Once A Cat, Now A Robot Without Power

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When does the one who purrs to you, when you are needed, turns you into something else? Just how easy is it for a wire to be undone, to stop you in place, unable to- Just a little random thing, may
it be of use to you. (V3) This is...

Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



Once A Cat, Now A Robot


  I wandered, I learned, both involved this street with litter around. A memory, isn't it? Only manipulated to be fake. I know this isn't where I am meant to die. I know something awaits me. Anthing... I need- Humans? I stared up at the two looking down at me. They call me cute, they call me kitty, one calls me mine.

  She picks me up, holds me close as I stare at the other. Warming, but the other has my attention. Now within the first one's home, I run throughout the house, and scratch on every wall. She smiles as she fills my bowl with the same food she eats. I grow fond of this "Pizza". One day, the other comes by, she asks if I can be hers. My owner refuses, but I still walk to the other, staring up at her. The first one is in tears as she takes me away, to my new home, if it is so...

  I run through the house, she smiles as she fills my bowl with dry food. I sniff at it, wanting something else, but as her hand runs across my back I find myself eating. Almost as if manipulated... I wish I knew better, what it truly meant when the other cats came. I remember she once said that she needed atleast one more cat to be around her, but was it truly cause of jealousy that I left? While the other cats distracted her, I snuck out through the window.

  She found me on that same street, time and time again, so she may convince me to come home. That she was meant to be my owner. "I am your Soul Owner." My poison, so sweet, and alluring. She had cats over again, so I left and found a human that was pained by another. She took me in, even though she was her friend. But she knew what I did, she knew this "pain". They did not enjoy being around each other afterwards.

  I would run through her house, only for her voice to call me back to her lap, then to the fish in her hand. Soon the one who hurt her returned, she wanted me to stay, but he was the one who kicked me out. Again, she returned to the street to take me home. She was nice at first, but then she wrapped her hands around my neck, angered that I chased the other cats away. It was the first time since my return that she showed emotion... So I ran, I ran far away to another street.

  Another human took me in, she fed me sweet things, she would pick me up and dance. But she was not smart, she did not understand the other humans. Then, I too, walked over her as I left. I was always taken in by another, fed different things, even by two from the street before. One day, after I chased the cats away again, I returned to the newer street to find a human younger than the others. She did not take me in, but kept me company at the street. She told me stories, she gave me presents, and would even sing to me.

  I would lay in her lap and she would sing while petting me. The second did not like this, but I simply left her hands, and her dry food. This one finally took me in after some time of having me in awe around her. She would cook for me while I attempted to climb the curtains, let me eat on the table with her, and never looked at another cat. No matter how fluffy their fur was compared to mine.

  I had finally found my home, my soul owner, who's stuff animals were mine to attack. She would study engineering, and soon I found a human sized being with wires exposed in her room. She picked me up and put me inside the hollow head, then she closed it. I am something I could not be before...

  That is when I knew what to be. For her. To return the pure kidness she had given to me, the risk of letting me in her home, of being her first cat to care for. With this new body, I brought her gifts and learned to write her stories, even to pick her up so she may reach the top shelf. The others attempted to rip me from my shell, to make me theirs again, but I refused. Never did I scratch them, for I know that is not the kind of being to be, one who harms theirs who is closest.

  Eventually, she stopped petting me, she would keep me in the body, and hardly would she sing. To please her, I taught myself that I was not a person, for this was true. I am a cat, I am hers, I must make her happy. Later, she would allow me the chance to leave the body. I would choose not to, I only brought her more gifts, I only became her loyal, feline, servant.

  The ones from before tried to free me again, one hell to another, I refused. This is my heaven, this is what I want to be, no one will change the way I think of this. I am expendable, a stray cat meant to serve the goddess, and I will until she decides I am not worthy. She says I will be her only cat. That she will have no other. If that is true, then why..?

  She opens the body, drains the power keeping me alive inside, and tells me to leave. I am confused, I meow to her, but she tells me once more. I meow, why. She only says, she cannot give me the life I want. But I am expendable, I would protect her at the cost of nine lives and more, I only want to be around-

  "I love you, now leave." I am her servant, who am I to argue with thy goddess... Filth, since I choose to argue, but she will not listen to my meows of reason. I meow for one day. She grants me it, but hardly does she speak, there is no song from her on this day.

  Now, I return to the street. No one is here to claim me. I do not run after the other creatures, the humans know not of my existance, I only sit on the trash can. This is where I belong, now. No longer do I purr, nor meow, I am only silent and still...

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