them to fight properly and put them in a tournament. I will explain more after you accept and I'm pretty sure you will accept."  Claire finishes her Lagsana and nudges Vanessa for more.

"What makes you think I would accept." Vanessa cuts out a bigger slice for Claire.

"Because if you don't I will Stick to you like glue even after school until you do accept. Also if you do accept I will reward you with whatever you like. Be it money, food or maybe... me" Vanessa leans over closer to Wyn and pushes her arms together.

"One you don't have boobs stop pretending you do. Two weather I accept or not in this proposal will be stuck with you all day. Three if you follow me home I will call the police for trespassing and stalking. Also, can I hold that reward because I don't  want anything right now if I do accept?" Wyn replied.

"Damn, you weren't even fazed by that. What are you gay? I have connections so I'm pretty much immune to most laws if you do call they won't do anything and yes you can hold it as long as you like but then you would be stick with longer." Vanessa  replies happily

"Fuck you. I get the feeling whatever I do I'm going to be stuck with you." Wyn looks at the clock at the Back of the room.

"Do you have to swear like that. This is a formal conversation right now" Vanessa and Wyn both decide to begin eating at this moment. "looks like we already in sync as well, so if training should go well. you are going to be stuck with me as long as I  want you to be, so just say yes already and not prolong this." Wyn is already finished eating "...That... Was fast. I guess you like it."

"Where did you get that from it's amazing?" Wyn completely forgot about the proposal.

"I know right?" Claire interjects.

"I forgot you were here." Wyn answers.

"I'll answer that after you accept. Will You fight for me?" Vanessa continues to eat.

"Fine, I join your stupid tour. Now tell me." Wyn Demands.

"Thank you, my sister made it, it's her specialty. I doubt anyone can mimic her skill at this. We will go see her after school. You can compliment her all you want when we get there she loves that." Vanessa gets up. "Let's go"  the bell to signal lunch as ended rings." Show the way to our next class."

"What?" Wyn Inquiries.

"I had my sequel to adjusted to match yours. I did say I would stick to you like glue. I meant regardless if you accepted or not the only difference is I don't follow you home after training." Vanessa begins to walk Come on I'm not waiting for you. I had your schedule adjusted as well Claire."

"Why am I part of this?" Claire Sighs.

"Because we're friends now and I want you close" Vanessa stops "Come on you two"

Claire and  Wyn give each other a look and then lead the way.















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