That taboo feeling

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Submitted: August 16, 2017

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Submitted: August 16, 2017



A bird’s chirping woke him up that morning,

He looked outside,

the sun was bright, made it look like a pretty bright day and filled him with enthusiasm.

He thought, “what a great morning to start a day with”,

Tried to leave bed,

Something held him real tight as if few ropes were trying to strangle him if he tried to move,

And he made another move,

But this time it was a swamp, how much he tried he felt unable to make next move.

So, he decided to stay in bed and wait, "He started thinking of the things he has to do,

People he’ll have to meet when he’ll get out"

And, suddenly he found himself breathing heavily,

As if someone choked him,

And in one second he left his room, ran outside,



walked again,

did everything he could,

A few minutes later when he found that his breathing got normal,

He came back, took a shower,

Struggled in getting chores done,

Ran errands,

Went to work,

Met friends,

Came back home,

A well spent day he said when his roommate asked,

“how was your day”,

Then he ran to restroom, found himself bursting into tears,

With sounds echoing in his ears,

“this guy is weird”

“He takes longer than usual to do even stupid things, he is a dumb fuck”,

“sometimes he won’t even talk, he is no fun”

“how can you forget to do this important thing. How hard is it to remember small things?”

“you’re impossible, I’m sorry, I can’t be with you anymore”

“dude! You gotta get your shit together, they’ll fire you otherwise”

Washed his face,

Came back to the quagmire he left in the morning,

Slept again with the thought-

“I wish I could never wake up again.”

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