The Proposal Poem

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A tiny imagination on how I would propose to my girl...

Submitted: August 16, 2017

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Submitted: August 16, 2017



Hello, Pearl!
Oh Sorry! I misspelled 'GIRL'!
Words I spoke to you were a few.
Ah! Felt like a soak in a tank of dew!

There's no lack for songs on your beauty.
I made sure Aphrodite has no other duty!
Pardon me, to write on your smile I tried.
But everytime your name pops, even my pen coyed!

Just a look at you, my manhood spikes.
Tiny thoughts of yours, my poetry strikes!
Pour your shadow on me, my phobias vanish.
Pronounce my name once, my senses relish!

I want it, the warmth of lying on your lap.
I hate it, being far away with an inch gap!
Be next to me, to fill my adulthood.
All I want, is a sequel to motherhood!

To protect your feelings, my heart chambers are fasting.
With your tears of joy, I'll make spring everlasting!
You'll feel fulsome with love and ecstasy.
I'll make you happy, not a promise but prophecy!!


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