Pool Of Ashes Heart For Love

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Submitted: August 16, 2017

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Submitted: August 16, 2017



In a world so

dark and cold.

I feel your presence inside me.

I try so hard to ease the pain.

You go on holding my heart

above the flame.

But, your ghost is gone .

It can not stay.

An open window.

A hole in time.

Freezing my body.

I hope we'd last.

The pool is filled with ash.

A portal up above,

It's hard to find.

I find it hard

to stop trading my heart

for love.

I want so bad.

To claim this love

that I never had.

But, death took everything from me.

My life is so sad.

As the beast in the clock

starts whining .

I spook the hands

of slipping time.

Yet, you are still shining.

A storm sounds alarms

of something in this town.

One by one

they show up at my door.

You can't escape fate.

I remember you in dresses

and pearls.

Where I ran my fingers

through your beautiful curls.

Where I see me

upon one knee.

You swallow back your tears

to hide them from me.

You were always on my mind.

You were the seconds I lost in time.

Drinking mercury

to the mystery

of all that I should ever leave behind.

Heart shaped door.

Opens up to a world of more.

Endless love.


Alone I pray.

That the dust will erode.

On memory lane.


I am afraid.

That this daydream

will vanish.

And I'll realize that you are gone.


Just like the wind

you screech the hinge.

A spirit of delusion.

Silence crawls to me

within my dreams.

But, your face is distorted.

A flesh is a host.

An exterior pull

that I love most.

No nightmares reported.

I guess my thoughts can't stand the past.

So my heart struggles to love

in this pool of ash.

You were always breath taking.

A muted force

of air escaping.

From my inner peace.

A priceless dream.

Is always worth keeping.

So I slay this storm

of deadly scorn.

And pray I will find you.

Where it's still warm. .

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