Nadine: Finding A Person To Blame

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Were destined to all die someday its just plain fact. You can't change that realization, you can only get to it first before someone else decides that your time is up.

Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



Are you okay


What's that supposed to mean 

Nothing... just

Just what

I don't know

Come on you know I'm here for you


Of course

Well... My parents hit me


And not even the disciplinary kind... its just plain brutal

I'm sorry

For what, your not the one who's hurting me

No. I'm sorry that this is happening to you



Stop, I just want to get this all of it all my chest

[Sigh] go on

What they do

The hitting

Its so hard, I always end up bleeding in the end


My body is covered in gashes it hurts so much


No. Don't feel sorry for me. Some of it is my fault

Your wrong, none of this is your fault

Of course it is why else would they do this to me


I couldn't believe it the first time. 


I've considered leaving. They hate me and I don't know what I did

Don't say that

Its true. I have no one


Who do I go to, who will believe me

Your parents don't hate you

Why... why else would they do this to me

Parents are still people, their as selfish and desperate as the rest of us

Its killing me, it kills me, I want to kill myself so bad


Getting rid of me is the only way to free me from all of this


Plus it'll ensure my parents happiness

I promise you that your parents will never forgive themselves if you died

But can you really promise that 

I... I don't know

Besides they were capable of forgiving themselves for attempted murder

That's too cruel

I don't agree, that's too concieted

Your parents love you

Kids these days aren't dumb you know

But they do

Be quiet your just like everyone else. 


Your only here to humor me. To pity my problems then try to presuade me from the truth

That's not true

Then why are you really here

I want to help you

No you want to feel like you helped me. You want to feel good about yourself. I'm the one who's helping you.

Don't put words in my mouth

Why shouldn't I, you keep putting lies in my mind

This is wrong

Right. That's the only thing that's wrong

I did not mean it like that

Then how did you mean it

I meant you need to stop blaming everybody

So should I just except it. I don't need your "You matter trash"

Listen to me

Why should I listen to some stranger telling me to stay. The truth is I don't matter and neither does anybody else.

Please listen


Calm down


There was no reason to that



Don't you see, broken people can't be fixed. Were broken for a reason

Your not broken

I'm tired of living. I'm a coward and I hate this, please just let me do this one last thing

It won't prove anything

That may be true but at least I did something about my pain... I did something at least

If that's what you want

You know people should stop trying to save each other


I mean were all so selfish and desperate right. 

True but selfishness and desperate ways are from the same mother. Fear, that is.


You need to stop blaming both yourself and parents for everything. Fear made them hit you, fear is what's telling you to die now.

What are you trying to say

I'm saying that your afraid. What are you scared of


If that's the way YOU see it but I should advise you, the dead take to resting in peace.

Stop you don't know what your talking about

True, but there are other ways to deal. Sucide is what the lost turn to. 

I'm leaving

Beliving that the unknown is better than your own life is just wishful thinking. There's a reason the dead never return.

There's also a reason why the lost grasp to whatever whisful thinking they can manage

It won't change anything, you know that right.

I'm not so sure anymore, I just have to see for myself. 

I see

Well goodbye


Mabey I'll see you some time

When I kill myself I'm sure we will

Then I guess I'll see you soon

That's why normal people don't talk to themselves

Who ever said I was normal. Those doctors with my and I quote"normal brain activity"

You know what your doing right


Your killing the wrong person

I'm killing a monster whom was made up in human 'guise



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