Taste of The Forgotten

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Submitted: August 16, 2017

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Submitted: August 16, 2017



Belongings stored in the trunk .

I cry don't go.

Your lips are wine

and I want to get drunk.

You tease me badly .

I'll please you gladly.

Your skin as soft as cotton.

I need a taste of the forgotten.

One heart who lived so mild.

In a uneasy moment

where we found love

growing wild.

Bodies hold no shame.

My hands of a surgeon.

You want them to ease the pain.

She's my one and only.

Everything that I feel.

Pinch me ,

I must be dreaming.

But, this dream couldn't be more real.

I can't rise up.

I only keep falling.

Craving a warm kiss.

From the lips of the forgotten.

An exploration.

Climaxing for more.

Forgetting what we

slowly were searching for.

A flaming Cajun.

A heat of sensation.

We lose control

like a derailed train

making way to the station.

The evening in reverse.

The first affair of Autumn.

Sparks flew like missiles.

A passion of the forgotten.

Bath of wires.


A love full of fire.

I will melt

from your beauty.

Until I satisfy your desires.

For you I have always fallen.

How I never let you go.

Is something I have forgotten.

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