Soju: The Journey Begins, Chapter 1

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Hello. My first chapter of the story im working on. Soju. Be sure to give me critisicm! THANKS!!

Submitted: August 16, 2017

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Submitted: August 16, 2017









SOJU: The Journey Begins


Chapter 1

I was just a hunter.

Been one for countless years, ever since my dad, Loki, died. Everyday I would wake up, look around my hut for a minute or two, being grateful that I had somewhere to live. My hut wasn’t anything to brag about. Little space, lots of furniture and tools.


When you entered through the wooden door, you would be greeted by the sour smell of flesh and blood, maybe a bit of krallspice. That damn powder is strong as lyx-birds are stupid. My hut is only one room. On the left, when you enter, there is a cabinet. A cabinet that means alot to me, not just because its very expensive, but because it once belonged to Sizlo The Great. The man who freed the country from the Sjuls, big, ugly mutants who lives in the land of Kruz. In 1287 a.g they gathered all the warriors they could, and tried to overtake the land. They failed.

Thanks to the Great King, Sizlo.

The cabinet has a soft, beige colored bark, but has cut patterns, revealing the beautiful black ebony tree inside. In the drawers I have my different ingredients for food and bait. The rest of the room consists of other cabinets and cupboards filled with food, tools, glasses, plates, whatever you could imagine a hunter like me would need. I also have a weapon rack, with space for four long-ranged weapons and five melee-weapons. But me, not being the richest man in the world, I only have a wooden longbow and a steel-dagger. Besides the rack stands a cutting table made of maple wood, a light colored type of wood, but after 17 years of being a hunter, it's brownish from the blood of my prey. After I finally got out of bed, i would boil some water and fix up a simple soup made of ickles, some lixroot and a little bit of krallspice. At sunrise my day begun.


I can't complain about the land of Spix. Beautiful mountains filled with flowers and trees, as long as the eye could see. The valleys are filled with stunning lakes, and warm lakes for washing yourself. Spix is known for its animals: Colorful birds, majestic fliuses and dangerous stolxes. It all works together to make a land of perfect harmony.



I hunted all day. Mostly Dixes. Easy to kill, not dangerous and tasted damn good. The best part was that they only lived in a certain area, the area where I lived, therefore I could sell them for 3 pecus per kilo meat. That's what I would get for 3 kilos of stolxs meat.


Once I had finished hunting, when the grainy dark fell over the lands, I returned to my hut. I took my big skin-sack made of the finest flius-skin, and emptied the meat and skin from the work-day out in a big chest I used for my wares. Every third day I wandered the long way through the Gaix-forest and over the small Livzu-mountains, and finally reached the city Gaixil, named after the forest. I went there to sell my wares. Sometimes when I had sold it, and I had made some extra pecus, I would go to the bar “The Filthy Stolx”. Oh, how I loved that place. As soon as you entered through the big door, with beautiful flowers carved into it, you would be greeted by by the warm and cozy scent of Rasji being cooked, and the lovely tones of the viuz, an instrument that only few people in the land could play. Linus Vigelfur was one of them. Wonderful man. We would always talk and laugh when I was there, sometimes I would even buy him a drink. It wasn’t a big bar, and not well known either, but that made you know most of the people that came there, and that was great. It was a small community. But big by heart.

After a great afternoon, I would wander back to my hut, when it had started to get dark.

I counted what I had earned, and got a good night’s sleep.












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