Sweet melody, leave me breathless

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Recently I've been hearing a short melody when ever I wake up in the middle of the night,
It is sweet in nature, I admit, but it does not make me happy.

I hear it time and time again,
and it make me think about myself.

Maybe one day you'll hear it too,
this sweet melody which leaves me breathless.

Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



It started simple, a single sound once I awoke

Not hearing my own words that I spoke


A melody so familiar, so sweet, so calming

When I first heard it my thoughts were falling


Now whenever sleep escapes my grasp I hear the melody

Now whenever I wake up lying in my bead breathlessly


For I wonder about this sweet melody, playing again over and over.

Is it real? Is it a piece of memory leftover?


I must admit for a second it sounded beautiful, charming even

My mind feels like a broken record, straight from Eden


Now it's gotten worse, leaving me without sleep

Waking up at night at random, not matter how often I count sheep


A song, one of love and happiness, a sweet melody

Though now I see it not as nice, a curse that leaves me lying breathlessly


As I lie wide awake in my bed and think

My memories are words, my mind paper, my thoughts the ink”


As I hear the melody repeat so do the words

I want to write about fox, fish and birds


I want to dream about books, poems and stories

Now doesn't that sound glorious?


Yet all I have inside my head is a sweet melody playing over and over again

I hear a song, one of love and happiness, though it brings my heart pain


I hear a voice sing lyrics of forgotten words

Thousand names, places and verbs


Sweet melody, why do you haunt me so much?”

I ask myself, noticing my skin became cold to touch


I understand the words, sing the song, hear the melody

But my sadness leaves me lying breathlessly


My mind and heart don't think the same, right,

My mind knows I need love, make my heart ignite

My heart feels I need no one, expose my mind to light


And through all that I get no sleep, I feel so helplessly

Being tormented by such a sweet melody


Perhaps one day when I have someone at my side

I will sing this song, play this melody and their eyes go wide


Recognizing the love song playing in my head

And we will talk about it while we carry all the books we read


All the stories we told and poems we wrote

And when I want to say the words that were stuck in my throat


Maybe then my sadness will float away

And maybe, my nights will be silent and my days won't be gray


But until then I lie awake, listening to this sweet melody

which simply leaves me lying breathlessly.

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