The Empire

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Stakes

Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017



Richard Pulls up to an apartment complex. "We have arrived"

"You live in an apartment?" Wyn asks.

"We jump around a lot so there is no point in building a single house in an area. We also make money on when we are not around this way." Vanessa answers.

"Another question, why is the brand named DWM if the main company is Bridgeport? You never went public about it despite it just being a name." Wyn asks.

"As you probably know the company was founded in my father's hometown of Bridgeport, that's why he named it that. They wanted to name the brand Bridgeport Motorworks but BMW was taken so instead they named it after my mother but they never put her name out because my father didn't want people to know about her and therefore follow her." Vanessa replies.

"Oh, right! No one has ever met your mother." Wyn states.

"It's not that no one has met her, it's that we never told anyone who she is. She poses as me and my  sister's manager." Vanessa replies. Richard pulls into a parking space, exits, then comes around and opens Vanessa's door.  "Follow me."

The three of them enter an elevator and climb to the top floor. The door opens "Sister!" a Young teenage girl jumps onto Vanessa.

"Too... Heavy... Can't... Breathe..." Vanessa states gasping for air pushing up on the girl.

The girl gets off of Vanessa and inspects Wyn. "So this is the one you have chosen. Doesn't look like much."

"His potential is really high from what I've seen." Vanessa responds. "We should probably get out the elevator before someone else calls it." They exit " I took the opportunity to fight him and he should make for a really good endurance fighter if taught properly. He has an abnormal ability to take hits, if he can drag out a fight long enough he shouldn't lose." Vanessa replies.

"Better be, I don't know why you would accept a bet like this. Too much is on the line." The girl states.

"I was confident things would work out and they have. If he didn't give up so quickly he might have became trouble for me." Vanessa responds.

"Mind if I interrupt?" Wyn inserts.

"Go for it." the girl responds

"I have a couple questions but I'll start with one, what was the bet? " Wyn Inquires.

"She bet the whole company." She answers.

"You're joking... right." Wyn looks worried

"Nope, crazy right." She replies

"Why the hell does she have the authority to that!  Also, it's not her sanity that should be questioned, it's her intelligence. This is the largest and most powerful company on the planet we are talking about! There is a 100% chance they are going to cheat!" Wyn exclaims.

"Every member of the family gets full control. I don't know who was the genius who included a child but they did." she responded. "And I didn't think about their option of cheating..."

"Me neither..." Interjects Vanessa as they both look down at their feet.

"Is your family actually stupid?" Wyn asks with a terribly confused look on his face.

"Yeah, we are just very talented and good looking so we never had to be objectively smart." The girl answers depressed.

"Let's... talk about something else. Why do you have such a thick accent when Vanessa doesn't have one at all? Scratch that I should probably ask your name first?"  Wyn inquiries.

The girl walks over and to another room and gesture Wyn and Vanessa to follow. They enter a bright all white room furniture and everything. The girl sits in a chair and gestures them to do the same. "I thought we should sit and relax if we are going to transition to a more casual conversation. My name is Cali..." 

Wyn cuts her off. "Like the state? What's your real name?" 

"Catia, Our parents moved to Mexico for a while and had me. They wanted to give me a name that wouldn't stand out so they used Catia. I don't care for it. I just don't think those sounds should go together like that. My mouth just doesn't like it, so I go by Cali instead." Cali responds.

"She did the same thing with Chinese. She doesn't like the sounds so it was difficult for her to learn as she didn't want to learn it." Vanessa inserts.

"I just mean who thought it was a good idea to use so many x and q sounds in a language! It's just so grating on the ears!" Cali exclaims.

"Ooookkaaayyy... so that explains the accent but why doesn't Vanessa have one?" Wyn asks.

"we started jumping around more before she was born so she hasn't had time to pick up a specific accent..." Cali begins to answer until Vanessa cuts her off.

"So my accent reflects whoever I'm speaking with. When I speak with Cali alone I start to develop a thick latina accent as well." Vanessa finishes.

"What if you talk in a group of different accents." Wyn smirks

"They jumble up into a weird one you can barely understand if you're not used to it." Cali interjects. 

Wyn gets on his knees and begs "Last question, will you please teach me how to make that lasagna."

"No, that's a secret family recipe. Maybe if you marry V in the future I'll teach you then but for now, I'll make it for you whenever you like."  She responds.  

Wyn sits back down and looks at Vanessa and back at Cali  "How about a no to that."

"Why not, She's..." Cali jumps over to Vanessa and starts to pull on her cheeks and begins to speak in a cutesy." incredibly cute and beautiful,  every guy should be lining up for her..." She rubs her head against Vanessa's. "What are you gay?"

"I have no interest in an idiot. Even if I did she would cause nothing but problems for me." Wyn responds.

"Like what?" Cali prys.

"The reason your mother's identity hasn't been made public for one. As well as she can be a little stubborn, hot-headed, and hasty." Wyn answers.

"So she just needs someone to hold her down and to hold her back. Everyone needs one of those." Cali replies.

"But I'm quick-tempered also. In the right situations, there will be a lot of conflict between us and others." Wyn states.

"From looks of it, you've already become her dog so that conflict between you two should be close to non-existent. It's obvious from looking you are becoming submissive to her." Cali responds.

"I don't believe I have done anything to bring on that observation, have I?" Wyn asks.

"You have shown many signs actually. Like how you are here right now, why else you accept a request like this." Cali replies.

"She used your food to convince me. What are the other signs?"  Wyn Inquires.

"You say you are "quick-tempered" but you did nothing when I insulted your strength earlier. If you were "quick-tempered" you would have gotten angry with me. Also, your facial expressions and body language though you are good at controlling them, for the most part, shows a lot. It is difficult to have a perfect poker face,  with enough skill anyone can see through one. No matter how you look at it, you are becoming her dog little by little." Cali crosses her legs and taps her arm. " I believe it's time we return to the reason why you are here."

"Your ridiculous tour." Wyn replies.

Cali sterns her voice "Ridiculous as it is we are locked into it. Starting tomorrow you will return here every day and train with Vanessa among instructors. You will show them what you are capable of and they will perfect your ability and please don't quit like you did in your spat with her earlier. You will be fighting as an endurance fighter so we need you to focus on draining your opponent's stamina and finishing them off afterward. Understood." 

"Understood." Wyn repeats.

"Good, we will see you tomorrow. Richard give Wyn a ride home! Get plenty of rest." Cali Calms down and re-enters her slack state.

"You will be here as well tomorrow? V implied you are rarely home, how long will you be staying here?" Wyn asks.

"I'm on vacation, so as long as I intend." Cali replies.

"In that case make me something to eat tomorrow please." Wyn smiles.

"Sure, I would love to." Cali responds

Richard enters "The car is ready Mr..."

Wyn cuts him off. "Don't address me by my last name, I'm my own person. It's Wyn just Wyn."

"Yes Wyn".  Richard replies.

"I'm not going to question how you know my last name in the first place as I know laws don't apply to you." They exit.

"I hope he doesn't disappoint us." Cali directs to Vanessa.

"When have I ever been wrong." Vanessa responds.

"There's a first time for everything. Get me a beer, please. I need one. You get one for yourself also. It's been a while I want to talk." Cali signals towards a fridge in the back of the room.

"I'm not your slave and regardless your closer." Vanessa replies.

"Just do it." Cali sighs












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