Dimension Raiders: Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dimension Staff

Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



Dimension Raiders


I was always told as a child that justice is the only way forward, but then again I do come from the Dimension Raiders. Fighters that prioritise justice above everything else. They have the mythical weapon, the Dimension Staff, that allows them to travel to different dimensions in an attempt to catch criminals there, and that’s where I come in.


“Are you ready yet Steph?, today is a big day for you!”, said Steph’s father.


“Yes papa, I’m ready.”


“Please tell me you atleast remember what today is daughter, you know how you can be”


“Of course I do! Don’t treat my like a child! Jeez! I’m 19 now papa, I’m completely aware that today is the day I get the dimension staff!”


“Yes that is correct my dear. However, your journey will be a difficult one that no other dimension raider has had to face”


“And just WHY’S that?”


“Usually, once the original dimension raiders retire, all the children of the former members join up and become the new raiders, however that won’t happen this time around, since you’re the only child that the raiders had, you’re currently the only member”


“Don’t worry papa, that’s what I’m most excited about! The most exciting part of this for me is making new friends to join my team!”


“Just realise that not everyone is like us dear, some people won’t want to join, and some will even oppose our ideals”


“I’ll be fine! Now let’s get on with the initiation already!”


I was pretty naïve at this point, in my mind, everyone would want to be friends and join our cause, but that all changed on my first mission to the dimension known only as “Earth”.

After the initiation, I was bestowed the power to travel to different dimensions, as I caressed the cold outer exterior of the dimension staff, I felt its power surge through my veins, I knew I could take on anything any dimension threw at me. For about a week after the initiation, my papa taught me the basics of how the dimension staff works, and how to use it in combat should I need to apprehend any criminals. One lesson he certainly drilled into my skull is to never, ever, under any circumstances come within a mile radius, of the one known as “Midnight”. I had heard of him before, and the raiders had run into him before, but even has a 16 man team, they still couldn’t take him down. Apparently he’s the cause of most crimes, as he inspires other criminals to arise and take action, without him the crime rate would fall drastically. My first instinct told me to take him down immediately, but even I knew that was impossible, so I set my first goal. Make some new friends to join my team.


After the basic training, the raiders got intel that a crime was happening on earth, not a big one, but good enough for my first job. I used what I had learnt and I opened a portal to another dimension. As I swung my staff, a blue gap in the atmosphere appeared with white rims what were emitting light. The portal was inviting me, almost like a gravitational pull. Without a second thought, after my goodbyes, I jumped straight into a new world, and this is where my story began.


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