Life turnover

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This is related to someone's life and I want to share it with all of you.

Submitted: August 16, 2017

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Submitted: August 16, 2017



My life was never like this before. It was just until last month that I still have money to pay my rent, fuels and food. But everthing change all so sudden...because of her. Still, I don't hate her. I don't wish for her to dissapear. I want her keep living. I just wish everything has a reset button. *snorts* If there is, I think I'll still help her because.......I'm just like that.


How did it started? Let me bring you back to last month July 2017:

I was working on my night shift as usual with loads of paperworks to be done by 3am as the client will want it to be sent before noon. My boss is a typical guy who works so hard that he's working both day and night. I was lucky enough to work in this company where I can stay in a vacant room here in the office. Like literally, the room is just in front of my office. So, no worries for me there. If there's a call in the middle of the night, I'll get it. Since I'm the only office girl who stays here 24 hours work is no big deal.

My big boss, as i said works day and night, will sometimes need me to work on a paperwork at night for him to check and me to just send on the following day. I have no regret on working like because I did that before.

Anyways back to the main topic >>

My friend called me and was crying like... literally crying on the phone and sounded like she's dying. I know for the fact it must be because of a loan shark... and it is. Her boyfriend ran away without paying anything to her and left her a letter saying "I'm sorry, I can't do this. I'll leave everything to you. Have a great life." My fellow readers, here is a sneak peek of HER PAST. She ask a friend to be his guarantor for her boyfriend because she love him and is willing to do anything to make him happy. The money she borrowed was more than enough to buy a new house. (Not rent but buy). The money is also meant to pay up the debts he had with his ex-girlfriend.

Now, her boyfriend is nowhere to be found. She continue her life like normal but...with debts she needs to pay.

Her salary is enough but it's also to spend for her food, her rent and her pets. So, after deducting all of those, the balance last her for just a bit to continue her life with debts. However, she wants to settle it no matter what. Do you know what happens next?

Yes, I lend her money. Which I didn't think more because she was crying and desprately in need of the money.

Did I just push the dead end button?


And so yes, I did push the dead end button which I should not have done.

Soon after I lend her the money, she told me again that she need more to pay her rent which she overdue for 2 months already. But that time I really had no money left so I told her I can't help her this time. 

Imagine you had been friends with her for 4 years .. being her colleague for 1 year .. it was horrible to say no. Seeing her there desperately looking for money and crying on the phone begging to the house owner for extension was too much for me. 

I decided to talk to her and finally I had the real story.

Not only extended her rental, yet she had another loan shark whom she had to hook up to pay up the first loan shark. I was in shock as if my perfect tiny world crumbles even if it's not my life. 

She's my friend, I didn't know all of this! I didn't know her life was like that and yet she kept that smiling face in front of me everytime we have a meet up and even when she started working under the same company.

Of course I'm angry!

I scolded her as if I was her mother or father and I've never scolded anyone before but this was the first. 

And yet again, I dig another dead end tunnel just for her! I borrowed from someone and will pay them soon.But her debts increased because of late in payment and also the loan I had was not enough to pay. For example her debt that month is 5k and I had requested to loan about 3.5k but because my salary is low, they could only lend me about 500... 

So, can you guess what I did next?

I loan from a company that hold on to my card but lend only about 1k. Because of that, I could not loan more without a card or I could only loan up to 800 but in hand 500.

Plus her rent and my rent = disaster...I too had to extend my rental but luckily my boss is fine with that, well as long as I work that's all. 

Will her debt ever end with just this?


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