The Girls

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Three girls were on their way home when suddenly one of them changes...

Submitted: August 16, 2017

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Submitted: August 16, 2017



On a cold and stormy night, three girls were walking home from school. Their names are Angelina, Rosey, and Mary Ann. Angelina had a vision of some kind of house. But saw a shadow run inside. Then Angelina started to walk and walk and walk. Even past her house, she kept walking and walking and walking. But Mary Ann and Rosey, her friends (for some reason) were worried and followed her too. Then Angelina stopped at a house. It looked abandoned and looked like it was decomposing. It looked dead… Then Angelina, the girl they thought were their friend walked through the fence, and walked to the door. Then Angelina started to open the door. But Mary Ann and Rosey tried to hold her back. Mary Ann “Stop, that house is abandoned and we have to go home!” Rosey “Also, that house gives me the creeeeeps! I don’t want to go in there!” The friend that was about to open the door didn’t look like the person she was before, she seemed weird. Mary Ann and Rosey thought something weird had taken over their friend’s body, like she was possessed. Possessed Angelina “Who said you had to go in?” Mary Ann and Rosey looked at each other and started to run to the fence. But when they got there the fence just shut and locked. It was impossible to open it. Mary Ann and Rosey started to scream. They saw logs on the ground and tried to break open the fence gate. As they were screaming for help, Angelina, who was possessed just stood there smiling a devious smile. Then the door to the house flew open. Possessed Angelina “To escape just go through the back door…” She was still smiling. Mary Ann and Rosey who were frightened to the bone, slowly crept towards the door. When out of nowhere they heard a girl’s scream and looked towards the possessed Angelina. She was acting crazy moving everywhere… Then Angelina screamed "NO, DON'T GO IN THERE!!!” Then she went back to being possessed. Their friend was fighting the evil ghost inside of her. Trying to take back her body. Possessed Angelina “Aren’t you going in? With the smile back on her face. Mary Ann and Rosey thought and one said that they should go in. The other said that they should stay out of there. After a long quarrel, they just went their separate ways. One in the house and the other staying outside. Rosey, who went inside saw weird things. She kept her guard up and proceeded through the house. Until finally she came upon the back door. But as she slowly crept up to it she heard growling. As she kept looking left then right, she felt a feeling that something was behind her. She turned around and saw a creature so unreal and murderous that she screamed. Outside Mary Ann waited for something to happen or something to give her a clue on how to leave the terrifying house of death. It’s what she called it. Until out of nowhere she heard a loud terrifying shriek and she looked behind her and saw the most terrifying, unreal, monster just standing there. Mary Ann was a little brave, as she studied the creature. Until she made eye contact. All she saw in the eyes were sorrow and hate. As the creature slowly crept up to Mary Ann. Mary Ann had something behind her back it was a metal pipe she found on the ground. As she stood there in shock, she got her pipe ready to bash. Until she looked closely at the monster. It was a girl about her age. But she then found out…. It was her friend that went into the house. She was all pale and dead smelling. As she crept toward the creature she dropped her guard. Then the creature turned into something horrifying. She found out that the creature has deceived her. And was just a monster of DEATH. Mary Ann only had a little time to find this out, as the creature with razor sharp claws tore at her skin. As the girl laid there dying she quickly got a glimpse of her “used to be” friend. Angelina was just standing there smiling while licking her lips. Then the creature started to slowly devour her dying corpse. Until there was nothing. Back inside the house Rosey was running for her life from the murderous creature. Until she met a dead end. When she turned back towards the thing she only had a moment to figure out that something is controlling these things.The moment she came back to the real world from thinking, she only had a mooment to see the creatures murderous face again until she was torn to bits and pieces, and slowly devoured. The possessed girl was still smiling while rubbing her stomach and saying “Yummy….”

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