Inside me. "at the edge of life or death"

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This is the story of a boy who was a student of a college tour of 50 members to south india Eventually while boating their house boat catches fire in the middle of a large lake.So please read on and experience the situations faced by them.

Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



Hello,I'm Venkatesh. I'm a nerd of the school,College and also don't have much of a reputation but still people know me. Though things are pretty clear about me but what I really am is yet to be found! for this I need someone who would really love to find me out. And also the greatest secrets of mine are engraved within me. That's when it comes about the Inside me.

Actually i don't like remembering any dates and figures but this one 7th March 2017 will not be forgotten throughout my life.

This is the day i don't ever want to recall in my life not even in my dreams, but it kept haunting me right from the day.There are some incidents i went through that i never wanted to disclose till date.But i think sharing this may relieve my stress.

That was a total Kick up day for me because i had a Altercation with one of our tour Incharge due to two Bitches,no I wonder, i prefer calling them Sluts, that gives me much inner peace.Actually I respect Girls but i don't think these bitches fall under such catageory.After this Altercation i was totally broken down in vain and eventually felt like i was left alone.Under such situations i prefer only one person to speak,so i dialled her.After a long conversation i was advised just to 'Stay away from all these hectic work and be calm',and i did the same until this befell.

It was about 4:30 in the evening we were in the Boat house named 'Seiko' at Vembanadu Lake,Allappuzha.I still remember the situation we were at the Roof,dancing, some were just sedentary watching us and the song 'Aaluma Doluma' from Vedalam was playing on that outdated music system.Suddenly our Tour Incharge came rushing in panic from downstairs Screaming to Shut the music off and said "Boat has caught fire be calm".Right after the last word he spoke, a huge Fume got erupted from downstairs near the stairs.This was the situation i felt like" i had come to Allappuzha all the way from Nagpur paying 5k just to die" what a pity Siddharth Abhimanyu ,thats what i call myself.

The first Reflex action that i got was to search for life boats ,i found 6 of them but they were so damaged that they may eventually help a drowning person to drown deeper, Seriously.So now the only option left was to scream for help and we did so.I don't know it was our luck or God's grace there were 2 Boats nearby.They turned their boats as soon as possible rushing towards us.One of them just joined their boat to the front part of our's.Everyone was just decanting to the other boat by the time the 2nd boat also came for help.The burning boat was emptied, i thought until i heard this from someone "Where are Vanitha and Rajini".As soon as i heard this i rushed into the burning boat full of black smoke.

Now,this is the part i didnot want to tell anyone.But,i had to do so.As soon as i rushed into the boat i couldn't feel anything except the glass pieces piercing into my foot and the heat coming from Burnt Engine,Just screaming the names.Suddenly i stepped on the half opened engine lock and i half fell into the hole hanging from the support of door holder.But i couldn't see anything,I tried myself pulling up but i couldn't,just few seconds later some part of the smoke disappeared and one of the boat crew member noticed me and he along with the other came and pulled me up.After i got up i could partially see the engine burning on which i was hanging up,Just was the moment i got Blown,If i wouldn't have got the support of the i wouldn't have been here writing this 'The inside me '.

In the same shock i came out just to breathe out and i could hear that "one of the girl is here but the second one isn't here".So again i went inside,now there was reduced smoke,i rushed every room screaming and searching her but i couldn't.I still remember i searched for 15 minutes,But i couldn't ,now there was no option for me rather than to return the boat and go to the shore.But i still had that confidence that we could find her so i said the boats to go away from the burnt one and i will come by motor boat which was hooked up at the back.I once again rushed all the rooms finding her but i couldn't.So this was the last chance and eventually i was forcibly said to go to the motor boat and i had to do so.

As soon as i sat in the motor boat and the engine begun i heard some Malayali words from the people on boat i couldn't understand them but i could feel their intense expressions conveying that "We found her" and it was the same moment one student from the boat away from the burning one jumped into the water so that he could reach the boat and rescue her,the whole scene wes happening front of my eyes but couldn't respond i was still in the same shock.But anyhow, Prasad carried her to the speed boat and rushed to the shore followed by the motor boat in which i was in,An auto was kept ready at the shore ,we got into it no one were with us, only we three.Just within few seconds the Ambulance came rushing towards us,we now got into the Sirening Ambulance.

This situation got me into tears. Before this Incidence,whenever i saw an ambulance with heavy siren i could only imagine a patient rushing towards hospital.But then i realised the pain behind that Sirening Ambulance.I just brokedown into tears,i still remember the ambulance was rushing at a speed of 100kmph.The girl screaming front of my eyes, i just couldn't see that.The doctor Stuck the heart rate sensors to her hands we could clearly see the Rising and lowering of the heart beat.Have you ever imagined yourself in such situation,no one would ever do so.Within 20 mins Allappuzha medical college arrived.She was rushed inside the Emergency ward,I stood outside because i couldn't even dare to enter inn.Still the scenerio of the manhole of the boat was screening in front of my eyes.

I was alone,so i borrowed a mobile from the Ambulance driver and tried calling everybody about their situation,I eventually ended up crying to whoever i call.Just 45 minutes later Some of them arrived at the hospital.Now it was the time i could feel my senses.After a while i felt bleeding in my feet,My feet were so blackened by the smoke that i couldn't see anything except the blood.After washing my feet,I was surprised to find three glass pieces of 0.3-0.4 cm each piercing into my feet.I couldn't dare pulling them out,but i had to or else they would get even deeper. I was called by one of the suprerior police officer inside his cabin and asked to narrate the whole situation and remember he got a call from one of the police near the incident.His next words gave me another shock and i was again left unconcious for few moments by knowing that 'the girl fell into the same manhole,to which i was partially hanging.

And the rest was our unplanned journey towards Destiny.

This was the reason, i was not me for next few days,weeks.We spent next few days in Kochi,until we were given permission to leave for our place.I could only say that the "Malayalis" were so generous and helpful.

Anyhow i was just proud of myself,because unlike others i was not afraid and didn't hide myself and rushed for help and i was not any Topper or a person with a great physical personality,i was just me.

After the whole situation there was only one dialogue going in my mind.

"Jeevitham lo Eppudaina Emaina Jaragocchu,Kani Daniki manamu Siddham ga Unnama ledha Annade Important"

This is my story.

© Copyright 2019 Siddharth Abhimanyu. All rights reserved.

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