Church Conducts Special Business Meeting

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A church conducts a special business meeting to discuss members' talents.

Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



 By Greg Miller © 2017


Pastor Tucker and the deacons of his church called a special business meeting to discuss talents.


Pastor Tucker prayed an opening prayer. “Thank you, Lord, for your presence tonight. Please help us to discuss those things that will glorify you in our lives.”


“We’re going to focus on the use of our God-given abilities,” Pastor Tucker smiled. “I believe if we are joyful in the exercise of those talents, the Holy Spirit will draw others to Jesus through them.”


Singing was the primary talent of Tina, Pastor Tucker’s wife. Tina sang a song she wrote especially for the gathering. After Tina concluded her song, Pastor Tucker said, “I believe God has given each of you at least one talent and, possibly, several talents, to use for His glory.”


Pastor Tucker asked the ushers to distribute blank sheets of paper and asked each person to make a list of his or her talents. The ushers then collected the papers, and Pastor Tucker asked for volunteers to verbally share what he or she had written.


Tammy had written “singing solos” on her paper. Pastor Tucker asked Tammy to walk to the front of the church and sing a couple of verses from her favorite Christian song.


 After Tammy sang, the pastor asked Teresa to share what she had written. “I only have one ability,” Teresa said. “The ability to listen to others’ problems.”


“That’s a great ability,” Pastor Tucker stated, “just don’t share what people tell you with others.”


Terrence said he didn’t have any talents. “I’d like to play the guitar,” he chuckled, “but I have trouble playing the radio without getting static.”


Tim, who played the guitar, wanted to teach others to play the instrument, but was stumped on how to begin. “My talent is teaching, and I would be happy to teach a classes for beginning players,” Tim said. “But I have nowhere to hold the sessions.”


“I can help with that,” said Pastor Tucker. “God has given me the ability to monitor the use of our church’s facilities. We have a room large enough for you to use for the class, which you may do until you find a larger room.”


“Thanks, Pastor. I’ll make sure the room is clean after each class session.”


“That won’t be necessary, Tim. God has given Tony, our custodian, the ability to do that work, and he has volunteered to clean the room for nothing. He says the Lord will open other doors for him to earn money, so he is giving his time to the Lord for the project.”


“God loves a cheerful giver,” Tony reminded Pastor Tucker. “Every time I give something to the Lord, I believe He so cheerful about His giving to me that He has a real blast Himself!”


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