The Empire

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - What's your style

Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017



The next morning when Wyn walks out of his house Vanessa is in a car for him. Wyn Walks past and continues to his bus stop. The car drives in front of him and the window opens. 

"Get in Wyn." Vanessa demands.

"I'll Rather take the bus." Wyn replies.

"Do I look like I'm giving you a choice in the matter." She pushes the door open and slides over.

"You're here too?" Wyn directs to Claire sitting on the opposite side of Vanessa.

"She picked me up also." Claire looks out the window

"Seriously you would rather take the bus than ride with me?" Vanessa asks with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Pretty much." Wyn sinks into the seat.

"I wanted to talk more training, don't be like that." Vanessa leans on him.

"Can't you wait until this afternoon." Wyn sighs.

"We don't have time to waste like that. Plus, if I talk to you now you can process the information throughout the day." She snuggles into him. "You are pretty comfortable you know?"

"Start talking then, how much time do we have anyway" Wyn demands.

"A month, that should be plenty of time if that's what you're wondering. If we don't waste any anyway. You have a long reach and you abuse it when you fight as you go for like to go for grabs." Vanessa explains.

"You got that from one fight?" Wyn asks.

"All you need is one fight to learn. Grabs are easy to get around unless you have a monster-like grip. you have a pretty strong grip but it is not monster-like. You also like to try to use an element of surprise. I hope you know a worthy opponent won't fall for the same trick twice so don't rely too much on it, I can't stress that enough in a tournament like this. If you do anything once it's not going to work again. It's like a fighting game, when you play enough you can start to block all your opponents' moves by looking at the character movements." Vanessa explains.

"Ok, I get it. Be on your toes at all times and always think of new ways to do something. Don't get too comfortable and keep good track of your opponents' moves. I might be reading a little into that there." Wyn paraphrases.

"Pretty much." Vanesa replies "I suggest you throw in some more slugger tactics as well.

"That won't help me against out-fighters like you." Wyn interjects. "give some advice for those."

"You watch boxing or something along those lines? I'm surprised you know that." Vanessa asks.

"No, I just watch a lot of youtube." Wyn answers.

"I don't know what to tell you when it comes to out-fighters. You are a south-paw so that helps a little but..." Vanessa replies

"He is already a slugger. He doesn't need to learn tactics." Claire interjects. 

"You know boxing!!" Wyn and Vanessa exclaim in unison.

"No, I just Bingled what you were talking about," Claire replies. "But from watching him he is a complete slugger. A lot of the when he fights someone, after he gives up on grabs he throws in a couple heavy punches then pulls out for a breather kinda like Jeorge Freeman." 

"So if I held back a little more I might have got a little more information in her fight. Good thing I picked you up earlier Claire." Vanessa responds.

"You still haven't helped me with the out-fighter issue." Wyn interjects.

"Says here you were doing everything right when you were fighting Vanessa." Claire replies. "If you didn't give up the outcome may have been different."

"So if he fights like fights like he normally does and doesn't give up when things get hard, he should be fine." Vanessa replies.

"Isn't she just telling you what you told your sister in better detail." Wyn inserts.

"Yeah, I'm just flustered by the fact I don't know what to tell you so I'm not exactly thinking straight. I'll think of something by this afternoon." Vanessa responds

They sit quietly until they arrive at school. Richard hands Vanessa a bowl and she and the other make their way to the cafeteria as Richard returns to the apartment.

"Cali make that?" Wyn asks.

"No, I did. I need you eat properly, if you don't you are not going to perform as well later. I hope my cooking is enough to please you." Vanessa replies. They enter the cafeteria and sit at Wyn's table.










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