The Experiment

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Eva and myself decided to do an experiment. We wanted to see if we could meet each other in our dreams.

Submitted: August 16, 2017

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Submitted: August 16, 2017







It was nearing Midnight on Saturday when I walked unto the road bridge at Nijmegen. I saw the person I was going to meet coming from the other end--the Arnhem end. A tall silhouette figure in the mist. When she got to where I was, I said, ''You've actually made it. I never thought it was possible.''
''Well,'' she said, ''you see that it's me, and no one else.''
''That's plain to see, ''I said.

The traffic on the bridge was not so busy and there were only a few bicycles along the path. She came closer to me and we both looked over at the lights in the distance. The church clock tower was slightly visible. ''Did you come all the way on foot?'' I asked her.
She said, ''You know I only live 500 meters away from the end of the bridge; and it was a nice walk.''
''Did you bring the note?'' I inquired further.
''Yes.'' She gave me a small folded paper. When I opened it, I saw an address.
''Is that where you live?'' I asked.
''That's what we agreed to, didn't we?''
''Of course!'' We chatted for about half an hour and then we parted.

I woke up at home feeling very tired. The time was coming up to 06.30 am Sunday. As I crawled out of bed I remembered that I had a dream, but I couldn't recall what it was all about. I tidy up the bed covers, went and had a quick bath, brushed my teeth and got dressed. While I was making breakfast, bits and pieces of that dream were trying to force their way through to give me a picture of what I had been dreaming. I saw water before me. Many steps coming up to the bridge, and a strange building across the water. It was only much later, it filtered through showing that it was a bridge. ''Oh! my God!'' I said to myself. ''Come on, let me have the rest.''

I met Eva the next night at the restaurant. She said to me as we sat down over dinner. ''We did it! We actually met each other in our dreams.''
I said to her, ''I had my doubts, I didn't think that such a thing was possible.''
''Well, it is. And we'll have to do another one to see if it is really so.''
''I'm all for it. Where shall we meet?''
She said: ''How about London. By the statue of Boudica.''
''Okay! we shall go for it.''
We had the meal, then a few more drinks, and then we said so long to each other.

On my way back home, I started concentrating, seeing myself there by the statue of Boudica with the houses of parliament in front of me with its tower and clock. I really relaxed myself until I went to bed. I drifted immediately to sleep, and started seeing many images, for my mind was working very fast. Then it settled down and I got the image that I wanted.

I saw myself walking up from the Embankment station, and all the way up to the top where the Boudica statue was.

I saw the statue plainly now. There were movement on the bridge. people going to and fro. Traffic at that time was not heavy but reasonable. I picked up people moving about on my right as well, along with traffic. I saw the building in front of me with its clock tower. The time was 10.30 pm. A few minutes later, Eva turned up, came and stand next to me. I heard what we said to each other clearly. I said: ''We've done it again. It works.''
Eva said: ''We can talk about it tomorrow when we see each other again.''
''I'm looking forward to that.''

I woke up about 02.00 am, went and had myself a quick sarny. I wrote down quickly all that I could remember from the dream.

Eva had a day off when we met, we went for a long stroll along the riverside. ''Have you ever been to England?'' I asked her.
''No. Never.''
''Why did you pick the Boudica statue? Have you seen it in magazines or on the tv?''
She stopped walking, looked at me, and said, '' I think I must have seen it somewhere.''
I said: ''then we have to try and meet at a place where none of us has visited, or even seen anywhere. Then the results would be much better because none of us had seen the place before.''
''I think that's a very good idea, But where?''
She had me there. i was trying to think of a place I've never been to or seen. That was very hard. Then it came to me. Up in Scotland, a place called Dundee.
I said to Eva: ''How about Scotland, you've never been there. There's a place called Dundee.''
''That's fine,'' she said. ''Is there a special place we have to meet?''
I was thinking, my head slightly down, then I looked at her and said, ''The Tay Bridge. That's the place. This side of it.'' Pointing my hand to the right of me.

We finished our walking, stopped for a drink, chatted some more and then we went away.

Many things can go wrong with the experiment. First, we both have to be in a good mood, and put ourselves into deep concenration. We cannot afford to be pulled off the track, or else we would not make the connection. That was very vital. I began to visualize, bringing the Tay Bridge into my mind. I had no idea what it looked like, but I kept on saying to myself, ''I have to be at the Tay bridge in Scotland.'' If any one had gotten close to me and heard me muttering, they would have declared me mad, and out of my head.

In my bed now I was ready for this vital meeting. As I said before, anything could go wrong. Just hoping that no one disturb the sleep.I fell asleep and started dreaming strange things. Woke up, and fell asleep again. Then I found myself at the foot of this strange bridge, with its middle sort of bulging out and stretching across the water. I got onto the bridge and waited. It seemed a long wait until I saw Eva coming also onto the bridge. We held a conversation. I woke up not remembering what the conversation was about.




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